Darphin Lip Gloss and Les Anis de Flavigny rose flavored French mints

I received an interesting pair of items in the mail. Darphin Brillant A Levres Lip Gloss and Les Anis de Flavigny rose flavored French mints.

Darphin lip gloss France French Cosmetics

Darphin in a French Company who I had not tried before. The gloss is quite nice. It comes in three light and neutral shades and I received the shade illusion. The gloss is moisturizing and imparts great shine with a subtle shimmer. This one is nice alone when you want a minimalist look, or for adding shine over a lip color. I tried it over my pixie lip pen (read review) and loved the combo!

anis De Flavigny French Mints Rose

My Darphin gloss was paired with a tin of Anis de Falvigny Rose Flavored Mints.  Now I don’t normally review mints, but I loved these little things! The flavor was lightly minty with just a touch of rose, resulting in something that is not overpowering and is also rather unique. Really nice stuff! The Anis de Flavigny company makes a number of fine mints, which I located for sale on Amazon.com (see the first link).  Mmmmm… Tasty!!!

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