The Highest Paid Supermodels

Most of us would run a mile if we were asked to take off the majority of our clothes in public, but a select few make millions a year for doing just that.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has been the highest paid model in the world since 2004: she is the sixteenth richest woman in entertainment, and is rumoured to have a fortune in the region of 570million US dollars. After many successful years of runway modelling, the Brazilian supermodel shot to international stardom as one of the group know as ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’, modelling underwear for the famous brand for almost six years. She has been voted ‘most beautiful girl in the world’, graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and been ranked No1 at as Top Model Icon of All Time. Not a bad track record for standing around in bra and pants!

Tyra Banks

Reputed to be worth around $90million last year. She has twice been on the cover of the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, was also one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels, and currently hosts her own talk show on American network television. Tyra has been voted amongst Time magazine’s most influential people of all time, one of only seven women and just four African Americans to make the list so far.

Christie Brinkley

Another Sports Illustrated cover girl to make it big is Christie Brinkley. Estimated to be worth a cool $80million USD, Christie became famous by, yes, you’ve guessed it – posing in her underwear. She still holds the record for most consecutive covers of the Swimsuit Edition.

Kate Moss

Whilst most well-known for popularizing the ‘heroin chic’ look of the ‘90s, has also been employed by Calvin Klein and Agent Provocateur as an underwear model. In 2007, it was estimated that she earned over $9million that year alone.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is yet another former ‘Angel’, and although she has also been featured on the covers of numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue and Marie Claire, became most widely known after appearing on the front cover of, yes, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She is thought to be worth around $70million to date.

Adriana Lima

Another Brazilian who deserves inclusion on a list of highest paid underwear models. Having been a ‘Secret Angel’ since the year 2000, she famously wore the ‘Fantasy Bra’ in the 2008 shows. Designed by Martin Katz, this exclusive item of underwear was set with no less than 3,575 black diamonds, carried more than 1500 carats and was valued at $5million – which means Lima would have to work almost a whole year to be able to buy it.


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8 Celebrities Who Won the Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is a group of illnesses characterized by proliferation and growth of abnormal cells. Both internal and external factors influence the development of cancer, and if left untreated, can lead to death. According to, about 1,500 people are expected to die every day. Although the statistics are depressing, you will be glad to know that 12 million people, including famous celebrities, have won the battle against the big C. Here are 8 stars who successfully beaten their deadly cancers:

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osborne purchased via © Hotshotsworldwide |

Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, recently won the battle against colon cancer. The judge of “America’s got talent” and one-time participant of “Celebrity apprentice” credits her family’s support throughout her ordeal. She says in her interview with that she had three kids to raise. She added, “I was determined that my work as a parent wasn’t done.”

Apart from having a better lease in life, Osbourne owes her “strength” to having escaped the claws of colon cancer. She says it has made her more grounded, and thankful that she’s able to do what she wants to do.

Michael Douglas

Renowned Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has also triumphed from stage 4 throat cancer. His 6-month battle was grueling as he had lost 32 pounds, but he feels “good and relieved” that he is now cancer-free.

Although he has to undergo return check-ups to see if the tumor has recurred, he has his hopes up. He says in his interview with “(From) what I know about this particular type of cancer, I’ve got it beat.”

Suzanne Sommers

In 2000, actress Suzanne Sommers, who become famous in the show “Three’s company” as Chrissy Snow, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout her cancer battle, she underwent radiation therapy and lumpectomy, which have left her breasts uneven.

Despite the physical disfigurement she suffered from breast cancer, she remains optimistic. Recently, she underwent an experimental breast reconstruction surgery which involved the use of stomach fat and stem cells.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, a seasoned Tour de France veteran, lived an active lifestyle, so the world was surprised when he was diagnosed with stage 3 Testicular Cancer at age 25. Although with early diagnosis, testicular diagnosis can be cured, it was too late for Armstrong, whose cancer has metastasized to his lungs, abdomen and brain.

From October to December 1996, he underwent chemotherapy with the use of drugs as Cisplatin, Ifosfamide, and Etoposide. He won, and now continues to participate in several cycling races.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue purchased via © Hotshotsworldwide |

Kylie Minogue is a famous Australian pop star, and her songs are just as famous with her triumphant battle against breast cancer. In 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy the same year.

