Seven Easy Hair Styles

Looking to try something new with your hair? Here are seven styles that are quick and easy and that look great!

Hair Waves

1. Voluminous Curls

Adding curls and volume  is a great way to update your look with little effort.  Start with a curling iron or all you need is a large barrel curling iron or, better yet, a volume building hot air styler. Dry you roots, blowing your hair upward to create volume. Then, section your hair and style it in pieces to create large curls. Tease your hair at the roots to add more volume and lightly fluff the curls with your fingers. Add hairspray, and you are ready to go!  Need a good hot air styler to create your look? Click here for Babyliss big hair products.

2. Beachy Waves

A perfect look for spring and summer is sexy beach waves.  Even if you don’t live near a beach or have a vacation planned, you can use a windswept beach look to add new interest to your hair.  You can get the beachy waves look by using a few spritzes of texturizing spray and blow drying your hair upside down to add volume at the roots. Then, to add more texture, flip your hair over spritz again, and finish drying while scrunching your hair between your fingers for an informal wavy look.

Straight Long Hair

3. Sleek and Straight

It is hard to go wrong with a sleek and straight hair style. However, you also must be careful not to go stick straight. You want some volume. Start by blowdrying your hair upwards at the roots to create some volume. Then, blow your hair straight with a round brush and finish off by using a flat iron to fully straighten your hair, if you need a good iron, you can find a range of hair straighteners from Argos. The trick to using the iron is to leave your root area alone and just straighten the ends or where you need it. That will keep your straight style from looking overly flat.

4. Sexy Waves

For long sexy waves, wrap your hair around a curling iron without clamping your hair in the iron. You can prep your hair by using a light mousse or styling lotion so that the wave pattern will set well and stay in place longer. But, if your hair curls easily, you can also avoid these.

5. Knotted Hair

Knotting your hair allows for a fun and easy updo looks. Grab some hair pins and a brush or comb to create this easy style. You make one knot, or make several, it is up to you. While your hair is damp, section it off and slowly twist your hair until you’ve reached your scalp. Once you have the knot where you would like it to be, use a hair pin to pin it into place. Very easy!

6. Braided Bun

Try this new take on the bun. Take small sections of your hair and braid it close to your scalp, leaving the ends free. Collecting the ends and bottom part of your hair into one big bun.

french twist.

7. French Twist

A casual chignon or french twist is the perfect classic style. French twists can be done easily with bobby pins and by sweeping your hair off to the side. Place a bobby pin in your hair vertically and continue to place them vertically in a criss cross pattern up your scalp. Gather your hair in one handful and twist it and place more bobby pins to hold it in place. Use hairspray to hold the style in place.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Argos.

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The Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

When looking for a new flat iron I was confused as to which one to purchase. With so many different models on the market, how would I know which flat iron would be best for my hair? After conducting numerous hours of research, my instinct told me to try the Sedu Revolution flat iron. After purchasing and using my flat iron for the first time, I was glad I had done so.

Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

The Sedu Revolution flat iron has plates that are made of tourmaline ceramic. Unlike the prior ceramic plates I had used, this flat iron was not just coated with the tourmaline ceramic, but it was fully made of it. These types of plates proved to have great effects on the overall appearance of my hair. Never once did my hair look dull after using the Sedu flat iron. I soon found out that the quality of my hair was all due to the quality of the flat iron. The negative ions that are produced by the tourmaline ceramic plates reduce frizz in my hair and create a smooth and lustrous finish.

The Sedu flat iron kept my hair healthy while making it beautiful. The Sedu uses infrared heat for the straightening process, which is extremely better for the health of the hair. There is significantly less damage and less styling time that is needed. I was able to cut the styling time in half while having hair more beautiful than I ever have had before.

The plates on the Sedu are the anti-slip plates, which enable all the hair to stay in place rather than slipping out of the flat iron. The curve of the edge allows me to create perfect looks and bouncy curls, unlike the traditional flat irons that left dents in my hair.

The Sedu flat iron has been one of the greatest hair investments I have made. Its ability to straighten my curly hair made me love it even more. It can reach up to 450 degrees and worked wonders on all the issues I was facing when using other flat iron brands. Everything I needed to know about the Sedu flat iron was located at this link. I have recommended this flat iron to all my friends. Even if they do not have curly hair, there are different temperature settings which can work for their hair type. The Sedu flat iron has become my best friend over night!

Buy the Sedu Revolution Flat Iron

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Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

After trying many low end eye-shadow primers, I was about to give up on finding one that would deliver what it promised. I simply didn’t see a difference in how my eye-shadow looked or how long it lasted. I was told to give Urban Decay Primer Potion a try, but I was skeptical. After all, could there be that much of a difference between it and the products I’d already tried? In short, yes!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. The cutesy, genie-looking tube is inventive and fun. The soft-tipped wand picks up the perfect amount of product and feels gentle moving across the delicate eye-lid skin. Rather than feeling oily as it glides across the skin, the creamy consistency feels like it’s nourishing the skin while providing a somewhat tacky base for powders and pigments to grab on to. I noticed after several hours of wearing a darker shadow on my lids that it absolutely did not crease. Usually when I wear a dramatic look, I find myself having to touch it up throughout the day. With the Urban Decay Primer Potion my eye-shadow looked just as good at 5 p.m. as it did in the morning, right after I finished applying my make-up.

The one down-side to this product, for me, was the price. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a product that you don’t really see. After using this, however, I have changed my mind entirely. The amount of product you use is minimal, and you really are getting a lot of product in what appears to a be a tiny tube.
I’ve recently discovered that Urban Decay Primer Potion is now available in squeeze tube packaging, which means even more bang for your buck. While I love the soft-tip applicator of the original design, many people say that they favor a competitive brand over Urban Decay Primer Potion because they feel the squeeze tube enables them to get all the available product out of the packaging.

I truly feel like this product has made the most impact on my overall make-up look. Before using a good primer, my eye-shadow looked flat regardless of the high end shadows I was applying. With this primer, the pop of color I get, even with drugstore eye-shadows, is impressive. This product is a staple in my beauty bag and one I will make sure to replace even before the product runs dry!

Buy it at Sephora

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