Total Beauty Quiz: Find Out Your Best Shade of Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipstick

I recently reviewed Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipstick (read review). With high pigment, it makes for a great vibrant lip color. Now you can take this quiz at Total Beauty to find out which shade is best for you.
What’s Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Take this quiz to find out which lipstick shade reflects your personal taste

What's Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Soft on the inside yet bold on the outside, highly pigmented lip colors can speak volumes about your personality — before you’ve uttered a word. Find out which shade of the beauty editor- and consumer-favorite MAX Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor you should be wearing.

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Long Wearing Lip Color

I have found very few long wearing products that I can put up with. However, I love MAC Lustre Twins and Dior makes some standard lipsticks that last incredibly well.

For a deeper look at some long wearing products, also take a look at my review of Revlon, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Milani long wearing products on Beauty on Fashion Tech.

Below is an article syndicated from Total Beauty on the matter that looks at some of the products that I have previously reviewed and more.
9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Do they really stay on? Read this real-woman road test

9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Slicking on a coat of lip color every five minutes lost its allure after junior high. Nowadays, we want color that lasts hours and a product that doesn’t suck moisture from our lips. The Total Beauty Squad tested nine contenders to find ones with real staying power — enough to withstand cocktails and kisses. Find out which products delivered and which disappointed.

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Best Lip Liners From Total Beauty

Girl Gloss is on vacation this week! So to tide you over until Friday, the following is syndicated from Total Beauty. Take a look to see what their top rated lip liners are based on reader reviews. It is always nice to see what real everyday women, as opposed to professional beauty writers think of these things!
Best Liners for Your Lips

From MAC and Smashbox to Wet n Wild, the pencils that got top ratings and product reviews

Best Liners for Your Lips

Not too hard or soft, these lip liners appealed to editors and members for a variety of really good reasons. Find out if you should upgrade the pencil you have at home or add another color to your collection.

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