Summer 2013 Hair Shades: Embracing a Spectrum of Colors

2013 so far has been a year of experimentation when it comes to hair color. Ladies are now bravely tiptoeing on the wide spectrum of hues to fashion their tresses with. Summer is fast approaching and women are scrambling to get that desired look that will be perfect not only for the beach but for the countless parties ahead.


One of the top trends that is quite evident even among Hollywood celebrities would be the Ombré hair color. Seen from the snaps of stars like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel, this technique involves gradual shading. A French term which means “shaded,” Ombré is achieved by having the root area of the hair applied with the darkest hue and gradually, the shades applied to the ends would be the lightest. The tone effect it exudes definitely fits ladies who are very laidback in nature.

Another popular style that female musicians and the eccentric set are currently rocking would be the bloody red shade. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, hair is bleached prior to applying the chosen scarlet hue as this vivid color needs a lighter base hair shade for it to stand out. What was once meant only for natural blondes, donning a vibrant red color is now evident regardless of any skin color. But for those who opt to wear this radical shade without undergoing the traditional technique of bleaching, one can choose among L’Oreal’s INOA Ammonia Free permanent color line that is now being used in top international salons such as in Rush Croydon in Southern London. As more people tend to bend traditions, going on the purple-gray hair color route is also an alternative option to try. Mixing these two pale hues definitely results in a hair that delves in between sweet and punk.

Dip-dyeing on the other hand is often chosen by the younger crowd. A bit similar to the effect of the mentioned Ombré trend, this practice involves dyeing the ends of the tresses instead with a different shade. Whether dark brown or even neon pink; dip-dyed hair lends one a spunky appearance that emulates Asian pop stars.
Whether opting for gradual coloring or daring one’s self to delve in the most eccentric of hues, the summer hair shade trends of 2013 epitomizes that color should be embraced, not avoided.

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The Best Time To Eat

My mother was a stickler for regular meals. Breakfast at 8 a.m., lunch at noon, and supper at 6 p.m. Day in and day out, that was the schedule. Her insistence that eating regularly promoted optimum health was so pervasive that I never even considered asking whether I could miss a meal.

With my mom, you washed up, came to the table and ate with gusto. End of story.

family meal

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When my mother said “It’s time to eat,” I ate

Of course, there were plenty of peculiar culinary habits my mother brought with her from Kentucky—habits that would make a health-conscious person today raise both eyebrows and run for the treadmill: things like cooking with lard, eating the fat rather than trimming it, and putting half a cube of real butter in the green beans. My cholesterol levels are on the rise, just thinking about it.

What about regular meals, though? Lard, fat and butter aside—is eating on schedule good for you? Or are regular meals a bad idea?

Don’t laugh—this is a debatable topic

Here are three reasons why you may be better off eating sporadically, instead of by the clock:

  • When you allow your digestive processes to rest, your body is able to concentrate on other internal activities—healing, for example. And a good way to rest your digestive system is to miss a meal or two (or three). Regular meals and snacks make for almost constant digestive activity.
  • Breaking the cycle (whatever your particular cycle is) makes the body stand up and take notice. Hormones that have been dormant spring into action and metabolic changes occur. Research scientists have noted that periodic fasting, for example, may stimulate internal processes that help protect against serious diseases—like diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, and cancer.
  • Recent research concerning aerobic exercise indicates those who go to the gym in a fasting state are apt to lose more fat than those who go well-fed. If your exercise routine calls for working out in order to work off a dinner of steak and mashed potatoes, you may be losing ground instead of losing weight.

Could sporadic eating help you lose weight?

Could it be that three square meals each day are a big part of the reason why I am in a continual battle with that spare tire around my waist?

Research (and common sense) may be telling us the regular meals at regular times philosophy is not the best plan. Not that we should starve ourselves, but it does seem wise to change our eating habits into non-habits.

Guidelines to help you succeed

Here’s how:

  • Break up your routine.
  • Miss a meal every day or two.
  • Keep your body guessing.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. When you switch it up and give your system something to think about, your body will react by burning stored fat.

Are those the results you are looking for? If so, why not try this free, simple, and straightforward means of change? You’ve nothing to lose but fat, and much more to gain than social approval of your eating habits.

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