4 Curly Hair Woes And How to Reduce Their Frequency

Let’s face it. Being a curly girl isn’t always easy. When curly hair is behaving we love it. We feel gorgeous, unique, and stylish in our own unique curly girl way. But when curly hair goes wrong, it tends to go spectacularly astray and leaves us girls feeling bereft of style and full of hair induced embarrassment and frustration.

There are four main causes of curly hair woes. These are as follows…

1. The Scarecrow: Just like those stuffed straw characters on farms across the world, your hair can become dry and stringy and bear an uncanny resemblance to straw. Like its namesake, this condition generally comes first thing in the morning and is a result of

2. The Vader: This is also known as triangle head, though when I was in high school I was called Vader head (because my hair was shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet) so I am well acquainted with this one. It’s not a good look. This can happen for a variety of reasons but one of the most common is frizz due to humidity and other weather related

3. The Helena Bonham Carter: A little bit like a crazy bird’s nest, or hairstyles from various Tim Burton films. This hair woe is not what you intended when you did your hair earlier. Sleeping on curls or introducing your hair to a windy weather day can result in a mess of tangled curls akin to that of one of Harry Potter’s most ruthless (and insane) enemies, Bellatrix Lestrange. There’s not much you can do to save your hair when this happens, aside from giving it a good wash or being very creative in how you pin it up. Halloween is the one and only day of the year when this style comes in handy.

4. The Sad Girl: This unfortunate predicament comes as a result of curling irons and other curly styling products that don’t deliver on longevity (despite what it says on the box or on the commercial). Hair starts out brilliantly curly and looking great. You hair spray it, and head out into the day only to witness your curls unwinding and volume disappearing as time goes on. With this curly hair woe, your hair finishes off limp and lifeless sometimes with very little hint of the curly locks you started with. This always happens more quickly than expected and is always a great disappointment (hence the sad face).

Any one of these four hair issues can ruin your day and greatly reduce self-confidence. But there’s good news! Curly hair woes can be overcome; it just comes down to finding the most effective hair curlers and treating your hair with a little tender loving care.

Solutions for curly hair woes

Firstly, hair curled by heat and irons often doesn’t last. Despite what any product tells you in their ad, it’s very difficult to guarantee you won’t experience the “Sad Girl” hair and limp locks by the end of the day. Heat also damages your hair, which is a main contributor to the Scarecrow.

Get yourself some great moisturising shampoo and conditioners and a good cleansing shampoo (I highly recommend Redken’s Hair Cleansing Crème shampoo!) to remove build up which can weigh your hair down. Getting your hair cut every three months at least will also help it stay healthy and strong. Using a diffuser on low heat and a small amount of product can create good curls that last (depending on your hair type).

Alternatively, Curlformers hair curling products are a great solution for getting glossy gorgeous curls that last. I recently used them for a party and my hair stayed curly for two whole days! This even included pulling the curls back into a ponytail for the evening. I highly recommend using Curlformers. They take a little longer to put in, and you need to wait until hair is dry to remove them (then don’t touch your hair for at least 10 minutes before combing through with your fingers), but it’s worth it.

Just remember, my fellow curly girls! These woes aren’t doomed to own you forever. There are solutions. Choose low heat over high heat, avoid irons, and think natural. Your hair will thank you and you’ll be thankful for more good hair days than bad days.


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25 Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

Looking to try something new this New Year? Take a look at this list of 25 Beauty tips, tricks, and looks to try. You never know when something new will be exactly what you have been looking for!

contemplating woman

Top 25 Beauty Tips To Try Right Now

1. Eat foods that are high in iron, zinc, and vitamin A to promote healthy hair growth, leading to strong, silky hair. These nutrients can be found in eggs, meat, nuts, cheese, and spinach.

2. Use primer before you put on foundation. The primer will keep foundation looking fresh. It will also help conceal any facial flaws.

3. Try Mineral Makeup. While many people opt to use regular liquid foundation, powder mineral foundation works better for many skin types.

4. Use liquid eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner to achieve a more precise look.

5. Give pink a try. Light pink is a great color to use to highlight certain features. To emphasize eyebrows, use pink eyeliner. Pink blush can be used to define cheekbones.

6. Tone down the mascara. Brown mascara, not black, will give a more natural look that does not overpower the rest of a look.

7. Try a dramatic look. Pair red lips with dark, smoky eyes for a sleek nighttime look. Plump red lips are dramatic and leave a lingering impression.

8. Don’t skimp on the manicure. Add a base coat and top coat of clear nail polish when using colors. This prevents fading and chipping.

9. Pluck your brows. While shaping the eyebrows is difficult, it is also important. An eyebrow should start over the tear duct and end right above the outer edge of the lashes.

