Three Must Have Handbags For Fall

A change of season is always a great time to get a new bag!  This year three types of bag are popular for complementing your new fall outfits and each will carry you through the winter nicely as well. If purchased in neutral colors they also can work well as year round bags. Choose from one of these three handbags (shopping link), and you can’t go wrong.

(1) A Cross Body Bag

cross body bag

Cross body bags are particularly hot this fall.  Get one in a neutral shade of brown or black for full year use, or go for trendy fall colors such as purple, green, or burnt yellow. Save the pinks, whites, and any lighter shades other than gray for spring and summer looks. Look for a long strap for comfortable cross body wear. Bags such as the one shown that also add a handle can do double duty as a satchel by removing the strap.  For evening wear, look for a cross body bag with a metal chain instead of a strap.

(2) A Fold Over Clutch



Grab a fold over clutch for a night out on the town or to add a bit of class to you favorite casual outfit. Their versatility makes these bags great for both day and evening looks and can look wonderful with jeans yet be equally at home with a cocktail dress. Quilted looks like the one pictured are particularly in style as are sequined bags and clutches with a lot of interesting texture.

(3) A Floppy Hobo

floppy hobo

A floppy hobo is perfect for providing a roomy bag to hold your extra fall items, such as gloves, umbrellas, hats etc. As with the clutches, a textured pattern is in this year. Hobos come in a variety of colors and looks, with on-trend items being large and slouchy. Look for a bag that is sturdy so that it will hold up to carrying your accessories all winter long.

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4 Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories

Must Have Summer Fashion Accessories Summer is right around the corner, and people everywhere are shopping for the latest summer fashions. Ever year there are several different summer trends and crazes. The styles and trends change each and every year, so it can be a bit difficult to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. There are a few summer accessories, however, that are timeless trends that are popular each summer. Keeping this must have summer fashion accessories on hand will make any outfit stylish and trendy.

Summer portrait

1. A pair of tinted sunglasses.

Dark tinted sunglasses are a practical and fashionable summer accessory. Sunglasses are a necessity in order to protect the eyes from harmful rays, but they are also a stylish accessory. Sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and this means there is something to suit everyone. The best sunglasses to get are ones with a very dark tint; this style protects eyes the most. A smart yet fashionable individual knows that staying protected is just as important as looking great.

2. Simple tank tops and camisoles.

Tank tops and camisoles are an absolute must when it comes to summer fashion. These tops can be considered accessories because they are often layered with other tops. Simple tank tops and camisoles are very inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. Purchasing tank tops in basic colors such as black and white will ensure that the tank tops match each and every outfit imaginable. Buying cotton tank tops is the best choice because they allow skin to breathe during the summer heat.

3. A moderately sized tote or purse

. Having a purse than can hold all of the summer essentials is incredibly important. People tend to carry more items in their purses during the summer time. Therefore getting a large and roomy tote is a stylish and practical choice. Buying a tote with a lot of pockets will allow for organization as well as a fashionable look. Simple totes in black and brown are great choices because they match most outfits and styles.

4. A comfortable pair of sandals.

Sandals come in a wide variety of styles. There are thongs, gladiator sandals, chunky platforms, and many more styles. No matter what style one chooses, it is important to make sure that sandals are comfortable. This will help fashionable folks avoid uncomfortable blisters and tired feet at the end of a fun summer day. When it comes to summer fashion, the options for clothing and accessories are endless. It is great to have fun and experiment with trends each year, but sticking with these must have fashion accessories is the best way to stay practical and stylish all summer long.

Want a super comfy bright sandal, check out these new items from Crocs that, unlike the clog version are quite attractive!

Crocs Sexi Sandal

The Crocs Sexi Sandal. One of my coworkers has these and reports that they are very comfortable. I’m ordering a pair!

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