My Bobbi Brown Wishlist

When it comes to iconic cosmetic companies Bobbi Brown stands out. With a focus on natural and feminine shades, I already own a number of Bobbi Brown products and, at any given time, I have more on my radar. Here is a wish list of items that I am currently coveting.  These items are from Harrods which, if you are looking for Bobbi Brown UK items, is a great place to shop.

(1)  Caviar and Oyster Palette

Bobbi Brown caviar and oyster palette

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost ordered this. With four matte shadow shades and four shimmer shades, it is perfect for creating smoky eye looks or sparkling highlight looks for an evening out on the town or for parties. It comes paired with a shimmering highlighter for your cheeks to create a sparkling glow. The entire compact will also fit nicely in your purse. The shades are all universally flattering and versatile.

(2) Bobbi Brown BB Cream


Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I love BB creams, and Bobbi Brown reportedly has one of the best outside of the Asian companies. I been wanting to try it for some time and simply have not gotten around to it yet. If you have good skin, you can wear a BB cream alone. I like to use BB creams as a primer and put a tinted powder over it since I have some hyperpigmentation to hide. A good BB cream will act as a multi-tasker by providing coverage, skin care, and SPF protection all in one. The Bobbi Brown version offers SPF 35 protection.

(3) Uber Nude Lip and Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown uber nude palette


This lip and eye palette is perfect for the neutral and nude shadow lover. That certainly includes me! It includes two lip shades, a shimmer gloss, and three matte shadows. It is great for everyday looks, while the shimmer lip items allow it to be dressed up a bit as well.

(4) Full Coverage Brush


Bobbi Brown full coverage brush

I would love to try the Bobbi Brown full coverage brush and see how it compares to other similar brushes such as Urban Decay’s good karma optical blending brush. This type of brush has become popular for creating perfect foundation looks by stippling on the makeup and then buffing it. I have had great results with the UD brush and suspect that Bobbi Brown would make an even better one. Hopefully I will try it out at some point!

Disclosure:  This is an advertorial.

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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Obviously, women enjoy wearing and applying makeup, but when you use makeup brushes that are filled with bacteria and dirt, you put your skin at risk. Dirty brushes can also make your makeup look less than ideal. In order to achieve perfect makeup, regular brush cleaning is essential and, surprisingly, you may even need to clean them the moment you purchase them.

Trish McEvoy Brush Set

The kinds of bacteria that are crawling in your makeup brushes are old makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, debris, dirt, and a variety of germs. Your makeup brushes are filled with bacteria and, without cleaning them, you are simply spreading around old germs and bacteria. In Addition, if you don’t properly clean makeup brushes, you can damage the hairs, causing them to fall out of the brush. So, let’s get cleaning!

Simple Steps On How To Properly Clean Makeup Brushes.

-Use Mild Shampoo

There are brush cleaning products on the market, but in reality, all that you really need is some mild shampoo or any other soap that won’t damage the hairs of the brush. Baby shampoo is a favorite of many. Afterwards, wet all of the hairs of your brushes with lukewarm water, but make sure that the hairs of the brushes are all facing down, to avoid water overly weakening the glue at the base of the hairs. Once the brushes are a bit wet, apply the shampoo on the tips of the hairs, and the carefully massage the dirt and bacteria outwards. Rinse carefully and blot dry with paper towels.

-Plastic Trick

Once you are done cleaning all of your brushes, you can loosely apply plastic wrap or brush plastics around them so that the hairs will keep their shape. Tape the plastic around the brushes, and then face the brushes down. After a couple of hours, the water will be gone and the brushes will have retained their shape.

- How Often to Clean

In order for you to keep your makeup brushes in good shape, clean them often. Here is a rough guide:

  • The brushes you use for bronzers and face powder should be cleaned once every week.
  • Brushes for eye shadow must be cleaned every few days, or after each use if you using brushes on multiple people.
  • Foundation brushes should be cleaned once every week.
  • Clean eyeliner brushes after each use.

With the simple tips above, you willl then be able to prolong the lives of your makeup brushes and keep you makeup looking clean and the shades true when you apply your makeup.

Shop For Makeup Brushes at Sephora

Need brush recommendations? See our article on the Best Makeup Brushes.

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Choosing The Best Makeup Brushes

Good makeup brushes are essential for proper makeup application. This is even more true if you use drugstore makeup, because it often is not as well pigmented, making good application rather important. Drugstore items are also often packaged with cheap applicators that don’t really cut it for proper makeup application.  If you purchase more expensive makeup, there often will not be any applicators included, as the companies assume that you already have decent makeup brushes.

So, choosing the best makeup brushes is important. Fortunately, quality makeup brushes do not have to break the bank. While some pricey brushes are also very high quality and provide excellent results, there also are some pretty good inexpensive makeup brushes available at your local dig box retailer or drugstore.

MAC holiday brush set

There are four primary differences between lower end, affordable makeup brushes and the more expensive professional makeup brushes

(1) Price: the most obvious difference is price. Drugstore quality makeup brushes are often under $10, while professional brushes can run $20-40 or more. But before you scream at the difference, pro brushes are made to last. You will replace even the best of the drugstore quality makeup brushes more often, as they simply do not hold together as well or for as long.

(2) Materials: Professional makeup bushes are generally made of animal fibers, which holds and applies pigment more evenly. This allows for the best possible look. For liquid makeup application, animal fibers tend to work the best at providing a streak free look. For the nest eye shadow application, pro makeup brushes also are often preferable.

(3) Durability: Professional makeup brushes last longer. A pro brush will not lose bristles to the extent that a cheaper brush will.  They also will last longer overall, as they are less likely to break. Inexpensive makeup brushes often lose a few bristles, especially when they are new. But often once they are broken in, they usually can work nearly as well as the pro brushes. Some brands are better than others though. For example, Eco Tools tend to hold up pretty well, but Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes have a history of losing a lot of bristles.

Below are some choices of great brushes across several price points.

The Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes

Low on money? One of the best cheap makeup brush brands is Eco Tools.  The Eco Tools line of makeup brushes are very affordable, and they are quite easy to find in both drugstores and big box store.  Eco Tools brushes also tend to hold up pretty well. They don’t lose bristles all that much. the brand is also ecologically sound, with the brushes constructed out of recycled materials. The brushes come packaged in natural cases and the brushes themselves have attractive bamboo handles.

ecotools brush kit

Sephora also makes a line of fairly good makeup brushes. These run a bit more in rice than Eco Tools, but there are a wider range of options and kits, and generally the line is still quite affordable.

The Best Professional Makeup Brushes

There are numerous excellent choices in professional makeup brushes. Probably the most popular and widely respected are the  MAC Makeup Brushes. MAC makeup brushes are always quality and when it comes to price, they actually are fairly reasonable for the quality that you get from the brush. For a good deal on MAC brushes, watch for the MAC holiday brush sets that come out every year. The brushes in the sets are the same high quality as the standard brushes, but they are made with shorter handles, something I personally prefer anyway. Buying one of the MAC holiday sets can be an excellent opportunity to purchase quality brushes while saving quite a bit of money.

Trish mcEvoy Brush Set

There are numerous other higher end brushes, and just about anything from one of the top department store brands is going to be a quality brush. Lancome makes nice brush sets, as does Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy.  To view a number of excellent brushes, take a look at the Nordstrom Makeup Brush Sets.  As with the MAC brushes, finding travel sets can be a nice way to save money.

Shop For Makeup Brushes

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