Autumn Nails

It’s difficult to describe to men the craze women have with their nails. This craze, which has existed for a long time, was brought to most men’s attention with the introduction of instagram and the millions of photographs that women have posted of their manicured talons which have ensued.

What they don’t understand is that nice nails are an inexpensive and usually quick way of making you feel and look a million dollars. No matter how worn down or unkempt you may feel you are (you could be having one of those weeks), manicured nails instantly make you feel and look 50% better. Add a shower and a slick of lipstick and maybe run a comb through your hair and voila! You are ready to go out on the town.

Fall nail polish

The great thing about autumn nails is that you can easily incorporate either summer or winter looks and get away with it. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to wear coral red or pinks, which were big this summer like Bourjois Rouge Fashionista or to the complete contrary, navy blue which will be very big in Autumn/Winter 2012/13. Along with navy, this autumn, deep reds and oxblood like Essie Berry Naughty are very much in. MAC’s nail lacquers in Nightfall and Spirit of Truth are perfect for those who are fond of very dark nails but want a change from the classic black or Bordeaux.

Essie Polish

The more unusual mousy greys and matte blues and greens which were big last year are still in huge demand with shinier, more glittery versions of these making an appearance whilst taupe beige, like Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants, has replaced the classic nude nail varnish.

If you feel that you can’t have nice nails all the time due to financial restraints, fear not. The easiest trick in the book and to avoid needing regular manicures (and presuming that you know how to apply your own nail varnish – it’s rare to find a woman that can’t nowadays), keep an orange wood stick and cuticle oil (which can both be found at your local pharmacy) by your bed and before going to sleep each night, do a mini manicure which will only take you three minutes, tops.

Apply a drop of cuticle oil onto each nail and gently push back the cuticle with the orange wood stick. Done. This way (and with maybe a good filing once a week) you can avoid needing a full-blown manicure for up to six weeks. Pushing the cuticles back regularly makes your nails grow faster and also makes your nail varnish stay on longer as you are pushing away all the dead skin cells which stick to the nail and can cause the nail varnish to flake off. Avoid cutting your own cuticles though; leave this to a professional as they tend to grow back faster and thicker if overcut. Use the orange wood stick trick instead and wake up everyday with beautiful, healthy nails.


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Trending Pastels: Sweet and Sugary

This season my favorite colors are trending and I’m not referring to the neon accessories and brightly colored pants. Even though color is fun – light pastel colors are just as fun. In fact I love all of the pastel makeup tones that will be trending this spring. They’re extremely girlie, feminine, and create a natural look that’s perfect for spring and beyond. So what are my favorite ways to incorporate sweet pastels this season? Read on to find out.


Pastel Cosmetics for Spring


Pastel Nail Colors:

If you’re in the habit of painting your nails black for the fall and winter months now is the time to break into the pastel colors. Find some amazing nail polish that you love from brands like OPI or Essie and either get a manicure at a salon or paint them yourself. One of my favorite colors is mint green – a cross between turquoise and green (in my opinion), this color is on its way to becoming the best pastel color yet. I personally can’t wait to find the perfect mint green purse to go with my mint green nails.

Pastel Lip Tints:

If you love the natural look that is elegant yet pretty, this trend will become a favorite of yours. Pastel lip tints are easy to apply and look extremely lovely. In addition to lip tints, you can also pair your lip gloss or lipstick with a pastel dress and pumps and you have the perfect spring time outfit. Don’t forget other pastel makeup including glistening shadow, which is coming up next. Now all you need is a date!

Pastel Eye Shadow:

Sigh, eye shadows are so beautiful. Especially the light colored pastel shadows. If you want just a subtle glimmer or a richer pastel shade, it all depends how you apply your pastel colors on your eyelids. Shimmering eye shadows illuminate your face and make your eyes look fresh and wide awake. For the mascara you’ll want to keep this natural as well because you will want to allow your eye shadow to take center stage. Your glimmering eye shadow is stunning enough all on its own.

Enjoy the pastels this spring and summer and show off your illuminating face at your home, office, or wherever you are on a day to day basis with gorgeous makeup. A sheer cream blush and extra soft colors on your clothing ensemble will complete the look – you’re ready to enjoy this sugary sweet trend already.

Sierra is a writer who enjoys fashion and beauty and loves learning about the latest trends. She especially loves natural beauty and strives to have a lovely complexion. Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.  

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