7 Trendy Eye Makeup Tips For Winter

Beauty chooses no season. Thus, even in the cold, snowy freezing winter, let your inner goddess fires up the entire place with your hot fiery eyes matched your innocent alluring look, all with a touch of some eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

Winter season is one of moments perfect for holiday retreats, parties and gatherings with your colleagues, friends and families. Different people from different places gather to meet because of the coming of holiday vacations. So don’t let the chilly atmosphere and critical crowds worry you from making you the best, go out, wear some makeup and let everyone gaze at you – bragging your looks, making your beauty stand out and run the winter with your irresistible beauty.


Though eyes and shapes of faces differ from one person to another, these are the top trendy eye makeup tips for winter 2012 to 2013 that will truly bring you to stardom.

1. For women who have small eyes, their secret solution is eyeliner. It can really be a godsend lifesaver for people who want to have some depth on their eyes. Just apply a little amount of eyeliner on the top lid to give you an oozing expressive look. Also, in case you’re fond of using liquid eye liner, just put little lines in the inner and outer corner of the eye then connect it in the middle. Pencil eyeliner however, should always be put in the bottom lead as it is much better to use. A perfect night out with your friends with a cat’s eye beauty makes you look sexy and attractive.

2. Though smoky eyes never come out of trend, this time, make it look more stylish and innovative. Redefined it in a much unique and creative way by using bi-colors. Use the darker shades of brown, taupe and golden, to ensure that the eyes portray a much darker revealing tone. Don’t forget also to pair it with gray and blue, black and gray or golden and brown to unveil its dazzling effects making it more dramatic to see. With these stunning eyes, you can just wear nude makeup and lipstick to complete the whole thing.

3. If you love experimenting colors, then this is the best trendy make up for you this winter. All you have to do is to choose these playful yet sweet eye shadows of pink, beige and brown. A shade of chocolate and purple is perfect too. But if you want to have that powerful and luminous look, then choose the shades of silver and golden. Put a touch of pinkish blush and complete your makeup with orange lips.

4. If simple yet mesmerizing look is what you desire this winter, then play with lighter eye shadows on the top of your entire eyelid. You can also extend it up to your brows. Wearing a mascara or eyeliner is not really an option if you want it to be as plain as possible, just wear a light red lipstick and pink blush so you can get the simplest yet trendy style you want.

5. Daring and tantalizing eyes are the trends and hottest this winter season so if you have a skin of porcelain, think no more and choose the dazzling orange color for your eyes to emphasize its luminous and sophisticated detail. This makeup is best for special occasions and important gatherings.

6. Since winter needs warm looks, purple eye shadows bring fire to your eyes. Drawing your inspiration from the look of retro makeup, the color makes you stand out. Just make sure to use it with moderation and put fine lines at the roots of your eyelashes to emphasize details.

7. If you want to have that rebellious yet sexy look this winter, then it all depends on how you do your brows. Just keep your brows natural in terms of shape and color. Then buy a creamy texture eyebrow pencil and apply it carefully to reveal its natural glow. Using a special gel, style your brow upwards to complete the look you desire.

Our eyes play a very important role on our face. It is a portal of beauty which reveals our goddess within. With a simple touch of fashion and latest and hottest trend in makeup, one single touch of color makes a significant difference in your chilly winter season.


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Urban Decay Is Better Than Ever

I have loved Urban Decay eye shadows ever since trying them for the first time a few years ago. The combination of punchy color intensity, product wear and price point is difficult to beat. Yet somehow, Urban Decay has outdone their own star product by releasing their new eye shadow formula.

Urban Decay Eye Shadows

The improved eye shadow has a creamier texture and retains that intense color payoff we love, with plenty of added benefits. It is easy to apply smoothly without getting powdery and with less glitter fallout, one of the most common complaints about the original product. It wears better than the original without eye primer and stays put without smudging or creasing. Urban Decay’s original eye shadow was already their best-selling product, but they made it better anyway.

The added ingredient of capric/caprylic triglyceride, or fractionated coconut oil, improves application, wear and color intensity, but it is also an excellent skin conditioner. This magic odorless shelf-stable oil has an indefinite shelf life and is used in many creams and skin products as a skin emollient. While Urban Decay has not been marketing this product as an eye shadow with skincare benefits, the ingredient is ideal for maintaining and improving the delicate skin of the eye area.

Some of the sheerer colors have greatly improved pigmentation in the new collection, including Asphyxia, my personal favorite. Some other great colors to try are Peace, X, Psychedelic Sister and Free Love. The new collection features a few fan favorites that have never been released as singles, such as Mushroom, AC/DC and YDK. The only downside is that some colors have been discontinued, including Lounge, Jones, El Dorado and Hot Pants. Urban Decay provided a chart to offer replacements for these and other shades, but it is just not the same.

The new formula is also available in Urban Decay’s latest palette releases, which is usually the best value. These include Naked 2, the Vice Palette, the 15th Anniversary Palette and the re-released Feminine, Dangerous and Fun palettes.

Urban Decay is a cruelty-free company that appears on PETA’s list and the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny list. The company meets the most stringent requirements for avoiding animal testing on their products and source ingredients that were tested on animals. Urban Decay is a favorite among animal lovers, activists, vegans and vegetarians.


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Stila Eye Shadow Review

Soft and velvety are two of the best words to describe Stila eyeshadow. They have just the perfect blend of shimmer and sophistication, so they are appropriate for makeup lovers of basically all ages. The color on these shadows is best described as bold and beautiful. While they are noticeable, the eyeshadows do not make the wearer look like a clown. Instead, they channel elements of class and elegance. Many of the shades take women from day to night as they are available in subtle and rich hues. Furthermore, the eyeshadows are long lasting, so ladies need not constantly be reapplying them.

Stila Eye Shadow

Speaking of the colors, so many different shades are available. One of the most popular shades that has withstood the test of time is known as Kitten. Available in a shimmering nude pink, Kitten is the perfect accompaniment to a business suit for the day at the office or a little black cocktail dress at a wedding. When heading out to a more formal affair, invest in some high quality black eyeliner. With the combination of the eyeliner and Kitten eyeshadow, you can really achieve that seductive “cat eye” look. Of course, plenty of other colors are available too. They range from Dune, a matte neutral beige, and Tone, a matte neutral plum, to the deep blue shade of Azure and the attractive shimmering lilac of Wisteria. When the ends of the spectrum are your goal, purchase Ebony, a matte black, or Moonlight, a shimmering white.

Application of Stila eyeshadows is simple, and, as noted earlier, velvety, soft opulence will cover your eyelids upon using them. They work well as the main shadow, in the crease or as a highlighter. Of course, choose the darkest color for the crease, the medium color for the lids and the lightest as the highlighter. Speaking of the crease, Stila eyeshadows are known for not creasing! No longer will half of your eyeshadow be on and half of your eyeshadow be off because of that crease in the eyelid. Choose exquisite brushes to make sure that the application is just perfect. In addition to working well on at all different stages of the makeup process, Stila eyeshadows can be worn either wet or dry. Add a little bit of water to the brush for a more dramatic look that will really make you stand out in the crowd.

Stila eyeshadows are very easily accessible to the general public. They are available in Sephora shops and most department stores that sell high end makeup. Of course, these products can be purchased online as well, and delivered right to your very own door step.

Buy Stila eyeshadow

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