Summer Waterproof Mascara

Summer time means fun in the sun, but the heat and humidity that makes being outdoors so pleasant can do a number on your makeup routine. Avoid this by choosing waterproof varieties that will help your makeup stay where it belongs, on your face.


Summer or not, who wants to go outside without mascara? A staple of makeup regimens everywhere, picking the wrong mascara in summer can quickly lead to tired-looking or raccoon eyes. A lash primer is the beginning of stay-put eyes; most are formulated with conditioning emollients that not only hold your mascara in place, but also help prevent lash loss in the application process. Waterproof mascara is a built to stay on, so it can be a bit thicker in drying, so a primer helps to achieve a smudge-proof application. Along those same lines, a waterproof primer can be applied to the entire eye, lid and lashes, to keep sweat or water from sliding the pigment right off your eyes. Primers are a great starting point for any facial location; they provide stability and moisture simultaneously.

Picking the right summer mascara for your properly primed face can be a challenge. Since they’re built to last they can also be harsh for sensitive skin, so be choosy. Good places to check are the product’s reviews on the retailer’s website. Reactions to sensitive skin are usually the first thing makeup fans want to avoid, so it is typically the most popular topic of online reviews. Makeup fans love consistency, and if you are particularly fond of a specific non-waterproof mascara, chances are good that there is a waterproof version that will suit your face just fine. Tarte Cosmetics has excellent examples of both.

Lastly, being built to stay also means eye makeup can be tougher to remove. A good remover specifically formulated for your eyes is a necessity to any makeup bag. Picking this will often be a matter of what your skin type prefers. Look for something that doesn’t leave behind an oily residue, that doesn’t irritate your sensitive eye areas, and that provides hydration in the removal process.

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Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

After trying many low end eye-shadow primers, I was about to give up on finding one that would deliver what it promised. I simply didn’t see a difference in how my eye-shadow looked or how long it lasted. I was told to give Urban Decay Primer Potion a try, but I was skeptical. After all, could there be that much of a difference between it and the products I’d already tried? In short, yes!

Urban Decay Primer Potion

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. The cutesy, genie-looking tube is inventive and fun. The soft-tipped wand picks up the perfect amount of product and feels gentle moving across the delicate eye-lid skin. Rather than feeling oily as it glides across the skin, the creamy consistency feels like it’s nourishing the skin while providing a somewhat tacky base for powders and pigments to grab on to. I noticed after several hours of wearing a darker shadow on my lids that it absolutely did not crease. Usually when I wear a dramatic look, I find myself having to touch it up throughout the day. With the Urban Decay Primer Potion my eye-shadow looked just as good at 5 p.m. as it did in the morning, right after I finished applying my make-up.

The one down-side to this product, for me, was the price. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a product that you don’t really see. After using this, however, I have changed my mind entirely. The amount of product you use is minimal, and you really are getting a lot of product in what appears to a be a tiny tube.
I’ve recently discovered that Urban Decay Primer Potion is now available in squeeze tube packaging, which means even more bang for your buck. While I love the soft-tip applicator of the original design, many people say that they favor a competitive brand over Urban Decay Primer Potion because they feel the squeeze tube enables them to get all the available product out of the packaging.

I truly feel like this product has made the most impact on my overall make-up look. Before using a good primer, my eye-shadow looked flat regardless of the high end shadows I was applying. With this primer, the pop of color I get, even with drugstore eye-shadows, is impressive. This product is a staple in my beauty bag and one I will make sure to replace even before the product runs dry!

Buy it at Sephora

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My Bobbi Brown Wishlist

When it comes to iconic cosmetic companies Bobbi Brown stands out. With a focus on natural and feminine shades, I already own a number of Bobbi Brown products and, at any given time, I have more on my radar. Here is a wish list of items that I am currently coveting.  These items are from Harrods which, if you are looking for Bobbi Brown UK items, is a great place to shop.

(1)  Caviar and Oyster Palette

Bobbi Brown caviar and oyster palette

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost ordered this. With four matte shadow shades and four shimmer shades, it is perfect for creating smoky eye looks or sparkling highlight looks for an evening out on the town or for parties. It comes paired with a shimmering highlighter for your cheeks to create a sparkling glow. The entire compact will also fit nicely in your purse. The shades are all universally flattering and versatile.

(2) Bobbi Brown BB Cream


Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I love BB creams, and Bobbi Brown reportedly has one of the best outside of the Asian companies. I been wanting to try it for some time and simply have not gotten around to it yet. If you have good skin, you can wear a BB cream alone. I like to use BB creams as a primer and put a tinted powder over it since I have some hyperpigmentation to hide. A good BB cream will act as a multi-tasker by providing coverage, skin care, and SPF protection all in one. The Bobbi Brown version offers SPF 35 protection.

(3) Uber Nude Lip and Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown uber nude palette


This lip and eye palette is perfect for the neutral and nude shadow lover. That certainly includes me! It includes two lip shades, a shimmer gloss, and three matte shadows. It is great for everyday looks, while the shimmer lip items allow it to be dressed up a bit as well.

(4) Full Coverage Brush


Bobbi Brown full coverage brush

I would love to try the Bobbi Brown full coverage brush and see how it compares to other similar brushes such as Urban Decay’s good karma optical blending brush. This type of brush has become popular for creating perfect foundation looks by stippling on the makeup and then buffing it. I have had great results with the UD brush and suspect that Bobbi Brown would make an even better one. Hopefully I will try it out at some point!

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