My Bobbi Brown Wishlist

When it comes to iconic cosmetic companies Bobbi Brown stands out. With a focus on natural and feminine shades, I already own a number of Bobbi Brown products and, at any given time, I have more on my radar. Here is a wish list of items that I am currently coveting.  These items are from Harrods which, if you are looking for Bobbi Brown UK items, is a great place to shop.

(1)  Caviar and Oyster Palette

Bobbi Brown caviar and oyster palette

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost ordered this. With four matte shadow shades and four shimmer shades, it is perfect for creating smoky eye looks or sparkling highlight looks for an evening out on the town or for parties. It comes paired with a shimmering highlighter for your cheeks to create a sparkling glow. The entire compact will also fit nicely in your purse. The shades are all universally flattering and versatile.

(2) Bobbi Brown BB Cream


Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I love BB creams, and Bobbi Brown reportedly has one of the best outside of the Asian companies. I been wanting to try it for some time and simply have not gotten around to it yet. If you have good skin, you can wear a BB cream alone. I like to use BB creams as a primer and put a tinted powder over it since I have some hyperpigmentation to hide. A good BB cream will act as a multi-tasker by providing coverage, skin care, and SPF protection all in one. The Bobbi Brown version offers SPF 35 protection.

(3) Uber Nude Lip and Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown uber nude palette


This lip and eye palette is perfect for the neutral and nude shadow lover. That certainly includes me! It includes two lip shades, a shimmer gloss, and three matte shadows. It is great for everyday looks, while the shimmer lip items allow it to be dressed up a bit as well.

(4) Full Coverage Brush


Bobbi Brown full coverage brush

I would love to try the Bobbi Brown full coverage brush and see how it compares to other similar brushes such as Urban Decay’s good karma optical blending brush. This type of brush has become popular for creating perfect foundation looks by stippling on the makeup and then buffing it. I have had great results with the UD brush and suspect that Bobbi Brown would make an even better one. Hopefully I will try it out at some point!

Disclosure:  This is an advertorial.


Five Lipstick Shades To Hasten In The Spring

Here we are in late February and the end of winter is in sight. When the cold has finally worn out of the air and when you finally believe that it is going to start warming up after a frigid winter, one of the best ways to prepare for spring is to consider your lips! Your lipstick allows you to add some fantastic color to the first cool days of spring, and you’ll find that with a little bit of consideration, you are going to be able to change your entire look. Check out these luscious lipsticks to think about as spring moves in. The shades have enough coolness to still be winter friendly shades, but are lively enough to work in early spring as well.


Best Early Spring Lipstick Shades

* Deep Mulberry Purples

When you want to make an evening look pop, don’t be afraid to choose a wonderfully rich deep purple for your outfit. Choosing a purple in the mulberry shade keeps it warm enough to be inviting while still being cool enough to be worn with nearly everything. As an example of this shade, consider NARS ‘Fast Ride,” which gives your lips that deliciously pouty flavor.

* Red Plum Purples

If you are after something more fun and flirty, look for a very reddish purple. A red purple allows you to warm up a rather dull outfit, while giving you some fantastic color to your face. This is a shade that does well on people with very warm skin tones, so if you have a lot of olive or yellow in your skin, this is the lipstick for you. One great choice in the red plummy purples is Clinique’s “Richer Raisin” Chubby Stick. Their Chubby Stick line is loaded with shea butter, which makes this a fantastic choice for keeping your lips soft.

* Raspberry Pink

When you want to call to mind an absolutely delicious color and flavor, consider using a raspberry pink lipstick. Raspberry pink typically needs a warn outfit to go with it, but it is a shade that suits people with most complexions very easily. Another great advantage that comes with wearing raspberry pink lipstick this spring is that it works well for both a nighttime and daytime look. An example of a raspberry pink lipstick that you might enjoy is Bobbi Brown’s soft and lovely Tulle Lip Color.

* Brick Red

Brick red lipstick is the perfect choice for the person who loves vivid colors and isn’t afraid to show it. A vibrant brick red is a color that goes well with very stark outfits. When you have a lot of outfits that utilize the color blocking philosophy, a brick red adds a vibrant flag of color to the finished effect. Take a moment to look at Buxom’s Barcelona Big & Healthy Lip Stick for an example of this color and to see what it can do for you.

* Icy Pink

If you are someone who wears a great deal of monochrome clothing, and especially when you love stark black, choose to offset the severity of your outfit by using an icy pink lipstick. Icy pink is an ideal choice for the last cold days of winter and the first cool days of spring. For a fantastic icy pink lipstick, check out Illamasqua’s Plunge lipstick.

To add a little bit of color and life to your outfit consider some of the hot lipstick shades available. This is the perfect time to revamp you look and to add a splash of color to the way you do things.

Shop for these shades and more at Sephora


How To Do Lips

Many different women are afraid to use lipstick or lipgloss. This is mainly because it can stain your teeth, smudge, or wear off. But it doesn’t have to!

Applying Lipstick
Before you apply lipstick to your lips, trace the natural line of your lips with a lip liner of your choice. You need to make sure that your lip liner is the correct color. When choosing the color of your lip liner, try to choose a color that is as close as possible to the natural color of your lips. You do not want to over exaggerate your lips. It is always best to go for gentle and natural lip liner colors. If you do not own lip liner, you may be interested in Bobbi Brown lip liner from Sephora. Bobbi Brown lip liner comes in natural colors that include plum, brown, and rose. Fill in your lips with your lip liner. The lip liner acts as glue for your lipstick. This helps your lipstick stay on your lips.

bobbi brown lip liner

Next, apply your lipstick. Be careful while you are applying lipstick. You should be extremely careful if you want to wear dark lipstick. This is because lipsticks that are darker in color can stain easier.

Make sure that you apply the lipstick in an even coat. In order to make sure that your lipstick is even, you may want to use tissue to blot your lips. Do not wipe off all of the lipstick. Blotting your lips also make sure that any lipstick that can stain your teeth is removed. Make sure that you apply the lipstick in an even coat. In order to make sure that your lipstick is even, you may want to use tissue to blot your lips. Do not wipe off all of the lipstick. Blotting your lips also make sure that any lipstick that can stain your teeth is removed.

Kat Von D Lipstick

If you are interested in a sophisticated look, you may want to look at the Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick line. Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick offers many different sophisticated colors that work great for any woman. Colors include burgundy red, dusty rose, and even hot pink.

Applying Lipgloss
If you want a youthful and sexy smile during the day or even during the night, you may want to wear lipgloss. Lipgloss can be used to produce a healthy and moist look for your lips. You may be interested in the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lipgloss line. This line is perfect for women who want to add a little bit of extra shine to their lips. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lipgloss colors include deep burgundy, dusty rose, vibrant pink, pale pink and golden peach.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

Before you apply lipgloss, you should prepare the surface of your lips. You can do this by using colorless lip balm or a conditioner for your lips. This will smooth any dry spots on your lips and help your lipgloss glide on easily. You should also choose the right color. For example, if you want to wear lipgloss during the daytime you may want to choose a color that is close to your natural lip color. Pink, lavender, and clear lip gloss works perfectly.

Dab a lip brush into your lipgloss and apply the gloss onto your upper lip. Next, you should use the brush to paint the gloss from the center of your lower lip to the outer edges of your lower lip. One recommended brush is the Sephora Collection Professional Lip Brush.

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