Spa Treatments That Work – And Others That Don’t

Want to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa? Who doesn’t? Spas are luxurious treats that help us rejuvenate and feel better about ourselves. They’re also expensive. You can be prepared to shell out a lot of cash on your next spa day. There are so many different packages and treatments at spas. There’s something for everyone, and they all promise some kind of amazing result. But before you spend, you should make sure that what you’re buying is actually going to work, because not all spa treatments deliver what they promise. Here are some spa treatments that work, and others that don’t.

spa treatments that work

 What Works


Rest assured, a massage is always a good choice at the spa. There are lots of different kinds, from Swedish to hot stone to Shiatsu. Go ahead and choose whatever type is most appealing to you. As long as a massage is done by a professional with expertise, it is sure to relax you and work out your kinks.

 Mud and Clay Facials

Some spa treatments advocate getting dirty as a way of improving your skin. You’ll get slathered in mud, and your skin will improve. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it actually works. Mud, clay and other dirty earth treatments absorb oil from your skin and exfoliate it at the same time.


This one is up for debate, but many people find that acupuncture totally works. Some people are skeptical that tiny needles in your skin could have such positive health results. But if you’re open to it, acupuncture is a legitimate spa treatment to try. It can help with almost anything, from relieving symptoms of arthritis to giving you a boost of energy.

 What Doesn’t

 Food-Based Facials

There are spas that offer food-based facial treatments, such as masks and products that contain healthy ingredients like carrots and blueberries. Fruits and vegetables are good to eat, so they must be good for your skin, too, right? Wrong. Your skin isn’t able to absorb the nutrients from these foods. They have to be eaten to benefit you, so skip the food-based treatments.

Detox Skin Treatments

Another promise of many spa treatments is that they’ll detoxify your skin, and remove toxins and impurities that are keeping you from looking your best. They might apply special creams, masks, or wraps, but they won’t work. Toxins cannot be drawn out from your skin, so avoid these claims.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Spa Experience

No matter what treatment you decide on, it’s a good idea to do a little research beforehand. Check out your spa of choice and read reviews from other patrons. When you call the spa, inquire about their most popular treatments. Ultimately, choose something that you believe you’ll enjoy, and that will have the greatest benefit to you. If you have dry skin, try a moisturizing facial. If you have a sore back, get a massage. Oftentimes the more simple a treatment is, the better it works. Be skeptical of treatments that sound totally bizarre. And remember, the most expensive treatments aren’t always the best ones.


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