Dimitri James Skinn Lip 3X Volumizing Serum

Skinn Lip 3X Plumper I really like Skinn Lip 3X Lip Volumizing Serum. Not so much as a plumper, but as a general conditioner. Skinn’s volumizer is a peppermint laden serum with collagen enhancing ingredients to plump the lips over time.

With a generous amount of sunflower seed oil, the volumizer also moisturizes and conditions quite well. I like it just before bed as nighttime lip treatment!

This one also comes in a generous  sized container, so it will last awhile.

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NYC Cosmetics Lippin Large Lip Plumper

New York Color Cosmetics (NYC) is one of the value drugstore brands that tends to do a pretty good job with delivering good makeup items for little money. Although I have at times had issues with some of their glosses, I really like their new line of plumping gloss, Lippin Large Lip Plumper.

This gloss is rather thick and fairly well tinted, so it tends to give a decent amount of color. Although on the thick side, I did not find it to be sticky like some thick glosses can get. The gloss gives a pretty strong tingle, which I also like. But as usual, seeing actual plumping from any volumizer is rare for me. I buy them simply for the tingling feel and because many are just plain good glosses.

I tried all six shades and the skin swatches are below. Funny thing–I could feel them tingling a bit on my arm!

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Lippin Large Plumper

You can find NYC Cosmetics at major drugs stores and big box retailers, such as that red and white bullseye place.


POPbeauty Lip Lust

Here is a nice conditioning  and sheer lipstick/tint for you. Pop Beauty Lip Lust comes in four shades.

Pop Beauty Lip Lust Lipstick
Each tube contains Vitamin E for conditioning and lip plumping ingredients. I didn’t really see any plumping (I rarely do), but it feels great and looks good.

It runs $13 for a smallish tube.  POP Beauty has some fun lip glosses as well!

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