Dior lip glossDior Lip Gloss is one of my favorite lip glosses. It also is one of my more expensive lip glosses. It also is one that I don’t own many of. I wish I owned many of them….

Seriously, this is a nice gloss. Dior does just about everything right, and I love all of their cosmetics. Dior lip gloss admittedly is quite a splurge since there are many, many, nice glosses out there at very affordable prices, but there is something rather satisfying about carrying a Dior product around in your handbag. Plus the tube is just plain pretty!

OK, so I’m a sucker for packaging. I admit it! If you are looking for great little gifts for the upcoming holidays (yes, we have to start thinking about that already), this could also be a nice choice.

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Dior Lip Gloss Charms

Put this one in the expensive gift ideas category. Hmmmm…. right after I typed that, I added a category with that name!

Dior Pretty Charms Secret Lip Gloss
The Dior Pretty Charms Secret Lip Gloss is one of those luxury items that nobody needs, but would love to be seen with.It’s $95, it’s Dior, enough said…..

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