Summer Waterproof Mascara

Summer time means fun in the sun, but the heat and humidity that makes being outdoors so pleasant can do a number on your makeup routine. Avoid this by choosing waterproof varieties that will help your makeup stay where it belongs, on your face.


Summer or not, who wants to go outside without mascara? A staple of makeup regimens everywhere, picking the wrong mascara in summer can quickly lead to tired-looking or raccoon eyes. A lash primer is the beginning of stay-put eyes; most are formulated with conditioning emollients that not only hold your mascara in place, but also help prevent lash loss in the application process. Waterproof mascara is a built to stay on, so it can be a bit thicker in drying, so a primer helps to achieve a smudge-proof application. Along those same lines, a waterproof primer can be applied to the entire eye, lid and lashes, to keep sweat or water from sliding the pigment right off your eyes. Primers are a great starting point for any facial location; they provide stability and moisture simultaneously.

Picking the right summer mascara for your properly primed face can be a challenge. Since they’re built to last they can also be harsh for sensitive skin, so be choosy. Good places to check are the product’s reviews on the retailer’s website. Reactions to sensitive skin are usually the first thing makeup fans want to avoid, so it is typically the most popular topic of online reviews. Makeup fans love consistency, and if you are particularly fond of a specific non-waterproof mascara, chances are good that there is a waterproof version that will suit your face just fine. Tarte Cosmetics has excellent examples of both.

Lastly, being built to stay also means eye makeup can be tougher to remove. A good remover specifically formulated for your eyes is a necessity to any makeup bag. Picking this will often be a matter of what your skin type prefers. Look for something that doesn’t leave behind an oily residue, that doesn’t irritate your sensitive eye areas, and that provides hydration in the removal process.

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Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara Review

Mascara can be one of the hardest types of makeup to buy since everyone has different lash lengths and colors. There are also problems with contact lenses and other eye issues that makeup can sometimes worsen. Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash mascara, available on, is perfect for all lash and eye types as it covers fully no matter the lash color, doesn’t clump, and is safe for users of contact lenses. Just like the name of the mascara, it defines lashes to give a fuller look and adds length.

Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara Review

The applicator tip is particularly helpful when styling lashes as the bristles are more stiff than most mascara brushes, and yet the brush as a whole is flexible in order to shape the lashes. The stiffness of the bristles on the applicator helps by evenly spacing each lash and coating them fully without clumping. The applicator brush is also silhouetted to shape eyelashes beautifully. It adds more mascara to where the lashes need more definition and length, such as towards the outer corner of the eye, and less to where it is unnecessary, such as towards the inner corner of the eye. The flexibility of the applicator brush helps with curling the lashes, but causes a small problem when trying to put the applicator back into the tube once the product starts to run out.The easy solution to this problem is to buy more before it runs out completely! Most mascara companies ignore the shape of the brush when considering how to improve their product, however, Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash brush not only coats but contours the lashes.

Define-A-Lash mascara by Maybelline is not only effective but affordable. This product proves that price doesn’t always equal quality. Many mascaras cost three times as much as Define-A-Lash and yet they clump, chip, and run down the face. The product does just as it implies; washable mascara will wash off easily and waterproof mascara stays on until washed off with a makeup remover. Even for blonde and short eyelashes, it completely covers each lash, defines them, lengthens, and leaves out the clumping. If you are looking for a product that does what it says it does.

Define-A-Lash mascara can be found on and most drugstores and big box retailers.

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Four Steps To Perfect Eye Makeup

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup is not always an easy task. Sure, you could just slather on some eye shadow, but for a flawless all-day look, it is best to take some care. Below are three tips to getting you on your way to the best eye makeup application. All of the items below can be found at Sephora.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Start with a primer:

Eye primer fills in tiny lines and smoothes the surface, allowing for more even coverage and longer wear for your eye shadow. One often recommended product is Primer Potion from Urban Decay. If you are going natural and jsut want to even things up, it can be worn alone, but it really works best a a base for shadow. Primer Potion prevents your shadow from smudging and creasing, and it help keep your color lasting all day.

Choose the best eye shadow palette:

Choose the best shadow shades for your skin tone and eye color goes a long way toward creating the perfect look.  For a natural day look, find a good basic set of neutral shades for daily wear. Then, pick some favorite stronger hues for evening wear.

Look for multiple use palettes, such as the below palette from Tarte, which offers shades appropriate for both day and evening wear in a variety of pretty colors. The kit is packaged in a cute case with a shadow brush and eyeliner for simple application.

Tarte Eye Shadow Palette


Apply Shadow Carefully. Less Is More:

One of the most fundamental makeup mistakes is applying too much. too bright of a shade during the day, or too much of any shade can look garish and will only act to age your appearance. this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fun shades, it simply means to proceed with caution anytime you start getting brave with shadow. For a simple look, apply a light shade to the brow bone, a medium shade to the lid and use a darker shade as a liner. drama can be added by darkening the crease. Save the bright shades and high contrast items for evening looks, or for fun daytime outings where a neutral professional look is not required.

Use a Quality Mascara:

Mascara completes the eye makeup routine. An often used rule for a  natural look is that women with dark eyes and hair should use black mascara, while those with blue eyes and light hair should chooser brown mascara. However, that certainly is not set in stone, and many pale skinned women will look quite good in black mascara.  Black is also the best for all evening looks. there are numerous quality mascaras on the market. For the best look, curl lashes first, wipe your mascara brush in order to prevent clumps, and apply one coat of mascara. For greater drama, wait for the first coat to dry, fill and wipe the brush again, and apply one more gentle coat.   DiorShow Iconic Mascara  an all around great product for any more dramatic mascara look, as well as for regular wear. For more natural looking and thinner lashes, Lancome Definicils Mascara does a nice job of providing natural definition and length.

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