Trending Pastels: Sweet and Sugary

This season my favorite colors are trending and I’m not referring to the neon accessories and brightly colored pants. Even though color is fun – light pastel colors are just as fun. In fact I love all of the pastel makeup tones that will be trending this spring. They’re extremely girlie, feminine, and create a natural look that’s perfect for spring and beyond. So what are my favorite ways to incorporate sweet pastels this season? Read on to find out.


Pastel Cosmetics for Spring


Pastel Nail Colors:

If you’re in the habit of painting your nails black for the fall and winter months now is the time to break into the pastel colors. Find some amazing nail polish that you love from brands like OPI or Essie and either get a manicure at a salon or paint them yourself. One of my favorite colors is mint green – a cross between turquoise and green (in my opinion), this color is on its way to becoming the best pastel color yet. I personally can’t wait to find the perfect mint green purse to go with my mint green nails.

Pastel Lip Tints:

If you love the natural look that is elegant yet pretty, this trend will become a favorite of yours. Pastel lip tints are easy to apply and look extremely lovely. In addition to lip tints, you can also pair your lip gloss or lipstick with a pastel dress and pumps and you have the perfect spring time outfit. Don’t forget other pastel makeup including glistening shadow, which is coming up next. Now all you need is a date!

Pastel Eye Shadow:

Sigh, eye shadows are so beautiful. Especially the light colored pastel shadows. If you want just a subtle glimmer or a richer pastel shade, it all depends how you apply your pastel colors on your eyelids. Shimmering eye shadows illuminate your face and make your eyes look fresh and wide awake. For the mascara you’ll want to keep this natural as well because you will want to allow your eye shadow to take center stage. Your glimmering eye shadow is stunning enough all on its own.

Enjoy the pastels this spring and summer and show off your illuminating face at your home, office, or wherever you are on a day to day basis with gorgeous makeup. A sheer cream blush and extra soft colors on your clothing ensemble will complete the look – you’re ready to enjoy this sugary sweet trend already.

Sierra is a writer who enjoys fashion and beauty and loves learning about the latest trends. She especially loves natural beauty and strives to have a lovely complexion. Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.  

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Make-Up Tips to Suit Your Eye Shape

The beauty of make-up is that the same product used in different ways can make every woman look fantastic – it’s all in the application. Knowing what suits your individual features is crucial to ensure your make-up works for you, enhancing your best bits and disguising the bits you least like. This is no truer than when it comes to the eyes, of which there are many shapes and sizes. Choose the category that best fits your eyes and follow the simple tips for fabulous looking peepers.

red glasses


Characterized by an upswept outer corner, many women with oval eyes wish to create the illusion of greater depth and size. The best way to achieve this is to use a dark liquid eyeliner to draw a bold sweep on the upper lid, defining the upswept outer corner. As poker-straight lashes are often a feature of almond eyelashes, invest in some great heated eyelash curlers and finish off with a generous coating of inky black mascara.


Being roughly the same height and width, those with round eyes often want to give the illusion that they are more almond shaped. Apply eye liner as close to your lashes as possible, avoiding the inner corners of your eyes. Start at the centre of your lower lashes and work your way outwards and line only three quarters of the way across your upper lashes. This way you draw attention to the outer edges, giving the appearance of wider eyes. For a more dramatic effect, create a subtle cat’s eye by flicking the line up and outward where the upper line meets the lower line in the outer corner.


Similar to almond shaped eyes but without the upward angle at the corner, those with oval shaped eyes often want to create a widening effect. Use a pearlescent, shimmery eye shadow to brighten the area and then line the upper lid from outside to inside corner, thickening it as it reaches the centre above the iris – this will give the illusion of a bigger, wider eye. You could also accentuate your oval shape with a sultry cat’s eye, as mentioned above.

