Four Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Acne is an unsightly skin condition that occurs when dirt and oil clogs the pores of the skin. At one point or another, most people have had to deal with this annoying skin issue. While it may be tempting to pick at or pop a blemish, this can cause scarring. If you have acne scars as a result of picking pimples, there are four good ways to rid your skin of these permanent reminders of an acne problem.

Removing acne scars

1. Chemical Peels.

A chemical peel uses a powerful mixture of both natural and artificial ingredients to help remove damaged areas of the skin. Once the damaged areas are removed, a healthier layer of skin will grow in its place.

2. Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive way to get rid of acne scarring. This acne scar treatment will give your skin back a healthy glow while ridding it of unsightly acne scarring. Microdermabrasion removes a very thin layer of skin and encourages the skin to renew itself in a way that will eliminate acne scars.

3. Collagen Injections.

Collagen injections are one way to fill in deep, pitted acne scars. A collagen injection will fill in the areas of the skin that are damaged by acne scarring and the result is even, smooth skin.

4. Laser Skin Resurfacing.

For deep acne scars or dark spots that just won’t go away, try laser resurfacing (also known as laser skin rejuvenation). Laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic laser procedure that, when performed in the hands of the proper licensed medical professional, can have amazing results beginning with the very first treatment. Laser resurfacing uses high-energy light to remove damaged and discolored skin. Laser resurfacing may also be used to minimize brown spots, wrinkles and fine lines. If you want the best chance of ridding your skin of unsightly reminders of acne, you might want to consider laser skin resurfacing.

If you are a person who has had to deal with acne, you know that acne scars leave a forever reminder of this skin problem long after the acne itself is gone. Fortunately, though, there are some ways to rid your skin of acne scarring so you can have healthy and smooth skin.

Be realistic with your expectations, and explore your options with your doctor or skin care professional.


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Nifty Tips for Using Makeup to Cover Acne

It’s not easy to figure out your approach to makeup when it comes to acne prone skin. Being able to cover the blemishes you have today might come with a price. As you may already know, makeup can potentially complicate matters and clog your pores. It doesn’t exactly mix well with oily or dry skin, and many of the most popular ones don’t have acne prone skin in mind. While you might be able to cover up the problem today, you could be facing further breakouts in the future that are much harder to hide. The good news is you don’t have to forgo makeup completely. With proper technique, the right products, and a preventative acne approach, you should be able to cover up your blemishes until your skin clears up. Here are some handy daily tips for using makeup effectively to cover up acne.

The Right Foundation – a good foundation is going to serve as the cornerstone to your makeup routine. While liquid foundations are more effective at covering up discoloration and blemishes, they also have a tendency to clog your pores. You’ll be able to find a better balance by using mineral makeup that is often less expensive as well. This lighter type of makeup that comes in powder form works better for sensitive skin, and you don’t have to worry about complications with caking and drying. It’s best to find a more natural mineral makeup with as few adages as possible such as Bare Essentials or Almay Pure Blends Mineral Foundation.

Good Technique – once you found a good foundation, it’s important to apply it properly. It might be tempting to use your fingers and simply attempt to cover your face as best as possible. But it’s far better to either use a brush to get overall coverage, or use dabbing motions on specific areas. When you rub your skin too profusely, it might provoke oil production or larger pores by rubbing makeup into your skin.

Don’t Overdo it – remember, more makeup doesn’t necessarily make your acne less noticeable. In some cases, you can actually make it more pronounced especially when you’re makeup itself stands out. Be aware of the lighting in which you apply your makeup, and try to wind things as naturally as possible. It’s common for people to overdo it only to realize their mistake once they set out into more natural lighting. It’s important to keep an eye on the ingredients of your chosen products as well. For example, if your foundation, concealer, cleanser, and topical cream all contain active chemical ingredients, you could end up with extremely dry skin. This is one area where you have to be very careful about over doing it.

Acne Concealers – with a good foundation already in place, you can go ahead and apply a gentle acne concealer to finish the job. Make sure that both your foundation and concealer match the tone of your face to avoid noticeable blotches. A product like Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer will help to reduce oiliness and overall glare. You can also find medicated concealers that will help with bacteria on your face as well. Some concealers such as Cover Girl Simply Ageless Concealer also contain anti-aging properties that ward of wrinkles and tighten up your pores.

Maintain Good Habits – no matter which products you choose, it’s important to maintain a hygienic routine on a daily basis. Wash your face well before application of any foundation or concealer. You also want to make sure that all of your makeup is completely removed before you go to bed. One of the worst mistakes that leads to more breakouts is falling asleep with makeup on your face no matter how natural you might think is. Also make sure that anything that comes into contact with your face is thoroughly cleaned whether it’s makeup brushes, clothing, hair, or your own hands.

This advice on applying makeup for acne prone skin comes to us from where you can find further advice on general skincare or specific tips for how to get rid of acne.


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A Review of Neutrogena Skin ID Acne Treatment

With so many acne treatments on the market it’s hard to decide which one gets your hard-earned money. The whole process can be extremely frustrating and expensive if it drags on too long. Everyone wants overnight results but it’s more important to find something that works in the long term and not just on a temporary basis. One of the most common complaints of popular acne treatments on the market is fast results that eventually wane over time.

A Review of Neutrogena Skin ID Acne Treatment

Neutrogena is a company that has been producing quality skin products for a long time, and they have come up with a revolutionary way to deal with acne. For the first time, you can get a customized approach that takes your specific skin situation into account without seeing a dermatologist. Neutrogena has other products on the market designed for acne, but the Skin ID system stands out from the rest because it is a service only available online. It requires you to register in order to establish an account, but there is no obligation to buy after that. Registration allows you to access the assessment system that involves a series of questions related to your skin. It can actually be quite fun to go through the process and learn about different factors that are important when it comes to dealing with acne. If nothing else, it can be an educational process that helps you to understand your own skin better. Taking the assessment is similar to completing a quiz you might find on Facebook or an online dating site – but obviously the main difference is all the questions are related to your skin.

The various questions will range from him basic elements such as your age and gender all the way to more involved information such as problematic areas on your face or environmental factors. Some elements that are considered include your overall exposure to the sun, whether or not you smoke, and your daily stress levels. There is also a section where you can highlight your most problematic areas while factoring in whether your skin is oily or dry. After you complete the assessment, the system will calculate a kit that is comprised of three separate components.

Each component is designed to do a specific job, but of course the effectiveness is increased because they are recommended based on your personal assessment. Unlike Proactiv that follows a similar three-step process, here you get an individualized approach that is likely to be more effective because you are just using one product that is designed for the mass population. Chances are the kit recommended for you will be very different than the one getting to your best friend. It’s this level of specificity that you will surely appreciate because it cuts down on the trial and error.

Like any other acne treatment out there, it’s important to realize there is no universal cure that is going to solve every situation. If you have more serious problems that might involves scars or cystic and nodular acne, it’s always a good idea to see a dermatologist for prescribed medication. But for mild to moderate acne, the Neutrogena Skin ID does a great job at eliminating a lot of the guessing game. When used properly and on an ongoing basis, you can expect to see good results that are maintained with regular use. And since Neutrogena products are already heralded for being gentle on the skin, you get a level of treatment that won’t burn your skin or dry things out. While it’s more expensive than something like Proactiv or Acne Free, the quality customer service and customization are definitely worth the extra money.

This assessment of the Neutrogena skin ID system comes to us from our friends at where you can find more product reviews and tips for dealing with how to get rid of acne.


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