YoYo Lip Gloss

This came up in my trackbacks after a blog related to the product linked to me. I found it rather interesting.

YoYo Lipgloss is a gloss that was part of a published case study in the Global Business & Technology Journal. For more on that, take a look at the Start Up Case Study. The site now has a survey up for a study on “The Psychology & Marketing of YOYO Lip Gloss” along with some other fun interactive stuff.

Yoyo Lip Gloss on a string

What exactly is YoYo lip gloss? Well, think of it as a lip gloss on a yoyo-like attachment that you can attach to your belt. I haven’t tried the gloss, so I can’t tell you anything about it. But it looks like a fun item for girls and teens–or maybe for silly adults like me who just might find a way to wear such a thing!


Dior Holiday Lip Gloss Charm and Palette

Dior’s Holiday items are now available at Nordstrom.

Dior Holiday 2007 Lip Gloss Pendant
In the lip department, there is this lovely pendant with a shimmery copper-pink lip gloss inside. At $90, this falls into the way cool expensive gift ideas department.
Dior I Love Dior Holiday Lip Palette
Dior has also released two versions of the I Love Dior Lip Palette. The palette is available in warm and cool shades, each with four shades of gloss in a black case. $40.

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Lancome Glossy Charms Bracelet

I just love all of the cute lip gloss charms. I initially kept stumbling across them, and now I have taken to seeking them out.

I came across the Lancome Glossy Charms Bracelet today. I want it!

Lancome Lip Gloss Charm Bracelet
Three cute little juicy tubes with a Lancome charm. Lancome gloss is usually pretty good stuff, and I have always been a fan of their juicy tubes.

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