Real Women, Real Curves: Wearing Skinny Jeans to Slim You and Trim You


Skinny jeans have been a popular trend for a few seasons now and it appears that they may be here to stay. But they can be a tricky trend to pull off without looking too imbalanced. The trick to wearing skinny jeans is to know how to complete your outfit with pieces that make your body look stylish and well-proportioned.

skinny jeans

Know Your Body Type

All body types and weights can wear skinny jeans with the right pieces. No matter her weight, there are four basic body types a woman falls into. Triangle-shaped women, also known as pear shaped, have wider hips with a narrow bust. Hourglass shapes have about the same measurements around their busts as around their hips, with a well-defined waist. Linear-shaped women also have similar measurements for both their busts and hips, but unlike the hourglass, they have little definition to their waists. Finally, the inverted triangle-shaped woman is the opposite of the triangle: her bust is wider with narrow hips. Examine your own shape in a mirror or ask a trusted friend to determine which shape defines you. Then read on for style tips to suit your body.

The Triangle

The triangle-shaped woman needs to balance her wider hips with the rest of her body. Pair skinny jeans with boots to add to the leg line. The triangle woman should also wear a longer, loose top that flows over the hips to add balance to the upper half of the body. Or use accessories to draw the eye away from the hips. A statement necklace draws the eye up, or try adding a belt at the narrowest part of the waist.

The Hourglass

The hourglass woman has a balanced body type, but even she can appear too bottom heavy in skinny jeans without the right styling. Like the triangle-shaped woman, the hourglass woman should wear longer shirts that help minimize the hips. Again, boots will help add balance to the line of the legs and keep hips from appearing too wide. The hourglass woman can incorporate many of the same tricks the triangle woman uses, such as adding accessories to draw the eye to certain body parts she wants to highlight.

The Linear-shaped

Linear-shaped women look great in skinny jeans! While baggier jeans can appear overwhelming on the linear shape, skinny jeans provide the perfect balanced look. They hug every line of the body, so they can make a linear shape appear to have more curves in places where she feels too small. The linear-shaped woman should take advantage of this by wearing jeans with bigger back pockets to accentuate her bottom.

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle-shaped woman wants to make her bottom half match her top half, so unlike triangle shapes, the idea for the inverted triangle is to draw the eye down. Skinny jeans will add curves to the hips, and embellishments such as large back pockets or sequin details will create focal points. Wear simple shirts to minimize distractions on the upper half of the body and keep attention on the lower portion.

One Size Fits All

No matter your body type, if you carry extra weight don’t think that skinny jeans is a trend you can’t master. Keep the tips above in mind when styling skinny jeans, as well as opting for a mid-rise jean rather than low-rise or high-rise. The low-rise jean can create a muffin top effect, which is not something any woman wants. In addition, high-rise jeans can accentuate any bulges in the stomach. Mid-rise jeans help to evenly distribute any extra weight in the stomach area. Use layers to add balance to your body shape. A well-fitted jacket creates a smooth line from bust to hips, and the right top is essential to looking great in skinny jeans. Since the jeans are already so tight, don’t pair them with a tight or short top. A looser, longer top looks better and balances the body.

Get Them On

One final trick to pulling off skinny jeans? Wear great shoes! A great pair of boots is a natural choice for skinny jeans, but heels or ballet flats can also work well. Choose a shoe that is eye-catching enough to draw attention to your feet and away from any extra curves you may want to hide.

Don’t be afraid of skinny jeans just because you may have extra weight or a lot of curves. With these tips, any woman can rock the skinny jean trend, no matter her shape.

Megan Barnes is a full-figured fashionista. She enjoys writing about beautiful styles for every woman on fashion blogs.

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How to Apply Self Tanner and Remove Streaks

There are many benefits to using a tanning product at home. You don’t need an appointment, it’s a lot cheaper than going to a salon and it’s healthier than using tanning beds or exposing your skin to the effects of the sun. It can be tricky to get right, though, and you can end up with streaks or dark patches. However, there are ways to prevent this happening or sort out the problem if it occurs.

Summer Days

Prepare well

Smooth, moisturised skin is a much better base to apply your personalized instant tan product. The best way to get your skin ready is by exfoliating and moisturising it prior to applying the tan. Pay special attention to anywhere you feel is a problem area, such as knees, elbows or the backs of your hands. Any skin that is rough or dry is more likely to take the lotion badly, so make sure you deal with all dry areas before you start the application.

Gather everything you need before you start, because if you need to remove excess lotion, the longer it takes to do it, the more likely it is to cause a stain or streak. You should have at least one application mitt and, if possible, some protective gloves, such as plastic or latex, to wear under the mitt in case of leaking. Also, it’s a good idea to keep some dry cotton buds to hand, which you can use to buff small areas, such as around the nose; this will allow you to blend the lotion seamlessly.