Several sessions after, she was declared cancer-free. To cope up with her weight loss, he sought the help of Dr. Nitish Joshi, who counseled her regarding proper diet to regain her sexy figure back.

Kathy Bates

In 2003, noted actress Kathy Bates was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She decided to keep her battle with the Big C for 5 years, until she went public in 2009. In her interview with the Today show, she underwent chemotherapy solitarily, and avoided going to treatments with her friends.

She decided to share the importance of early detection in curing cancer by filming a public announcement. She added, “’I’ve decided to share my story and maybe help other women, because early detection is the key in this kind of cancer. It saved my life.”

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is a TV and movie actress famous for her role in the HBO series, “Sex and the City.” In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She made her cancer battle private as she underwent lumpectomy and radiation therapy to get rid of her ailment. Now, she’s as fierce as ever, having survived breast cancer just like her mom. Her triumph over cancer changed her life, and now she acts as an ambassador for the breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Melanie Griffith

In 2009, actress Melanie Griffith, wife of Antonio Banderas, was diagnosed with skin cancer. In her attempt to cure her illness, she underwent surgery to remove the cancerous growth on her face.  The surgery was a success; however, it left a mark similar to a black eye on Melanie’s face. Because of this, rumors flew, until she talked about her cancer and her surgery. Melanie’s story is proof that cancer can be cured if the signs are detected early on.

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Celebrities’ Favorite Handbags

When it comes to celebrities, many of us love to mimic their styles. Why shouldn’t we? It is a lot of fun to pretend to be famous, even if there are no cameras snapping to take our pictures. One of the simplest ways to get a fast, casual, yet glamorous look is to pick up a handbag that comes from a big name designing company. Even if you can’t afford to purchase something so expensive, there are plenty of look a like brands that will have you looking like a celebrity in no time!

Handbag Store

Jennifer Gardner Loves Chanel. While the lovely Jennifer Gardner is certainly one of the bigger names in Hollywood, her love for the label Chanel may be slightly less known. On October 20th, Jen was spotted with a quilted Chanel tote outside in the cool Los Angeles streets. Quilted totes are not just a fad for Ms. Gardner; they’ve taken the fashion world by storm. If you’re looking for something similar, but without having to break the bank to purchase one from a fancy label, you can find quilted totes from Vera Bradley or wholesale fashion outlets.

Miranda Kerr and Miu Miu. Miranda Kerr may look flawless in anything she wears, but an accessory that can accentuate anybody’s wardrobe is her Miu Miu handbag, one that she was just recently spotted out and about in. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel was snapped holding a Miu Miu Pushlock Lady Bag, which is basically just a style of purse with a snap lock, along with a cross body strap and a small handles. A bag like this instantly makes any outfit seem sophisticated. You can find look-a-likes for fewer than twenty dollars at Walmart, Target and other retailers.

Ciara and Givenchy. One of her favorite handbags is the Givenchy tote, which is one of the larger handbags on the market. It is black, with smooth reptile-like skin and twin handles with the option of a cross body strap. You fit anything from books to accessories inside the bag. Lookalike bags can be found at Old Navy and Rue 21.

• Bottega Veneta and Kim Kardashian. Clutches are slightly less convenient than bigger totes or cross body bags because they have no real handles to hang onto when you’re taking them with you out the door. But they’re classy and the only way to accentuate a late night dinner, wedding or a red carpet premiere! Kim loves Bottega Veneta, but you can get the same small white clutch for as cheap as ten dollars at your local Walmart or Rue 21. When it comes to style, it’s the look that counts, not the price tag.

• Hermes and the Olsen Twins. Although they may be in command of their own clothing, luxury handbag and makeup lines, the Olsen twins aren’t above carrying the handbags of other fashion labels. One of their favorites is the creamy tan Hermes handbag, which looks great with any casual outfit. It’s one of those roomier handbags that looks professional, but it’s great for hiding all of your belongings around without making a mess.

Gaga for Chanel. Lady Gaga has been seen toting the famous quilted handbag trend. Like Jennifer Gardner’s love for quilted bags, Gaga’s handbag is sophisticated, the difference being in the color – black. Black goes with everything, and you can find similar looking bags at pretty much any retailer.

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