Beauty Bloggers’ Favorite Lip Products, Part I

Awhile back I asked a few fellow beauty bloggers what their favorite lip items were. This week I am featuring their responses about their their favorite lipstick and balm. Next week, I will let you know their favorite lip glosses and their opinions on lip plumpers.

I also discovered a fortunate side effect that might be unfortunate for the pocket book. I learned about some new items to try. But of course, now I want to go buy all of them! Especially Lipstick Queen, I have wanted to try that for a long time now.

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What is your Favorite Favorite Lipstick?

Ellen from Lipstick Powder n Paint says: “I am more a gloss fan than a lipstick one, but I am a huge fan of The Lipstick Queen’s products. Only yesterday I was wearing the Coral Saint lipstick. The colour is very pretty, sheer and not at all fluorescent.”

Like me, Isabella, the Muse at Musings of a Muse, has a favorite from the MAC Fafi Collection. She wrote: “Fafi for MAC Lipstick (Color: Flash n Dash)(Read the Muse’s Review) is the most flattering shade I’ve come across to date! So flattering in fact I considered purchasing a back up!” the Muse also provided the below picture of her favorites, so you can see the shade:

Lip Favorites From Musings of a Muse
Toya from The Life of a Ladybug also loves MAC and the Fafi collection. She wrote: “I have to go with MAC. It is a toss-up between 1N from the N Collection and Not So Innocent from Fafi – both fabulous nude shades!”

Jamie at The Beauty of Life told me: “I am currently totally in love with Lancome Color Fever Shine in Pixel Pink. I am so glad I snapped up a tube before it was discontinued! It’s not too dark or too bright on my lips — it just gives the best pinkish tinge. It’s also really creamy and doesn’t start to feel matte or dry at all.”

What is Your Favorite Lip Balm?

Ellen said: “Every night and when my lips need a moisture boost, I apply Bliss Superbalm Lip Conditioner with SPF 15. It feels smooth and does not have an icky taste.”

Isabella shares another favorite with me. She wrote: “Smith’s Rosebud Salve (Read the Muse’s Review ). My cure all to everything! Chapped Lips, Dry Elbows, Cuts and Scraps, Hair Static, Under eye moisturizer, you name it and this stuff can be used as a cure all! Love it and I’m never without it!”

Add in another Smith’s fan! Toya said: “My favorite lip balm: Rosebud Salve, hands down. I also love its sisters: Minted Rose, Strawberry and Brambleberry Rose.”

Jamie says: I actually have two favorite lip balms! There are tons of Bonne Bell LipSmackers in my purse, on my desk at work, on my vanity in the bathroom, on my nightstand … basically anywhere I am, there’s at least one with me. I love all the flavors and they make my lips feel really soft for hours (Read Jamie’s Review). I also recently discovered Korres Lip Butter and I love it! I have it in both Quince and Pomegranate, and each taste amazing and really help my lips to keep from getting chapped.

Check in next Wednesday for more beauty blogger favorites!

Update: Read Part II

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My New Holy Grail Lip Shade From M.A.C. and Fafi!

MAc Cosmetics Fafi collection Straw Baby LipstickI am always searching for my perfect lip shade. Sometimes–as in once every 6 to 8 months or so–I find it. But I am fickle, so after a bit I start looking again. Any of those that reach that favorite designation though tend to stay close at hand for a very, very long time after and keep getting repurchased when possible. And in the end, this collection of all time favorite shades is not very large.

It seems that many of my all time favorites come from limited edition collections. I almost cried when my favorite peach shade limited edition Revlon gloss ran out. So now when I hit a favorite limited edition item, I tend to buy a couple of them. I will have to try to do that with the latest edition to my all time favorite list.

My current love is the lipstick shade Straw Baby, from the M.A.C. Cosmetics Fafi Collection. This light berry/rose shade has a bit of pearl/gold lustre in it that is gorgeous. The color is muted enough for day and work wear, yet shimmery enough for evening. I also found that adding the brightly colored lipglass shade Totally It, gives it a fun extra punch of color that is not all that overwhelming. Don’t be scared of how that shade looks in the tube! The look is great for drinks out at a club or for a light and fun look. Add the shade Squeeze It, and the lippie becomes a nice glossy deep berry that is perfect for a dressier evening.

Unfortunately I can’t easily stock up on this one right now because it is already sold out online. But I plan to check my local MAC store or department store counter and see if they still have it. This is a shade that I could easily use several tubes of!

Oh, and there is a bonus: The tube comes with Fafi art on it! Very cool!

For more on M.A.C. and Fafi, check out for a fun way to look over the collection.

Shop for M.A.C. Cosmetics

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