Summer 2013 Hair Shades: Embracing a Spectrum of Colors

2013 so far has been a year of experimentation when it comes to hair color. Ladies are now bravely tiptoeing on the wide spectrum of hues to fashion their tresses with. Summer is fast approaching and women are scrambling to get that desired look that will be perfect not only for the beach but for the countless parties ahead.


One of the top trends that is quite evident even among Hollywood celebrities would be the Ombré hair color. Seen from the snaps of stars like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel, this technique involves gradual shading. A French term which means “shaded,” Ombré is achieved by having the root area of the hair applied with the darkest hue and gradually, the shades applied to the ends would be the lightest. The tone effect it exudes definitely fits ladies who are very laidback in nature.

Another popular style that female musicians and the eccentric set are currently rocking would be the bloody red shade. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, hair is bleached prior to applying the chosen scarlet hue as this vivid color needs a lighter base hair shade for it to stand out. What was once meant only for natural blondes, donning a vibrant red color is now evident regardless of any skin color. But for those who opt to wear this radical shade without undergoing the traditional technique of bleaching, one can choose among L’Oreal’s INOA Ammonia Free permanent color line that is now being used in top international salons such as in Rush Croydon in Southern London. As more people tend to bend traditions, going on the purple-gray hair color route is also an alternative option to try. Mixing these two pale hues definitely results in a hair that delves in between sweet and punk.

Dip-dyeing on the other hand is often chosen by the younger crowd. A bit similar to the effect of the mentioned Ombré trend, this practice involves dyeing the ends of the tresses instead with a different shade. Whether dark brown or even neon pink; dip-dyed hair lends one a spunky appearance that emulates Asian pop stars.
Whether opting for gradual coloring or daring one’s self to delve in the most eccentric of hues, the summer hair shade trends of 2013 epitomizes that color should be embraced, not avoided.

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5 Movies That Started Fashion Trends

We go to the movies to escape into worlds unknown and to lose ourselves in adventures and stories beyond our wildest dreams. If we are lucky, we have an experience in that theater, in those two hours, that makes us think about life and the world, it changes us. That change can come in many forms. Sometimes we are inspired to reinvent ourselves, discovering a piece of who we are or who we want to be within a character we grow to admire.

On occasion we find someone who lives in those wonderlands, who is everything we aspire to be, or motivates us to take on the world in a new way. When we find these bits of inspiration we naturally want to emulate their essence, we strive to create for ourselves an air that is theirs but uniquely ours as well. This desire to recreate and take on the cinematic persona is the reason for the beginning of many fantastic fashion trends since the birth of film. Here we will explore some of the major trends that got their start from some of films most standout leads…and their clothes.

It Happened one Night


Clark Gable was by no doubt a cinema icon of his time. When in a famous scene in It Happened One Night, he removed his shirt and revealed a muscular bare chest, many men were soon to follow suit. There was no one who would have predicted what an impact this one scene would make in the world of men’s fashion. Previously a staple in the men’s wardrobe, the undershirt hit record low sales following the release of the film. Clark Gable, always so cool and in control, always getting the girls, had started a fashion trend, and men everywhere began wearing a little less.

Annie Hall


Diane Keaton in Annie Hall started one of the most controversial and resilient women’s fashion trends ever: men’s wear as women’s wear. She made it look so cool and classy with an ease that added to its appeal. Her outfits consisted of pants and suit vests paired with men’s hats and neckties and the classic men’s shirts. It was a mixture that everyone was used to seeing offered up in a daring new way that screamed comfort while pushing social boundaries. This is a trend that has lasted through time, we keep coming back to it and finding ways to make it new again and keep it fresh. Annie Hall is where it all began.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Elizabeth Taylor looked nothing short of stunning in her gorgeous cocktail dress in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and had 50’s housewives everywhere pining for and trying to recreate this look. Elizabeth Taylor alone oozes glamour, but in this seemingly simple white dress, she started a craze, sex appeal was back in a big way. The dress had deep V’s in the front and the back that allowed for just enough of a tease while still keeping a distinct element of class. Her body looked impeccable and the dress accentuated her perfection by being quite simply beautiful. Women everywhere wanted the look for themselves.

Pulp Fiction


Who can forget how sexy Uma Thurman was in her crisp white men’s collared shirt. This movie gave this particular wardrobe item its groove back, and reminded women why it should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Men’s wear may have gotten its start with Annie Hall, but it was given a new and more dangerous life in Pulp Fiction. When Thurman appeared in this shirt, with its crisp collar, she was sexy and confidant, classic and edgy, screwed up but in control. Isn’t this how we all are on occasion? Why wouldn’t you want to look like her? This look achieved new heights of popularity after the release of this film. The best thing about this look is that if you don’t want to go out and buy a men’s shirt, you can simply steal one from your leading man, they are easy to come by.

Fight Club


Brad Pitt, wearing his crazy 70’s gear, with the help of his antics helped to catapult this Saturday night fever look back into popularity among trendy and fashion forward males. Tight pants and flashy tops that don’t appear to match but somehow work harmoniously together were his character’s wardrobe of choice, and all under the blanket of a slick tight leather jacket. His clothes seemed to have the same relationship his character had with Norton’s, a seemingly unmatched pair that works. He was a combination of crazy and sexy and dangerous and cool, every girl’s bad guy dream.

Craig Roberts is a film buff and amateur blogger. When not writing about the latest entertainment news or film technologies he likes to catch a good flick or read a book.

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The Strongest Women In Fashion

In one of the most lucrative markets in the world, fashion is something that is open to inspiration by our own personal identity. The following celebrities and public figures have made their mark in the industry in various ways, and we explore how.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City actress SJP has worn some stunning outfits on the programme in her role as Carrie Bradshaw. The show, which lasted for six seasons and spanned two films, is still incredibly popular and influences from Carrie Bradshaw are often mimicked in fashion.

Carrie’s most famous outfits on the show and films include that newspaper print Dior by Galliano dress and the oversized corsage dress (both pictured below). SJP chose her favourite outfit which was the outfit her character Carrie wore at the end of the last series whilst in Paris; an outfit which incorporated a cream blazer, mint green cami top and midi-length mint tutu.

SJP has built upon her HBO character’s fashion successes and is often spotted on the red carpet wearing some of the world’s finest designers. In 2011, she was voted number 45 on the Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.

Michelle Obama

The First Lady is a great example of a modern style symbol, bringing together elegant tailoring and traditional suits with a modern twist. In 2011, she was voted 1st on the 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes.

Michelle Obama has wowed the world with her charisma, support of her President husband and family, and her warm heart. Her fashion hits include this Liz Claibone full-skirted dress in bright orange hue, and this stunning floor length black glitter dress finished with rows of pearls at the White House in 2011.

Michelle Obama proves that women can rock both the fashion and the politics world at the same time!

Anna Wintour

You’d think after 12 years of being Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief you’d have a great sense of style and eye for detail… and that’s exactly what Anna Wintour has. Her sophisticated yet modern look makes her second to none in the style stakes and she is known for her classic bob and dark sunglasses combination, fur coats and love for John Galliano, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to name a few.

Wintour is the most powerful woman in fashion, and the reasons are obvious.

The aforementioned women all have made their mark as powerful women, and whilst fashion doesn’t rule the world, these women prove that fashion and power can go hand-in-hand.

Amy writes for Direct Sight about eyewear trends. She enjoys keeping up with the latest fashions and regularly comments on celeb fashion.

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