10. Maintain your brows. Pluck just a few eyebrow hairs a day to prevent over-plucking and swelling.

11. Use powder. Add a non-colored powder over the top of makeup to keep it looking fresh all day and to absorb oil . Plus, it’s easy to apply in the restroom.

12. Prime your eyes. Before applying eye shadow, add a little bit of foundation or eye primer to the eye lid. This will keep eye shadow from fading, smudging, or creasing.

13. Plump your lips with ease. Try adding peppermint extract to the lips to make them plump.

14. Add moisture over lipstick. Beeswax lip balm will keep lips from sticking, or apply a clear gloss.

15. Fake extra white teeth. Bronzer, which should be used sparingly, can make teeth appear whiter and eyes appear larger.

16. Keep hair from getting limp from oil. Use a large, rectangle brush to help distribute the oils evenly.

17. Use gel on your braids. It is a good idea to carry gel when wearing braids. When hairs begin to break lose, the gel will keep the hair from appearing uncontrolled.

18. Bring out the blue eyes. Women with blue eyes can benefit from using darker shades like purple, black, and gray. Browns will also accentuate blue eyes.

19. Keep your green eye green. Green eyes are best paired with colors like brown, purple, and deep green.

20. Pretty up brown eyes with metallic. Brown eyes look great when shadowed with bronze or gold.

21. Try a different eyeliner. While black remains a popular choice for eyeliner, purple and blue can give a subtle twist to make the eyes really pop.

22. Do something new with your hair. Straight hair day after day can become boring. Braiding hair before bedtime can result in loose, bouncy waves in the morning.

23. Add volume to flat hair. Flat hair can become luscious in a matter of 20 minutes by mixing egg and mayonnaise into the hair once a week.

24. Stand up straight. Posture can do much to improve appearance. Sitting up and walking straight gives an air of confidence.

25. Change your hair color. Sometimes all it takes is a dye job to revamp an old look. Winter is a great time to try a darker look, while summer is a good time to lighten hair.

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Winter Beauty Tips

Unless you have the good fortune of being a Southern Hemisphere reader, you’ll have noticed that Winter is here and it’s trying to blow the doors down and attack you with its frosty fingers. From a health, fashion and beauty perspective, a lot of women actually prefer winter – it’s time to cover up, wear lovely soft knitted jumpers and stay snug. But winter is still harsh on skin and your routine will have to adjust to it if you want to stay looking your best. Here are some easy tips to start with:


Everything that you do year round probably needs to be intensified during winter -

  • Switching to richer face and eye creams and ensuring that you exfoliate at least twice a week is essential;
  • You need to do the opposite with cleansers – use less so that your skin’s protective oils are left to do their thing;
  • A good 30 minutes from application of your moisturizer to venturing outside gives it time to do its stuff (otherwise it may freeze).
  • Treat yourself to a nourishing face-pack maybe once a month, but don’t overdo it. Health spa gift vouchers can get you a pleasurable, hassle free experience if you’re not familiar with the face pack process.


Hair too is vulnerable to extremes, and can frizz and break easily. The former is frustrating, especially when you consider that straight hair is very much the in-thing at the moment. But hair breakage is never fun, and all those return trips to the salon aren’t exactly cheap either. Hair-related extremes aren’t just down to shifts in the weather though:

  • You have to make extra effort to limit the amount of time you spend with your hair in hot water, or under hair dryers and heat sources;
  • Wet hair in cold conditions may freeze, resulting in breakage;
  • Condition every day, and stick to more intensive conditioners (even if you don’t have ‘dry / damaged hair’, it doesn’t hurt to use a conditioner for that type of hair).
  • Winter is a good time to cut back on chemical treatments – peroxides and perms. It’ll only be more rewarding when you blow off the winter cobwebs by indulging in spring.
  • Consider wearing your hair up in winter – go for the full up-do if you have the time – less hair is exposed to air (and they look great).


Covering up for the winter seems like the perfect excuse to let certain aspects of your regime slide, and to be fair, if you let your legs get a little fuzzier between shaves, you’ll probably be doing your skin some good. Nonetheless, it’s worth maintaining the regime so that when spring comes round again, you won’t have done yourself any damage.

  • Keep exfoliating and moisturising throughout winter;
  • Drink plenty of water – and don’t binge on the hot drinks;
  • Don’t be a killjoy about it, but try not to eat too much over the Christmas period;
  • Though it’s cold, try not to turn the shower up too hot;
  • A perfume with ‘warm’ scents can make a difference to your winter outlook.


To adapt to winter fully, your makeup regime needs to change just a little too. Those dull, overcast winter days need a little extra colour, so why not provide it? Dark and eye-catching shades, are best, but leave the candy and softer colours for the summer months. Plum is a personal favourite – a nice, rich fruity colour that seems especially healthy and warming in cold surroundings.

Anna Freshwater is a blogging and writing specialist who creates content for the Sanctuary Spa, where you can buy beauty gifts for women.

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