Fashion Week Lip Trend: Bare!

So, I have been perusing various photo galleries from New York Fashion Week, paying particular attention to the makeup. Something that jumped out at me was a trend toward bareness for spring 2010. I have seen a number of faces with a dramatic eye and bare lips. I have also seen plenty of looks that included a pretty eye and blush, but again, bare, or nearly bare lips. Take, for example, this look from Davidelfin (which I happen to like quite a bit). It has more lip color (which I suspect is natural for the model), than many looks that I have seen:

And then there is this look done by MAC Cosmetics for BCGB. Bareness at its finest!

BCBG face chart MAC Cosmetics

I can’t really complain when it looks as good as it does on these BCBG models:

So what if you don’t want to be completely bare this spring? Well, you can still follow the trend by applying a nude or natural lip look—something that will never go out of style for either your lip look or your entire face.


New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week is upon us! What will be the hot lip shades for spring?

I am not attending, but you can still catch plenty of fashion week information right here and on Beauty and Fashion Tech. If you look at the right sidebar, you can watch videos from the shows and see twitter updates on all of the action. There is also a photo stream of various shows.

You can also get lots of basic information about schedules and shows at and check out the Beauty Blog Network’s Fashion Week Page for updates form network members!

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