Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is the best lip gloss I have ever used. It is thicker than typical lip glosses, hence its name. It goes on like a lipstick, but it looks sheer and shimmery. I like that it feels like normal lipstick; softer lip glosses sometimes feel sticky. I always worry that normal lip gloss will slide off of my lips and look messy. It also feels greasy most of the time. I want my makeup to feel fresh and clean, not heavy. Since Almost Lipstick starts out as a solid, it stays put on my lips.

Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

My favorite shade of Almost Lipstick is Black Honey. It looks nearly black in its solid form, but it looks like a soft wine color on skin. It amplifies the natural color of my lips without looking obvious. Many of my friends have tried it, and it has the same effect on them. The Black Honey color brings out the best qualities in everyone’s complexion. It has both red and blue undertones, so people with warm or cool coloring can wear it with equal success.

The best thing about Clinique’s Almost Lipstick is that I can wear it with any outfit. It picks up the colors in my clothing just like it complements my lips. I never have to worry about whether or not my makeup and outfit are properly coordinated. I can wear Almost Lipstick to any kind of event. For daytime get-togethers, I swipe it over my lips once to give them some shine and a hint of color. I apply it more heavily at night or for formal events to bring out more of its wine tones. It lets me determine how dark I want the color to be, which normal lipsticks do not allow me to do. This product is like several lip glosses in one. I could wear it every day and not appear to be using the same lip gloss over and over.

Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is great for women who want to purchase one all-purpose lip product for daily use. It is for women who want to achieve a subtle look that highlights all of their best features. This is the one makeup item that I carry with me at all times. It changes my looks for the better while making me feel like my natural beauty is the star of the show.

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Clinique Super Balm

I’m what you call a lip balm addict. I have tubes of the stuff in my purse, on various tables throughout the house, in the car, and on my nightstand. My problem is, I like to wear lipcolor, but it’s often drying. Thankfully, I found that Clinique’s Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss provides the best of both worlds – the emollient effects of a lip balm and the flattering coverage of a sheer gloss.

Clinqiue Super Balm

When I first put the gloss on, I noticed how smooth the texture was. Many of the cheaper drugstore brands are sticky, grainy, or gummy. Who wants to keep pulling their hair off their mouth because it keeps sticking to the lip gloss? I didn’t have this problem with Clinique. The texture of Superbalm stayed smooth on my lips and my hair stayed off the front of my face. For that reason alone, it’s worth the $15 price tag.

A second thing I noticed was how soft my lips stayed while wearing the gloss. Usually, I have to layer lip balm under whatever color I’m wearing, but this product contains moisturizing ingredients that kept my lips from drying out. Even after the gloss wore off, I noticed that my lips remained hydrated. It’s nice to know that I’m providing them with conditioning.

This product comes in several shades. My chosen color is Black Honey. It gives my lips a pretty stained look as though I ate a bowl of cherries. Best of all, the color stands out and lasts a while. The product gives a nice shine but doesn’t give you that plastic coating look.

Since high school, I’ve used the Clinique brand of products. I trust them for the consistent quality and their continued research in the cosmetic industry.

Buy Clinique Super Balm

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Clinique All About Eyes Review

The following  is a reader review of Clinique All About Eyes. Thanks Candence for the review!

Clinique All About Eyes is formulated to brighten dark eye circles and reduces puffiness under the eye. Clinique recognizes the fact that the skin around is eye area is extremely fragile and vulnerable, hence fine lines normally show up first near the eyes. To fight the effects of dryness and weather, they came out with this formula to offer a defense for such eye issues and to answer immediate problems like fine lines.

Clinique All About Eyes

All About Eyes product has been ophthalmologist tested and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The lightweight gel is absorbed quickly when applied on the eye area and it leaves a smooth and velvety finish after application. It is a instant pick me up for sleepy looking eyes or a sleepless night. Containing botanicals, antioxidants and proteins, it works to strengthen the skin and fade the dark eye circles.

Applying All about Eyes can also help to extend eye makeup wear, making eye shadow last longer throughout the day. However, do remember to wait for a few seconds before applying eye makeup. Its lightweight texture and consistency makes it suitable for both day and night application. The ingredients found in the formula can also help boost natural collagen production.

All About Eyes is also dermatologically and allergy tested. As with all Clinique products, it is fragrance free. It comes in two forms. Clinique All about Eyes is a gel form, while All about Eyes Rich is a cream based formula. The cream based formula is recommended for those with very dry skin and /or wrinkled skin. Those with oily lids can opt for the gel version. Apply the gel religiously, and you will notice a difference in your eye area. With prolonged usage, you will soon find that you will need less of your eye concealer in your makeup routine.

Buy Clinique All About Eyes

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