Redpoint Cosmetics Volumizing Lipgloss

Redpoint cosmetics volumizing lip gloss Redpoint cosmetics has a number of interesting and high quality product. I was sent a sample of their Volumizing Lip Gloss, and while I didn’t see any signs of plumping from it in the traditional, make your lips tingle sense, I did find it to be OK as a standard gloss.

Redpoint’s gloss is on the thicker side, with a high amount of pigment. So the color is quite good with it. I reminds me a lot of the thicker MAC lipglasses, but Redpoint doesn’t have that initial stickiness that MAC sometimes has.

Redpoint calls the gloss volumizing, but this isn’t really a plumper as far as I can tell. At least it doesn’t work on the concept of adding irritants to swell the lip. Instead, its concept is based on pigments and light reflectors to create an appearance of fuller lips and the addition of general anti-aging ingredients–something I appreciate in a lip product.

I tried a nude/pink shade that worked OK with my pale skin, but lacked color for my tastes. So, I was happy with it, but I would love to more shades in this gloss. It is one I would most certainly buy in additional shades that had a bit more color to them. If you are looking for a really light shade nude gloss though, the light Redpoint shade may be a good one to try.

For more on Redpoint Cosmetics see my Redpoint foundation and powder review at Beauty and Fashion Tech.

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Beauty Blogger’s Favorite Lip Products, Part II

Thumbs Up favoritesLast week I asked several beauty bloggers about their favorite lipstick and balm. This week, I have their answers about their favorite gloss, and their opinions on if lip plumpers really work.

Below are their responses.

What is your favorite lip gloss?

Ellen at Lipstick Powder n Paint told me: “My favourite gloss is currently Clinique’s new Long Last Glosswear with SPF 15 in Juicy Apple. The sheer colour looks natural and just perks up my face, and makes my lips glossy and delicious.

Isabella, the Muse in Musings of a Muse wrote: “Aube Gloss Frutina (Color 16) (Read the Muse’s Review). An absolutely essential and favorite item of mine! Beautiful color, shine, and gloss without the tacky, sticky feeling! Packaging is simply gorgeous as well which is always a plus when it comes to cosmetics!”

Jamie at The Beauty of Life said: “My favorite lipgloss is most definitely Stila Lip Glaze in Starfruit. It’s not sticky or tacky, it stays on for hours, and the color is so pretty whether I wear it on its own or layered over another lipgloss or lipstick. I’ve gone through three tubes in the last two years — and I’m seriously hard-pressed to go through lipglosses since I have so many! (Read Jaime’s Review).

Toya from The Life of a Ladybug told me: “This is so hard, as I love lip gloss more than life! But, if I have to pick a fave, I’m going with MAC Lipglass. It is kind of sticky, of course, but no one beats MAC for color range. If I have to pick one recent favorite, I’m going with Sugar Trance, which is from the Fafi Collection, I believe.”

Henna at Canadian Beauty said: “Ok, so I think that my favourite gloss this year is the L’Oreal Infallible Gloss (Read Henna’s Review) because it really does stay on for a long long time! It’s so cool and I absolutely love it. My favourite lipstick would have to be probably the Slim Shines, and my favourite balm right now is the Satsuma one from the Body Shop.”

Do You Think Lip Plumpers Really Work?

Ellen said: “I don’t really know if lip plumpers work. I have several and have not really been impressed. The one that I have enjoyed wearing and have felt ‘something’ is Fusion Beauty LipFusion. It tingles, but in a pleasant way and not that nasty burning feeling that some have.”

Concerning lip plumpers, Isabella said: “Definitely a lover and supported of lip plumpers but I’m not entirely convinced they actually work! Tried ‘em all but never noticed any difference from what I get using normal gloss! But I have faith that I’ll find one that not only glosses but gives me Angelina Jolie lips ;)”

Jamie wrote: “In my opinion, lip plumpers don’t work too well — though I have a few friends who swear by them! I’ve just never had them really do anything for me. I do really like the shine that DuWop Lip Venom leaves on my lips, though.”

Toya said: “Do lip plumpers work? I’ve never found one that does. Then again, I already have full lips, so maybe mine are as plump as they’re gonna get. LOL!”

Henna told me: “I think that lip plumpers work because they do irritate your lips and make them swell up and I don’t use them so I don’t have a favourite, but Maybelline’s is ridiculously strong for those that want that.”

For more great beauty reviews and tips, visit these ladies’ blogs!

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Soap and Glory Sexy MotherPucker

How could I not try this product? The name amuses me and it comes in amusing packaging. It also helped that I love Soap and Glory Great Shakes Hand Cream (Read Beauty and Fashion Tech Review).

Soap and Glory Lip Plumper

Well, motherpucker indeed! This stuff works! I have come across a few lip plumpers that I thought provided a bit of plumping. The best usually have been pretty expensive and the results minimal. This one gave me noticeable results, at least for a short (perhaps too short) while, and at $10, the price is not all that bad. It isn’t for the faint of heart though. Lip plumpers tend to work by irritating the lips, which makes them swell. So they generally tingle quite a bit. I love the tingle that plumpers give, but this one was almost too much for me. It was pretty intense. I suppose that is also why it seemed to actually work. The light tint and the overall gloss is nice too. It isn’t sticky either!

One extra observation though: while this one worked, it didn’t last all that long. So be prepared to reapply to keep the plumping action going.

Soap and Glory products are available at a big box retailer with a big red bulls eye on the store.

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