Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lip Duo

Kenzoki Did you know that Kenzo, known for their perfumes, also does skin care? Well, they do, using the name Kenzoki, and here is a product that I already know will be on my best products of the year list. I can’t rave about it enough!

The Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lip Duo is a dual sided lipstick shaped balm. On one half, the balm contains sugar grains and lemon fibers as a natural exfoliator. The other half is a conditioning balm with Vitamin E. The exfoliating side is very gentle—you hardly feel it working, yet it does a decent job. The conditioning side is smooth and packed full of moisture. It has a nice balance between conditioners and thickness. Basically, it isn’t waxy, but it is thick enough that it feels like it says a bit. It reminds me quite a bit of another favorite of mine, the Caudalie lip conditioner (read review).

The balm leaves a sweet, sort of almond taste behind that I also love.

$22, and seriously worth that price in my mind, at


Garden Botanika Lip Scrub, Happy Scrubby Goodness!

Garden Botanika Lip ScrubLips can benefit from a scrub just like the rest of your skin. One gentle way to go about it is with something like the Garden Botanika Lip Scrub.

This moisturizing scrub contains avocado oil and jojoba seed powder. The scrubbing action from it is slight, which is really all the lips need, and boy does it packs moisture! I love the feel of this one, but I have to admit that I would like a bit more scrubbing action, simply because I am one of those who would over do it with scrubs if I let myself.

Garden Botanika recommends that it be followed with their Vitamin E Stick, which I also happily recommend. If you haven’t tried a vitamin E stick before, you should! They are great general conditioners.

Garden Botanika is available at ULTA Beauty, or you can comparison shop for Garden Botanika at Shopzilla .


Peter Thomas Roth Lips to Die For, Lip Facial Trio

Peter Thomas Roth Lip Treatment TrioThis is a great little kit! The Peter Thomas Roth Lips To Die For, Lip Facial Trio contains all that you need to give yourself a lip spa treatment.

For the lip product addict who has everything, this would be a unique an intereting gift.

The kit comes with three products:

  • Heavenly Lemon Sugar Scrub to provide exfoliation and prepare the lips for the next steps.
  • Super Smooth Lip Putty as a moisturizing mask for the lips.
  • Pink Bombshell Lip Balm conditions the lips, further moisturizes and protects.

Great for yourself or as a unique gift for a lip product lover.

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