Take your time

Once you have allowed the moisturiser to soak in thoroughly and secured your hair safely out of the way, apply a barrier cream, such as petroleum jelly, to your eyebrows and your hairline to prevent accidental staining. Don’t rush the process. Start with your face and apply the product using a circular motion, adapting the size of the circles depending on the space you are trying to fill.

Blend all edges as you go along and don’t forget about the areas you can’t see, such as behind your ears and the back of your neck. Even though you can’t see them, other people can.

Stop and check using two mirrors to make sure you haven’t left any streaks or gaps. Proceed to your body, using a long-handled application tool to do places that are hard to reach and ending with your hands and feet. You will need to do some careful blending at your wrists and ankles to avoid ‘tide marks’; simply buff these areas with very small circular motions, using a second, clean mitt if you find that easier.

Finishing touches

The full effect of the tan is likely to take several hours to develop completely, but before that happens, you should check carefully for signs of streaks and buff them away as you did at your wrists. The longer you can avoid putting clothes on, the better and when you finally get dressed, try to wear loose clothing.

To avoid having to wear anything too soon, it’s a good idea to apply products such as these at night or, at least, not too close to when you’ll need to go out. Once the process is complete and your tan is dry and has achieved its full colour, exfoliate again and moisturise after this and after every shower. Even if you’ve had problems getting a good finish in the past, by following this advice, you can obtain a very professional-looking tan.

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7 Trendy Eye Makeup Tips For Winter

Beauty chooses no season. Thus, even in the cold, snowy freezing winter, let your inner goddess fires up the entire place with your hot fiery eyes matched your innocent alluring look, all with a touch of some eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.

Winter season is one of moments perfect for holiday retreats, parties and gatherings with your colleagues, friends and families. Different people from different places gather to meet because of the coming of holiday vacations. So don’t let the chilly atmosphere and critical crowds worry you from making you the best, go out, wear some makeup and let everyone gaze at you – bragging your looks, making your beauty stand out and run the winter with your irresistible beauty.


Though eyes and shapes of faces differ from one person to another, these are the top trendy eye makeup tips for winter 2012 to 2013 that will truly bring you to stardom.

1. For women who have small eyes, their secret solution is eyeliner. It can really be a godsend lifesaver for people who want to have some depth on their eyes. Just apply a little amount of eyeliner on the top lid to give you an oozing expressive look. Also, in case you’re fond of using liquid eye liner, just put little lines in the inner and outer corner of the eye then connect it in the middle. Pencil eyeliner however, should always be put in the bottom lead as it is much better to use. A perfect night out with your friends with a cat’s eye beauty makes you look sexy and attractive.

2. Though smoky eyes never come out of trend, this time, make it look more stylish and innovative. Redefined it in a much unique and creative way by using bi-colors. Use the darker shades of brown, taupe and golden, to ensure that the eyes portray a much darker revealing tone. Don’t forget also to pair it with gray and blue, black and gray or golden and brown to unveil its dazzling effects making it more dramatic to see. With these stunning eyes, you can just wear nude makeup and lipstick to complete the whole thing.

3. If you love experimenting colors, then this is the best trendy make up for you this winter. All you have to do is to choose these playful yet sweet eye shadows of pink, beige and brown. A shade of chocolate and purple is perfect too. But if you want to have that powerful and luminous look, then choose the shades of silver and golden. Put a touch of pinkish blush and complete your makeup with orange lips.

4. If simple yet mesmerizing look is what you desire this winter, then play with lighter eye shadows on the top of your entire eyelid. You can also extend it up to your brows. Wearing a mascara or eyeliner is not really an option if you want it to be as plain as possible, just wear a light red lipstick and pink blush so you can get the simplest yet trendy style you want.

5. Daring and tantalizing eyes are the trends and hottest this winter season so if you have a skin of porcelain, think no more and choose the dazzling orange color for your eyes to emphasize its luminous and sophisticated detail. This makeup is best for special occasions and important gatherings.

6. Since winter needs warm looks, purple eye shadows bring fire to your eyes. Drawing your inspiration from the look of retro makeup, the color makes you stand out. Just make sure to use it with moderation and put fine lines at the roots of your eyelashes to emphasize details.

7. If you want to have that rebellious yet sexy look this winter, then it all depends on how you do your brows. Just keep your brows natural in terms of shape and color. Then buy a creamy texture eyebrow pencil and apply it carefully to reveal its natural glow. Using a special gel, style your brow upwards to complete the look you desire.

Our eyes play a very important role on our face. It is a portal of beauty which reveals our goddess within. With a simple touch of fashion and latest and hottest trend in makeup, one single touch of color makes a significant difference in your chilly winter season.


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