Deep Set

To avoid your brows looking like they’re a hood over your eyes, you need to make your eyes seem as if they are further forwards in your face, giving a wider, brighter eyed look. Stick to light, bright shades of eye shadow and brush over the entire lid, including the inner corner, using a darker contour shade only at the outer crease. Liner should be kept thin, just enough to define your eye, and should be smudged slightly with an eye shadow sponge to soften the look.


To avoid looking sad and older than you actually are, first apply an under-eye concealer to counter any shadows the droopy shape creates. Stick to a neutral powder shadow on the lids to avoid the shadow settling into any lines, and a warmer tone on the crease to give your eyes definition. Applying the eye shadow in an oval shape on the lid and inner corner will give the illusion of height at the outer corner. When applying liner, stop before the outer corner.

As a beauty journalist and copywriter, Emily Buckley has written numerous health and beauty articles, including a number on behalf of Laser Sight, pioneers of laser eye surgery in Australia.

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How To Pull Off Blue Eye Shadow Looks

Blue eye shadow has a bad reputation for being garish and unattractive. Wearing too much at once or picking the wrong shade for your skin, eyes and hair can cause your blue shadow to stand out far more than you intended. However, when you choose the correct products and apply them carefully, this color can actually produce extremely striking results. Here’s what you need to know about buying the best blue eye shadows and wearing them with style. Oh, and if you want to see a couple of nice new blue shades from MAC, check out out MAC Chenman Swatches on Beauty and Fashion Tech.

The Best Blue Eye Shadows and How to Wear Them

brilliant blue eyeshadow

Eye Shadow Quality

Inexpensive drugstore brand shadows aren’t likely to produce elegant results. They tend to cake and may be difficult to apply evenly. Consider higher quality brands that use excellent quality ingredients and relatively few fillers. They have the staying power to keep your eyes looking their best even after a long evening out, but they can be applied subtly to avoid an overdone look. Here are some excellent choices:

  • Sephora Collection “My Favorite Jeans”
  • Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals “Azure”
  • Laura Mercier “Deep Night”
  • Clinique Colour Surge Stay Matte “Dark Denim”
  • Kat Von D True Romance Pigments “Johnette”

You can find all of these at Sephora.

Never let your cosmetics get too old. Even high quality products can lose their advantages after their expiration date. They can also harbor bacteria that can irritate your eyes or cause an infection. Eye shadow has a shelf life of about three years. If you’ve had a shadow longer than that, it’s time to replace it.

Matching Your Complexion

Not everyone can wear blue eye shadow gracefully. On some people, the brilliance of this color can conflict with their natural skin, eye and hair colors, resulting in a garish look. Blue shadows often look best on people who have very fair skin without too much redness, especially those with dark or very light hair and gray or brown eyes. This shadow color can also complement very dark skin and hair.

This doesn’t mean that people with differing complexions can’t wear blue shadow, but it does mean that you should choose your shadow carefully if you’re a blonde with blue eyes or if you have olive skin and dark hair. Never match your blue shadow exactly to your eyes, since the shadow will tend to be more noticeable than your eye color. The same goes for matching eye shadow to your clothing. Stick to duller blues or tones with slightly green or purple tints if you have green or brown eyes, especially if your skin is also relatively dark.

Applying Blue Shadow

Blue is one of the trickiest types of eye shadow to apply correctly. Never smear it evenly all over your lid, as this can look clownish or childish. Instead, blend blue eye shadow carefully. Place the darkest blue closest to the lashes, using bright or light colors across the eyelid and as you approach the brow bone. Blend your eye shadow thoroughly with a professional-grade brush, rather than the sponge applicators included with most cosmetics.

Always use at least two different shades of blue. The lightest color should cover the eye area and some of the brow bone. Reserve your darker tone for accents along the eyelid and in the crease of the eye. If you wish to use eyeliner, choose a dark blue rather than black. It will harmonize better with your eye shadow and prevent an overly harsh look. Keep the rest of your look relatively light to avoid overwhelming your features with very bold makeup.

Shop for Eye Makeup at Sephora

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