Gucci Watches:The Quality, Design And Style That Is Unbeatable

Gucci as all of us know is a world class fashion and leather goods brand. When any good or accessory comes with the Gucci name or logo it is considered as high value item; and why not? The House of Gucci is enabled to maintain their standard in terms of quality, style and variety. There was a time when the Gucci brand was famous for its handbags and sunglasses: but now the case is totally different. Now Gucci is offering any fashion item you can think of; from stylish shoes to dresses and from fragrances to jewelry etc. Here we look at one of the very great collections of Gucci watches called G-Frame collection.
Gucci G-Frame Collection

G-Frame is the latest collection of Gucci watches. This collection features rectangular and square shapes of premium watches. The G-Frame collection is comprised of eight awesome models. These models of G-frame collection differ in their designs, colors, and materials of bangle or strap, dials, and cases.

Gucci watches

The great thing with this collection is that all of the models have 3 ATM water-resistance, Unscratchable Sapphire Crystal and anti reflective coating inside the crystal. Moreover, all of the models have 18 KT yellow Gold. Likewise, with the Gucci G-Frame you can get the entire model with a different bracelet, crystal and dial furnishings.

Here are four of the eight watches in the collection:

(YA127504) model of G-Frame collection has a beautiful and attractive black color dial with 3 diamond made second marks. Moreover, the bracelet and the case of this watch is made of steel. The white crystal bracelet, black dial, and three beautiful diamonds have made this watch very seductive looking.

Gucci G Frame

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127505)


Yet another master piece of Gucci’s G-Frame collection is Model YA127505. The bangle of this model has a very unique design. This watch has silver mirror dial with 20 diamonds on the case. Like all other models of G-Frame collection, this particular watch is also available in rectangular and square shapes. You can also get this model-505 with black and brown color dial and bangles variations.

Gucci quartz watch

Gucci G-Frame Quartz Watch (Model YA127510/511/512)


The three models of G-frame collection in 510/511 and 512 have similar shapes and other features. However the models differ in the color of their dials. Model 510 has a brown dial, model-511 has silver dial, while model 512 has black dial. The unique features of these three models is the pattern of their dial which is GG shaped.

Gucci G frame watches



Gucci G-Frame Watch (Model YA127509)

This model is my favorite one. You might say that I love G-Frame-509 because it has 202 diamonds in the dial. Yes, this might be one reason, but the major reason why I like this model is its Teju lizard strap which is very stylish and durable too. Women can get a brown variation of this model.

Gucci diamond watch

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