M.A.C Hello Kitty Kouture Dazzle Glass Swatches

My M.A.C Cosmetics Hello Kitty Kouture dazzle glasses arrived! The charm on the tubes is..well..charming. The shades will also be of good use to me. I like the lighter shade over just about any lip color, and the brighter pink I tend to wear alone.


My husband also saw the receipt for the purchase of the two dazzle glasses and the Swarovski crystal mirrored powder compact and told me that he really didn’t want to know how much this stuff costs!

It was definitely my splurge of the month!


MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick and Lipglass Swatches

I got three lipsticks and three lipglasses from the MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection. Below are swatches of the lipsticks.I particularly like the Big Bow glaze, which looks incredibly bright in the tube, but is a nice sheer pink on the lips. From Left to right: Cutester, Big Bow, Strayin.

MAc Hello Kitty Lipstick Swatches

Below are swatches of the lipglass shades. I am in love with Mimmy. I wear it almost daily right now! Sweet Strawberry is also a nice mid range shade that works well with multiple looks. From left to right: Mimmy, Sweet Strawberry, Fast Friends.

MAC Hello Kitty Lipglass Swatches

Much of the Hello Kitty is already sold online, but you can still find some items in store.


M.A.C Cosmetics Hello Kitty Lip Conditioners

When MAC Cosmetics released their Hello Kitty Collection, I immediately bought both of the limited edition lip conditioner shades. My initial thinking was that these would be like the tendertones conditioners (read previous review). I turned out to be wrong, but I still love these two pot conditioners!


The conditioner in the Hello Kitty pots seems a bit thicker than the MAC tendertones balms. They also have more pigment than many of the tendertones did. Each shade imparts a nice sheer color and is indeed moisturizing. There isn’t much to them in terms of any flavor, and I could notice a bit of the taste similar to the limited edition MAC tube lip conditioners that I did not care for. However, this was greatly lessened over the taste of the tube conditioners, so I don’t really mind it.

What I love is the look of the two shades, plus the container is so darn cute! Below are swatches of the two shade. Left is Popster and right is Pink Fish:


I am quite glad now that I bought both of them!

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