Three Must Have Handbags For Fall

A change of season is always a great time to get a new bag!  This year three types of bag are popular for complementing your new fall outfits and each will carry you through the winter nicely as well. If purchased in neutral colors they also can work well as year round bags. Choose from one of these three handbags (shopping link), and you can’t go wrong.

(1) A Cross Body Bag

cross body bag

Cross body bags are particularly hot this fall.  Get one in a neutral shade of brown or black for full year use, or go for trendy fall colors such as purple, green, or burnt yellow. Save the pinks, whites, and any lighter shades other than gray for spring and summer looks. Look for a long strap for comfortable cross body wear. Bags such as the one shown that also add a handle can do double duty as a satchel by removing the strap.  For evening wear, look for a cross body bag with a metal chain instead of a strap.

(2) A Fold Over Clutch



Grab a fold over clutch for a night out on the town or to add a bit of class to you favorite casual outfit. Their versatility makes these bags great for both day and evening looks and can look wonderful with jeans yet be equally at home with a cocktail dress. Quilted looks like the one pictured are particularly in style as are sequined bags and clutches with a lot of interesting texture.

(3) A Floppy Hobo

floppy hobo

A floppy hobo is perfect for providing a roomy bag to hold your extra fall items, such as gloves, umbrellas, hats etc. As with the clutches, a textured pattern is in this year. Hobos come in a variety of colors and looks, with on-trend items being large and slouchy. Look for a bag that is sturdy so that it will hold up to carrying your accessories all winter long.

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Your Guide to Leather Fashion

Classy and sophisticated – leather has always been a material that has been constantly gaining recognition in the fashion industry. The smooth feel, the elegant look and the charming balance that leather can give to your fashion statement are all factors that contribute it to being a part of our wardrobe in more ways than one. Leather has entered the line of clothing, accessories and footwearand left a mark on all three, making sure it remains unchallenged in the fashion industry. Your guide today will show you how leather has found its place in so many ways in your wardrobe and how every leather purchase is there to stay.

· Leather Bags

leather bag

Standard, sexy, durable and stunning, leather bags have a fashion statement that no other bag can complete with. The smooth folds in the fabric with the finish shine on the bag are designed specially to give you the iconic look of a fashion leader. The availability of every possible shade of leather in these bags can be one of the most striking features because you can easily have a bag to match every outfit and compliment every occasion in its own, unique way.

· Leather Pants

leather pants

Highlight your long legs with the slim fit of leather pants. The simple black remains the evergreen colour for these pants and is designed to give you a sleek and graceful look that jeans or trousers cannot match. Since their introduction in the market in 2008, leather pants and leggings have been a winter favourite for many women. Trickling down through the stores and shops, they are not available even in local markets and stalls to make sure every woman has a pair. The leather trends do not die out too easily and this one is here to stay.

· Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Strong and ready for a head on collision with a world, the leather jacket has a fashion statement that has been around for almost two decades. While a number of people, for many years stuck to the idea that leather jackets and motorcycles were the perfect combination, a number of women have agreed to step up and change this thinking by carrying off the look on a cold day to the mall or while shopping off the streets. The leather jacket does not fail to give the wearer a smart look, while still being able to define the perfect curves.

· Leather Dress

leather dress

Drape yourself in the leather goodness of these dresses. The long one piece reaching down to your knees is designed only to highlight those perfect curves and love handles. The hour glass figure never looked better in anything other than a black leather dress that will hold onto your body with a slim and smooth finish. Moving away from the headstrong image of the jacket, the dress is a subtle romantic mood setter, perfect for dinners and dates when looking good is the first and foremost thing for a woman. This is a winter must have for everyone.

· Leather Footwear

leather shoes

Grey, brown and black are the three most popular shades in leather footwear. From high rise boots to closed bellies, leather has always been a preferred material for making footwear for both men and women. Tassels, folds, embellishments etc., are all just a part of the package in which you will find your line of leather shoes. So pick up those classy boots to go with your jeans or the closed shoes to couple your skirt and walk your way into the fashion world where leather is ahead of the rest.

Leather is a fashion statement in itself, but it comes at a high cost. Durability is always a trusted factor with leather but even small repairs that need to be made can be costly. Buy your set of leather for your wardrobe and make sure you give your leather clothing and shoes the care they need, so they can give you the style icon look that you would want to have in turn.


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Is Your Personality Linked To Your Handbag?

We are being judged each day. Right or wrong, it is occurring. With that being said, you might be able to control some of such potential judgments by learning the signals you may be sending pertaining to the type of handbags you select. Very few people realize their subconscious may be guiding them to make specific purchases revealing to the world a little bit of themselves with each selection. Many people believe a person’s handbag reveals an insight to their personality.


The aesthetics of a bag are often one aspect many people take into consideration when attempting to determine the type of individual who is carrying the bag. Do you like bright colors, unique designs, or more subtle tones? Do you prefer a large bag over a small bag? Whichever bag you choose for the day may give the general public a little more information to your personality than you may anticipate. If you tend to choose bright colors you might be sending the message that you are an extrovert and approachable. People who enjoy a bag of more modest tones will be perceived as down to earth and practical, as well as the type of person is neither loud nor extreme. If you like interesting designs on your bags, you could be sending the message that you have a truly unique personality and that you enjoy being different. If you choose a bag boldly displaying a designer logo, most people presume you care greatly about how you are perceived by others and that you wish to be seen as a person of an affluent stature.

Not only does the look of the bag reveal clues to your character, but the way you carry a bag also reveals a little something. If you wear your handbag over your shoulder, you are a person who is relaxed and at peace with themselves and their life. If you wear your bag across your body, you are mindful of your surroundings, but you remain a very relaxed individual. If you are brave enough to hold your bag in your hand, you have a heightened awareness of your surroundings at all times.

The size and organization of your bag will also send out specific messages. Regardless of how you carry your handbag, the size of the bag may also influence a stranger’s judgment. In most people’s eyes, the larger the bag the higher maintenance the person is. Similarly, the smaller the bag the lower maintenance the person is. Would you dare let another person look inside your bag? If so, you will be viewed as having nothing to hide. If you typically choose totes to carry as much as possible, yet they are highly organized, you will be seen as a put together individual.

At the end of the day, it is not the bag which defines you, but rather you define the bag. Perhaps we all take on these characteristics at varying times throughout the week or the month. Whichever your mood, it may just influence the bag you choose for the day.

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