Choosing The Best Red Lipstick

It can be a bit intimidating to go with red lips with all of the options available today. Red lipstick comes in literally hundreds of shades, from orange-red to to berry. Not all shades look good on everybody as each shade of lipstick brings out the undertones in the skin. Use the below guide to help select the best red lipstick for you and to see our list of all time favorite reds.

Best Red Lipstick

The Best Red Lipstick

Start With Your Skin Tone: Warm or Cool?

To select the best red lipstick for you, start by looking at your skin tone. Individuals with warm skin and yellow undertones, for example, look best with red shades that have a brown or orange undertones, such as brick red. Women with cool blue undertones look best in shades that have blue undertones, such as cool berry or cranberry shades.

Use The White Paper Trick

If you’re not sure about the undertone in a red lipstick, try the white paper trick. Mark a piece of clean white paper with different lipstick shades to better reveal the undertones in each. This is an easy way to find that perfect shade to go with your skin tone, be it light, medium or dark.

Fair Skinned Women

Women with light skin often look best with a cherry shade of red. Colors in the cherry family illuminate the face well. For cool skin tone women, blue-based reds also brighten up pale skin and give it a healthy glow. A red lipstick with no orange or pink hues is ideal for milky skin as well. For those hesitant to jump into a bold red color, especially those with warm tones but pale skin, on whom an orangey shade can look harsh, start off with a sheer lipstick that allows you to try the color without the vibrancy.

Medium Toned Skin

Women with a medium skin tone are the luckiest of all because they can pull off the largest range of red hues. Those with a medium skin shade can easily wear the vibrant, true red lipsticks and look amazing. Colors like fire engine and apple red work perfectly for these women. When in doubt about the true shade of a lipstick, remember to test it on white paper to reveal its undertones.

Women with Dark Skin

Those with darker skin look beautiful with dark red shades like sangria and garnet. Avoid true bright red colors, which can appear overdone and strange. Dark reds suit darker skin perfectly and create a warm, sophisticated look. For an even richer look, try plum or dark berry red for a vibrant, sultry look. Feeling brave? Try deep, or even vibrant purple shades, which look particularly nice on darker skin. They also look great on anyone with cool skin under tones.

How to Pull Off A Great Red Lipstick Look

After you select the best red lipstick for your skin, remember there are a few rules to make it look amazing. Always go light on the makeup for the rest of the face when using a bold red color to avoid a clown appearance. Try a pretty nude eye look matched with red lipstick to make your lips the focal point. Women with dark hair should apply black mascara, while  blondes and redheads may wish to use a brown mascara.  As red tends to bleed easily, use lip liner to keep lines crisp. Lastly, use a q-tip to remove color from the inside of your lips after application to avoid red teeth.

Many women believe they can’t pull off a red lipstick. The truth is, virtually any woman can look beautiful with red lips if they select the right shade for their skin shade.

Best Red Lip Stick Suggestions

Below are a few of our all time favorite red lipsticks:

Neutral Red For All Skin Tones

Duwop Private Red: Duwop claims this red morphs into a match for any skin tone. It really is a just a nice neutral red that will work for most people.

For Warm Skin

Nars Semi-Matte in Red Lizard: A Brick Red with Brown undertones

For Cool Skin

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue in Cranberry Creme: A berry red with just a hint of purple undertone.




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Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effect Lipstick

187993Elizabeth Arden sent me two of their new Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipsticks to try. These lippies are fortified with Vitamins A, C, and E for extra conditioning, plus they contain aloe for moisture.

The term “effect” in the name comes from a fairly unique pearl shimmer and shine to the lipsticks. These are not overly shimmery, but they give off a luminous finish with a decent amount of shine.

I tried two shades, Geranium Shimmer and Cherry Pearl. Each was a nice summery color. The swatches below shows each shade and the shimmer and shine effect that the lipstick gives.


I like the luminous effect, but mostly I like the Color Intrigue Effect lipsticks because they are moisturizing and feel nice. They also wear quite well. Elizabeth Arden always makes good quality products in general, and these new lipsticks are no exception.

Look for Elizabeth Arden products online and at major department stores and cosmetics stores.

Comparison Shop for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics

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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect LipstickI have this weird love/hate relationship with red lipstick. I’m a neutral and subdued makeup type of girl, and I keep telling myself that I don’t wear red lipstick. But then I keep trying out darker and darker shades, and while I really just don’t look good in bright red, I do actually look OK in deeper reds. Also, despite my fear of color, red is actually a very classic shade.

The result of all of this? I will wear red lipstick around the house, but get self conscious wearing it out in public. Yeah, I know… I’m crazy….

Anyway, what this all leads up to is the fact that I recently was sent a lovely Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick to try. It came in the shade perfect brick, which is just the type of not so bright red that I like. It really is a gorgeous creamy color, with no annoying shimmer or anything of that sort to get in the way of the deep red. Basically it is a classic red shade.

The lipstick has a nice creamy texture, very good pigmentation, and lasts for quite a while–something that is pretty essential with reds. Arden’s Plump Perfect lipstick is supposed to also provide some lip plumping, but as is the case with nearly every lip plumper I have ever tried, I really didn’t notice any plumping action. But that is OK with me. This is a great lipstick on its own without any extra plumping.

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