The Rules of Sporting Sneakers

Twenty years ago and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The rules of sneakers were pretty simple; the moment you hit sixteen, leave them on the basketball courts. They were for sports and the fashionably impaired.

Then, Chuck Naylor’s started rearing their heads around shopping districts. Actresses were donning the Vans under a pair of rolled-up chinos while they sauntered around Beverly Hills. Suddenly, sneakers were everywhere.

That’s not to say that sporting sneakers is a free-for-all. There are still some do’s and don’ts that you might want to consider before stepping out in your new Nike Air Max’s with a black pencil skirt. Just, no.

Jeans and sneakers


Baby steps, people, baby steps. Jeans are bar-none the easiest way to wear sneakers. It’s time-tested, easy-going and comfortable.

To stand out, you’ll want to have a game plan. Jeans are a good excuse to flash the ‘big’ shoes; we’re talking blazer suedes, concealed heels and high tops. You also have a little more free reign with colours, since jeans aren’t particularly risqué. Try experimenting with electric pinks and purples, maybe throw a little green into the mix.

Alternatively, you can sport some low cut sneakers as long as it’s emphasised. DO crop and roll – show off those ankles. This looks even better if you’re displaying a suave pair of pastel jeans or bright chinos.


Leggings are a little more tricky. Big shoes work even better than they do with jeans, if they’re done well. Currently trending are disguised wedge shoes, which nicely complement some darker leggings; think grays and blacks.

Converse offer a nice punky style along with a pair of black leggings, while Vans look sweet sockless complimenting a patterned design. The important thing to remember is that leggings work as a centrepiece of the outfit, so keep the sneakers simply duochrome, soft tones – ultimately, a classic style.

Lovely schoolgirl in full length

Dresses & Skirts

Now for the grand finale. Sneakers with dresses have recently become pretty huge, but doing it well is a skill one must practice to master.

The good news is that dresses and skirts is your opportunity to really go to town on the ‘Sky Hi’ wedges sneakers, giving you a height boost and some serious leg definition for summer. A pair of cream Nike Dunks look amazing with a light floral dress, for example, finished with a cropped denim jacket. Keds and Vans look great too, for something a little more casual.

With summer being tough at the best of times – battling allergies and coming to terms with having your arms and legs visible nearly all of the time – it’s good to know that there is a comfortable way of making ourselves look great. Get in on this!


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Beauty Tips For Tackling Allergy Face

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

Allergies can leave you miserable and looking less than your best, but they don't have to. I get seasonal allergies every year and I tackle them with Zyrtec, which makes me feel better. Now Zyrtec is providing a neat infographic and video to help you look better too! 

So, you know the symptoms of Allergy Face right? Puffy eyes, red nose, etc? Here is an infographic from Zyrtec with some great materal on allergies and how to beat allergy face. I had no idea that just so many women deal with allergies and think that they can't cover up Allergy Face!

For more beauty tips, check out this great video. There are some excellent tips in this, including some neat concealer tricks that you can try to lessen the look of puffy eyes,

When I have allergies I also do the following to help beat Allergy Face:

(1) I use easy to apply cream cosmetics. Look for soft cream items, not hard pan items. That way you will not be irritated by pushing and pulling of the skin when you apply your makeup. Creams also make the skin look more radiant and moist.

(2) I stick with neutral shades. Remember the less is more tip from the video? I believe that is a tip to live by anytime that you are not looking your best!

(3) I like to play up my lips a bit. Keeping the rest of the face understated but adding a pop of lip color draws attention away from the eyes.

What are your beauty tips for beating Allergy Face? Share them in the comments!

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Summer Waterproof Mascara

Summer time means fun in the sun, but the heat and humidity that makes being outdoors so pleasant can do a number on your makeup routine. Avoid this by choosing waterproof varieties that will help your makeup stay where it belongs, on your face.


Summer or not, who wants to go outside without mascara? A staple of makeup regimens everywhere, picking the wrong mascara in summer can quickly lead to tired-looking or raccoon eyes. A lash primer is the beginning of stay-put eyes; most are formulated with conditioning emollients that not only hold your mascara in place, but also help prevent lash loss in the application process. Waterproof mascara is a built to stay on, so it can be a bit thicker in drying, so a primer helps to achieve a smudge-proof application. Along those same lines, a waterproof primer can be applied to the entire eye, lid and lashes, to keep sweat or water from sliding the pigment right off your eyes. Primers are a great starting point for any facial location; they provide stability and moisture simultaneously.

Picking the right summer mascara for your properly primed face can be a challenge. Since they’re built to last they can also be harsh for sensitive skin, so be choosy. Good places to check are the product’s reviews on the retailer’s website. Reactions to sensitive skin are usually the first thing makeup fans want to avoid, so it is typically the most popular topic of online reviews. Makeup fans love consistency, and if you are particularly fond of a specific non-waterproof mascara, chances are good that there is a waterproof version that will suit your face just fine. Tarte Cosmetics has excellent examples of both.

Lastly, being built to stay also means eye makeup can be tougher to remove. A good remover specifically formulated for your eyes is a necessity to any makeup bag. Picking this will often be a matter of what your skin type prefers. Look for something that doesn’t leave behind an oily residue, that doesn’t irritate your sensitive eye areas, and that provides hydration in the removal process.

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