Seven Top Makeup Shades For Fall

There are hues for every season. Just as the colors of each season change, so do those of our clothing, makeup, and latest fashion trends. Some colors are distinct to the fall season. The following are a few of the hottest makeup shades for the fall season.

Fall Maleup Shades

(1)  Browns: Brown eye shadow palettes are always a hit in the autumn months. They match almost any skin tone and go with many looks because they are natural-looking. You can purchase brown eye shadow palettes in a variety of hues from light toffee-colored browns to creamy mochas and dark chestnuts. Deep chocolates are also popular in the fall.

(2) Blues: Cool blue eye shadow palettes are also appropriate for the cooler fall season. Depending upon your complexion, you can select from dark navy-colored blues or light, shimmery turquoise ones. If you’re not too hot on blue eye shadows, try simply using a cobalt blue eyeliner for that cool pop of autumn blue.

(3) Greens: Dark greens are also great for the fall season. They pair extremely well with brown and golden color palettes as well. If you’re not too keen on green eye shadow, consider an emerald eye liner instead.

(4) Purples: Deep, intense, rich purple eye shadow palettes are some of the best hues for the autumn months. They look particularly striking with many of fall’s hottest clothing colors like browns, greens, and blues. Pair intense Bordeaux purple hues with smoky neutrals for a stunning autumn effect.

(5) Reds: Red eye shadows are particularly popular in the autumn months. Some people, however, are hesitant to wear red for fear that it is too bold or that it doesn’t go well with their complexions. Try a burnt orange instead if you’re skeptical about tackling a full-on red. Burnt orange will give you a bit of that reddish hue without screaming “Red!”

(6) Grays: Smoky eyes are always in style, but especially so in the fall. Grays are nice, cool fall colors. The great thing about gray eye shadow palettes is that you can use them with almost any other palettes to add smokiness to them. Stick to matte grays, though, because metallic grays look almost silver and futuristic.

(7) Peaches, blush, and golden: Peachy, blush, and golden eye shadow palettes are great for fall. They give that autumn blush appearance reminiscent of the changing of the autumn leaves. Shimmery eye shadow palettes work best for peach, blush, and golden colors.

As you can see, there are a variety of palette options appropriate for the fall season. While all palettes might not work well with every skin complexion, there are ways to adjust each palette to your skin type. For instance, if a dark chocolate brown eye shadow doesn’t go well with your skin type, try a neutral colored shimmery brown instead. There are so many hues of each color that with a bit of trial and error, you should be able to find palettes within each color type that go well with your complexion. Also remember that the colors don’t necessarily have to be the color of your eye shadow. Use colored liners for a pop of fall color too.

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Choosing The Best Eye Make Up To Complement Your Eye Colour

When it comes to make up, there are so many different looks you can achieve with a few reliable tools in your make up collection. We show you how to choose the best eye make up for your eye colour and how to avoid those make up faux pas.

Smoky Eye Effect
Best for: Blue and green eyes

The smoky eye effect is incredibly striking and is an easy look to achieve with only a few tools needed. A selection of grey eye shadows, black liquid liner and black mascara will help you achieve this look which will complement blue and green eyes beautifully. Start with the darker colour in the inner corner of your eye followed by a lighter grey shade blended towards the edge. After an application of mascara, it is easy to swipe a thick line of liquid eyeliner which you can then further blend outwards.

The smoky eye effect is easy to achieve and is great for illuminating light eye colours. Be careful not to overdo the dark shadow as it can make even the biggest of eyes look small and overdone.

Green Goddess
Best for: Brown eyes

Green eye shadow isn’t for everyone, but when executed well it can look stunning on those with brown eyes. Pick a shade that suit your warm eye colour: avoid lime greens and think more warming olive green colours. Apply a flick of dark brown eye liner to complete the look along with some chocolate brown mascara.

Pretty Pinks and Purples
Best for: Grey eyes

For those with grey eyes, a light baby pink or lilac eye shadow will look great on you. Sweep a range of pinks and purples over your eyelids and apply a sweep of mascara for a fluttery look. With pinks and purples, a dark grey liner will look great and add a depth element to your eyes.

Glasses wearers needn’t shy away from shadow

Those who wear glasses often feel they must steer clear of bright eye shadows for fear of over-doing it. But fear not, for a bright eye shadow can look great – the key is knowing what is complemented by your glasses style. If you’re wearing large, heavy retro frames you have the opportunity to awaken the style with some bright shadow to accentuate the frame. For those glasses frames that are bright or bold in design, try sticking to one colour shadow but using it in different ways to accentuate the colour frame you’re wearing.

Amy writes for DirectSight, a leading provider of glasses online.

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4 Brilliant Looks Using Bright Eye Shadows

Whether you are gearing up for the party of the year or you are simply interested in making your outfits pop a little, consider what bright eye shadow can do for you. Say goodbye the gentle neutral browns and mushrooms of the past winter, and say hello to some bright golds, magentas and peacock blues. Color is back in in a big way, and eye shadow is a great way to throw some color onto your appearance. Choose one of these fabulous ways to put bright eye shadow on your eyelids.

Using Bright Eye Shadow Shades To Create Fun Makeup Looks

Bright eye shadow


* Subtle Sparkle

If you love the bright shades but you are not yet ready to commit, consider a subtle effect using a single shade of bright, nearly electric eye shadow. Place a single, sweeping line of bright eye shadow right on your lower lash line, and then make sure that you give yourself plenty of mascara to slightly obscure it. Choose neon green or a vibrant peacock blue for this effect, and you will get a delicate glimmer all night.

* Smoky Shadowing

To give your eyes a smoky look, start by outlining your eyes in black pencil and then brush on a base eyeshade that is just a little darker than than your own skin tone. Then go over this eye shadow with something substantially brighter using a pointed sponge applicator, contouring your eye and surrounding it completely. This brighter color should blend well with the pencil line and give your eyes a wonderfully smoky look. Choose a jade green or a bright turquoise for this effect.

* Peacock Glamour

For a nighttime party look, take a lesson from the proud peacock. This look uses several bright shades of eye shadow and it creates a wonderfully metallic look. Start by applying a thin layer of gold eye shadow to your eyelid, spreading it all the way up to your eyebrow. Use a lime or jade green eye shadow to fill in the space from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner, and then fill the space from the inner corner of the eye to the middle using a purple eye shadow. Place a streak of blue eye shadow at the place where the two meet, and then blend the entire area together gently using your finger.

* Layered Looks

For a very bright look, use two eye shadows of the same color in different shades. Start by brushing the darker shade of the eye shadow color over the lid, and then sweeping the lighter shade from the top of the lid to the brow bone. Leave the line between the two shades distinct, and you’ll find that you are in a terrific place to get an eye-popping look. If you want to be a little more daring, choose two complimentary colors instead of using two shades of the same color. Green and purple, red and gold, and blue and green are some of the choices in front of you.

If you are in a situation where you are invested in changing you look, bright eye shadow may be just the right route for you to take. It is subtle enough that you do not risk drawing stares, but it can also be used in a way that allows it to dramatically change your appearance. When purchasing your colors, make sure that you have an electric blue, a warm magenta, a jade green and a silver or gold of your choice to get the most use out of your selection.

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