Votre Vu Lip Balm and Hand Creme Combo

How cool is this? Votre Vu, a luxury French skin care company, has a combination lip balm and hand creme in one package. Considering that I am addicted to both, I immediately loved the idea! I also ended up loving both items.

Votre Vue Hand Creme Lip Balm

The Duo is backed in a regular sized tube of hand cream with the balm inside the cap. The hand creme is wonderful. It is quite thick and luxurious and has a nice  almond and coconut scent  I’m not usually a fan of almond scent combos, but for some reason I adore it in this particular hand creme. I must be the coconut that I like so much. As a bonus, the hand creme also has both UVA and UVB sun protection. I would consider purchasing this product for the hand creme alone, but having the balm is a welcome perk and is why I decided to review the product here on Girl Gloss.

The lip balm is a nice medium texture balm with no real discernible scent or flavor. It is untinted. The balm’s primary oil is coconut oil, with the primary butter being shea butter. It lasts well and is quite nice to wear. I find it to be a good basic daily wear balm.

The Votre Vu Lip balm and Hand Creme combination retaiIs at $38, which is a bit high, but not all that bad for a luxury brand. I  love the idea of this product and already am thinking that I need several of these. One for the office, one for my bag, one for home, etc. I am rather amazed that more companies haven’t made such a simple and obviously utilitarian combo! I’m guessing that this one will make my best products of the year list.

Votre Vu is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sell through consultants, but it appears that you can also order their items online without dealing with a salesperson, which is almost always my preference with such things.

Note: This review is based on a product sent to me by a representative of the company.

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Intelligent Nutrients Organic Lip Balm

Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Nutrition Balm Somewhere along the way, I picked up an Intelligent Nutrients organic lip balm. I’m guessing that I got it at Ulta, although it might have been sent to me from a company representative and I forgot to write it down.  Anyway, this big, fat balm is on the lighter/oily side, so it moisturizes quite well, and gives the lips a bit of nice glossy look, but I tend to find myself reapplying it more often since it isn’t as waxy.  Here is the company information on the balm:

“Our super-antioxidant Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex—an anti-aging, synergistic blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils—comprises 20% of the total composition of our lip balm. The other nutritious food ingredients  are coconut, sunflower seed, castor seed and palm kernel oils. Lip Delivery Nutrition® — providing nutrition and antioxidants both externally and internally every time you lick your lips.”

I’m not really buying that internal nutrition line, but I do like the ingredient list. If you like lighter balms and are looking for certified organic products, Intelligent Nutrients Lip Delivery Nutrition may be of interest to you.

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Lipology, Extraordinary High Pigment Tinted Lip Balm

Take note! This is flat out the best tinted lip balm that I have found to date! I am in love! I also can’t remember where I bought it! Ack!

Lipology tinted lip balm is so tinted that it perhaps it should be classified as a moisturizing lip stick, except that even the best moisturizing lippies do not feel truly conditioning like a balm. Lipology does. What is more, it included anti-aging peptides, broad spectrum sun protection, and it tastes fabulous.  Below is a swatch of the shade Raspberry.

Lipology swatch

Like I mentioned, I can’t remember where I picked up my lipology balm, but I suspect it was at Ulta. Regardless, I can’t seem to find it online. It looks rather unassuming—just like a standard lipstick, and I initially thought that is what it was. When I wore it, however, I was immediately very happy with the balm’s texture. It feels akin to a medium balm that is just buttery/waxy enough to last for quite some time, but also very moisturizing. I would love it as a balm alone. But then it adds truly wonderful color that also wears very well. My Lipology tinted balm lasts longer than many balms do, and the color lasts longer than manylipsticks. This isn’t the wimpy color seen with most tinted balms either. It  is a lipstick worthy pigment that can be worn for sheer (but not wimpy sheer) to medium coverage.

The Lipology tinted Lip Balm is also lightly flavored. It has a light mint taste that is not too strong. Instead, it is just enough to be pleasant and adds to the overall experience of the product being more like a balm than a lipstick.

Lipology makes a number of other lip products. If I can find them ,I’ll purchase some more to review. In the meantime if anyone comes across Lipology products please let us know where you found them! I am also sending an inquiry to the company about purchase locations.

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