Stay Cool Yet Look Great At Outdoor Summer Events

While summer means fun in the sun, you may already be glaring at the outdoors. For many of us, its far easier to look cool and collected in the winter, when layers and lovely textiles are the order of the day. In summer, it’s far too easy to look like a lank mess, so consider these important tips for keeping your cool even when it is sweltering out.

cool summer fashion

Wear Natural Fibers

To understand why you want to wear natural fibers, consider the science. When you sweat in a cotton shirt, the natural fibers pick up the moisture and pull it away from your skin, allowing it to evaporate. Polyester fibers do not pick up the moisture and instead you end up sitting in your own sweat all day. Keep cool in cotton and linen, the standard summer fabrics.

Up with Up-Dos

Summer is no time to have your hair down on your neck or hanging around your face. Not only does this allow your hair to get dirtier and faster, you’ll find that it can also conspire to make you look more tired and hot. Instead, put up your hair in a but, tie it up in a ponytail or braid it close to your head. This keeps you wonderfully cool when the breeze hits the back of your neck.

Keep the Makeup Minimal.

Here’s a horrible summer fact for you: in temperatures that are hot enough, makeup melts off of you. As you sweat, the powders on your face can turn into a muddy sludge, and that is the last thing you want. When you want to get made up for a summer event, stick with waterproof mascara and tinted lip gloss. That is a wonderfully fresh look for you in the summer sun.

Consider Sandals

One of the great pleasures of the summer is wearing sandals and having a great time outside. However, if you are tired of your old sandals, take advantage of some of the new styles that are available to you. This summer is seeing a lot of strappy sandals, ones with very narrow straps and just a little bit of metal detailing. Choose sandals that are stylish and remember that it is hard for one kind of shoe to do anything. If you have to get sandals for both the beach and the mall, so be it!

Sun Block and Lots of It

Nothing puts a damper on a fun summer day as much as sunburn or the specter of skin cancer. The sun’s rays are very harsh, especially on those beautiful bright days, so wherever you go, put on some sun block. The higher the SPF, the more protective it will be for your skin. If you have very pale skin, always slather this stuff on before you leave the house. Even darker skin won’t protect you, so be safe rather than sorry!


The sun and the warmth are great, but remember that they can dry your skin out very quickly. No one likes the itchy, uncomfortable feel of dry skin, so take the time to slather on some of your favorite lotion. Do this right after you come out from the shower and use a fresh, summer-scented lotion. Citrus and freesia are both great summer scents.

Consider what you want to look like this summer, and leave the lank hair and dull skin behind!

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Celebrity Closets That Instigate Envy

It is most girls’ dreams to have walk-in closets but most of us just have to do with a simple chest of drawers and a single cupboard bursting with clothes that mostly need some sort of sewing job done on them. Whereas celebrity closets are the size of most of our main bedrooms (en-suites included) and because celebs do not have time to keep order in their designer chaos, they hire people to organise their couture clothing according to season, style and colour. And then there are those celebrities who have separate closets for shoes, jeans, dresses, jackets and accessories. These stories are not from fairytales. They are real-life tales that may cause some upset so please brace yourselves ladies.

large walk in closet

Inside Celebrity Walk-In Closets

Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choos, has a walk-in closet just for her 400 pairs of shoes. The shoes are arranged by a private company who send in stylists to organise celebrity shoe and clothing closets when the owner has to run out and buy more footwear. Tamara’s shoe closet cannot accommodate all her shoes so she has many that are still in boxes. She keeps photos attached to the boxes making the shoes inside easily identifiable. And just when you thought you could not possibly turn greener with envy, it turns out Tamara’s designer footwear is co-ordinated according to colour and style. She also has a walk-in closet for her jeans and everything is colour co-ordinated according to season and style.

The famous Anna Sui has a second apartment on the top floor, in the same building as her one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, which is home to another walk-in closet that houses this celebrity’s overflow of fashion garments. Sui is famous for many of her designs, and particularly for her perfumes, but now she is going to be known as the woman who has an apartment for her walk-in closet.

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of legendary Estee Lauder cosmetics queen and celebrity, decorated her walk-in closet around her celebrity grandmother’s elegant taste. The chandelier and 1970’s desk are all classic accessories that compliment Aerin’s taste of clothing. All her clothing in her walk-in closet are soft colours and designs that along with the decor are a step back in time, making her closet fit the part in Narnia.

These celebrities know just how to make a girl turn green with sheer jealousy. The idea that one can have an entire room and enough clothes to fill that room is beyond comprehension for most of us. One has to wonder what percentage of the clothing in those celebrity closets are actually utilized? How much they got for free, and if they would not mind donating their excess designer clothes to us mere mortals?

Vida Denning is a freelance writer who has one closet for shoes, accessories, jeans, jackets, tops and dresses.  Included are her two prized silk blouses, one of which has a baby food stain on it.

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Your Guide to Leather Fashion

Classy and sophisticated – leather has always been a material that has been constantly gaining recognition in the fashion industry. The smooth feel, the elegant look and the charming balance that leather can give to your fashion statement are all factors that contribute it to being a part of our wardrobe in more ways than one. Leather has entered the line of clothing, accessories and footwearand left a mark on all three, making sure it remains unchallenged in the fashion industry. Your guide today will show you how leather has found its place in so many ways in your wardrobe and how every leather purchase is there to stay.

· Leather Bags

leather bag

Standard, sexy, durable and stunning, leather bags have a fashion statement that no other bag can complete with. The smooth folds in the fabric with the finish shine on the bag are designed specially to give you the iconic look of a fashion leader. The availability of every possible shade of leather in these bags can be one of the most striking features because you can easily have a bag to match every outfit and compliment every occasion in its own, unique way.

· Leather Pants

leather pants

Highlight your long legs with the slim fit of leather pants. The simple black remains the evergreen colour for these pants and is designed to give you a sleek and graceful look that jeans or trousers cannot match. Since their introduction in the market in 2008, leather pants and leggings have been a winter favourite for many women. Trickling down through the stores and shops, they are not available even in local markets and stalls to make sure every woman has a pair. The leather trends do not die out too easily and this one is here to stay.

· Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Strong and ready for a head on collision with a world, the leather jacket has a fashion statement that has been around for almost two decades. While a number of people, for many years stuck to the idea that leather jackets and motorcycles were the perfect combination, a number of women have agreed to step up and change this thinking by carrying off the look on a cold day to the mall or while shopping off the streets. The leather jacket does not fail to give the wearer a smart look, while still being able to define the perfect curves.

· Leather Dress

leather dress

Drape yourself in the leather goodness of these dresses. The long one piece reaching down to your knees is designed only to highlight those perfect curves and love handles. The hour glass figure never looked better in anything other than a black leather dress that will hold onto your body with a slim and smooth finish. Moving away from the headstrong image of the jacket, the dress is a subtle romantic mood setter, perfect for dinners and dates when looking good is the first and foremost thing for a woman. This is a winter must have for everyone.

· Leather Footwear

leather shoes

Grey, brown and black are the three most popular shades in leather footwear. From high rise boots to closed bellies, leather has always been a preferred material for making footwear for both men and women. Tassels, folds, embellishments etc., are all just a part of the package in which you will find your line of leather shoes. So pick up those classy boots to go with your jeans or the closed shoes to couple your skirt and walk your way into the fashion world where leather is ahead of the rest.

Leather is a fashion statement in itself, but it comes at a high cost. Durability is always a trusted factor with leather but even small repairs that need to be made can be costly. Buy your set of leather for your wardrobe and make sure you give your leather clothing and shoes the care they need, so they can give you the style icon look that you would want to have in turn.


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