CK One Cosmetics Color Collection Launch

Calvin Klein has tried cosmetics a few times in the past. Now, their ck one brand will launch a color collection this spring with over 130 products. The aim is a line of affordable designer makeup.  Calvin Klein’s’ last foray into the area of cosmetics did not seem to be widely successful, but I generally liked the products with the exception of a sticky lip gloss. One thing for certain, I do like the idea of a gloss eye color as portrayed in this advertisement for the line. That is one heck of neat look!

ck one color cosmetic single s12 eyes

The ck one color cosmetics collection will begin rolling out worldwide in March 2012, with US products beginning in late April and nationwide in September. Let’s hope the new ck one launch proves to be a success. I’m looking forward to seeing it!


Calvin Klein CK Delicious Pout Lip Gloss

CK pout When Calvin Klein re-entered the cosmetic market last fall with its CK line, I was quite excited. For those who do not remember, Calvin Klein had a cosmetics line several years ago that was discontinued. I had a few favorite lipsticks from that, and was sorry to see it go.

Well, now that Calvin Klein is back in the cosmetics market, I joyfully bought a CK Delicious Pout lip gloss in Fiesta (pictured). Unfortunately I was disappointed.

The Delicious Pout was not particularly delicious. OK, it didn’t taste bad, but it lacked the flavor I would expect from something with its name.

The gloss does look quite nice. Basically it gives a nice hint of color and terrific shine, but it does so with an accompaniment of stickiness. I can deal with a bit of the stickies if it goes away quickly, but when glosses are sticky, they usually stay sticky, and my Delicious Pout most definitely stayed that way.

I have yet to try the other CK glosses or the lipsticks, which were wonderful in the old line. I’m hoping that they turn out to be better.

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