How to Apply False Eyelashes

If you are one of many women who doesn’t have long and full lashes, then you may be interested in wearing false eyelashes. False eyelashes have been getting a lot of hype lately, and have become a hot fashion and makeup trend. This is for good reason, false lashes enhance the eyes much better than mascara, and can they give a boost of confidence with their perfect looks.

MAC False Eyelashes

False lashes are now affordable and very easy to find, but many people know how to properly apply and wear them or are apprehensive the first time trying them. So, here is a quick guide:

How To Properly Apply False Lashes

In order to properly apply false lashes, you will need scissors, tweezers, eyelash glue, and of course a set of false eyelashes. First, set the false eyelashes against your eyes to that you can measure how big they need to be. When you have determined the size, trim both sides until they will fit your eyes perfectly. Without cutting the lashes to fit, the extra length of the corners will be a bit droopy, causing¬† an unnatural look. For the actual application, apply glue to the false eyelashes, but don’t rush to apply them to your eyes, as they won’t stick as well when the glue is fresh. Wait a few moments for the glue to get a bit tacky, because it will stick better and last longer. Apply the lashes to the natural base of your real lashes. The glue, which is often tinted for easier application, will not be visible when it dries. Applying lashes with the help of tweezers if often advised, because it makes the lashes easier to hold and your fingers can alter the shape of the lashes.

How To Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

If you want the false eyelashes to look natural,  instead of applying the entire strip, should the lashes into small sections and apply them on the areas where your lashes are thinner, or apply more sparsely than the lashes would be on the strip as a whole. By doing this, your lashes will look fuller and thicker without looking fake. This is a favorite trick of celebrities who just want to enhance their eyes with a natural look. You can also buy demi lashes lashes that are already cut.

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