The Best and Worst Lip Balms

The article linked below takes a look at the best and worst lip balms from Total Beauty readers. I found the list a bit interesting because I don’t agree with a number of items on it. For example, the article lists Chapstick True Shimmer among the worst, which is one of my favorite standby balms. At the same time though, I totally agree with the choice of Burt’s Bees Lifeguard’s Choice as worst balm. It tends to be hard, leaves a white tint, and has too strong of a flavor.

In the best lip balm categories, I don’t really agree with including Bonne Belle lip smackers, which are OK, but nothing outstanding and, with the exception of the MAC balm, the others listed are not super special to me.

If you want to see the the whole list, click on through below.
14 Best and Worst Lip Balms

See which balms to pick — and which ones to skip — for your softest lips ever


14 Best and Worst Lip Balms

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As a beauty product no woman should ever leave her house without, lip balms are probably a staple in your purse, car, and desk drawer. For the most moist, plump, kissable lips, see what lip balms our readers say are the best and worst.

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Do you have a favorite lip balm? Any duds that you would like to report?


Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Lip Balm

Crazy Rumors makes some great balms in general, but a new favorite overall balm for me is their HibisKiss tinted balm.  Often, tinted balms lack the level of actual tint that I would like to have, but HibisKiss has a decent amount of pigment to it. The tint is still sheer, but it does show up–something that doesn’t happen with the tinted balms of  some brands!   The shades are pretty too.

Crazy Rumors HibisKiss

Crazy Rumors HibisKiss in Breeze

Overall, the balm itself is a medium buttery texture, so it isn’t overly waxy or so light that you end up reapplying often. That is just about where I like my balms to be. So this one has been getting a lot of use from me lately! Crazy Rumors products are also all natural and vegan.


The Best Lip Balm at Total Beauty

The following article syndicated from Total Beauty looks at an editor’s new top lip balm. I haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps I will based on this recommendation. To see the editor’s new best lip balm pick, click on through to Total Beauty.
The New Lip Balm That’s Rocking My World

Want to soften up your lips this season? Check out my new product obsession

The New Lip Balm That's Rocking My World 

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Treat your lips to this product — you won’t be disappointed.

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