Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lip Duo

Kenzoki Did you know that Kenzo, known for their perfumes, also does skin care? Well, they do, using the name Kenzoki, and here is a product that I already know will be on my best products of the year list. I can’t rave about it enough!

The Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lip Duo is a dual sided lipstick shaped balm. On one half, the balm contains sugar grains and lemon fibers as a natural exfoliator. The other half is a conditioning balm with Vitamin E. The exfoliating side is very gentle—you hardly feel it working, yet it does a decent job. The conditioning side is smooth and packed full of moisture. It has a nice balance between conditioners and thickness. Basically, it isn’t waxy, but it is thick enough that it feels like it says a bit. It reminds me quite a bit of another favorite of mine, the Caudalie lip conditioner (read review).

The balm leaves a sweet, sort of almond taste behind that I also love.

$22, and seriously worth that price in my mind, at


Dimitri James Skinn Lip 3X Volumizing Serum

Skinn Lip 3X Plumper I really like Skinn Lip 3X Lip Volumizing Serum. Not so much as a plumper, but as a general conditioner. Skinn’s volumizer is a peppermint laden serum with collagen enhancing ingredients to plump the lips over time.

With a generous amount of sunflower seed oil, the volumizer also moisturizes and conditions quite well. I like it just before bed as nighttime lip treatment!

This one also comes in a generous  sized container, so it will last awhile.

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Review: L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner When I purchased a tube of L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner, I expected to love it. I normally like L’Oreal’s lip products, and what is not to love about a lip conditioner? But apparently not all things are a loveable as they would seem.

The Bare Natural Lip conditioner that I tried was too thick and a bit sticky! At first I thought it was perhaps because of high pigment, which will make me a little more forgiving of a thicker product and stickiness, but then I found that the pigment didn’t show all that much either. L’Oreal advertises this as light weight, but I found it to be heavier than any other lip item that I have used in the last several years.

It did have OK shine, and is advertised as 96% “natural origin” (whatever that means), for those who are interested in its other features. It is packaged in a rather small click up tube.

If you are headed out for drugstore lip products I suggest skipping this one. But do consider trying L’Oreal’s  HiP Jelly Balm instead (read review). Now that is lovely stuff!

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