Pixies, Afros and Mod Bobs – Short Hair Trends for 2012

2012 is all about revival and re-branding. Fashion designers are looking to the past to create the collections of the future, and the hairstyles on the catwalk are shaping the trends of today. A hairstyle is far more than just a cut, it reflects a person’s style and individuality even more so than their outfit. After all, clothes are changeable but a haircut is (at least semi!) permanent.

Portrait of a beautiful african american woman

Although they may not have the gym-toned body to pull off a celebrity outfit, any woman can take a picture of Scarlett Johansson or Emma Watson into a hair salon and – several hours later – they can emerge with a nearly perfect resemblance. The women of 2012 have more choice than ever in how they style their hair, and the choices available can often seem overwhelming.

Hair Trends for 2012

The Pixie/Rock Crop

The ubiquitous pixie crop, so popular in recent years, isn’t going anywhere – but, like most aspects of the 2012 hair scene, it is undergoing a re-branding. It’s emerging on the catwalks as the “rock crop”, best suited to those with androgynous facial features and short, angular cut fringes. This short, choppy cut can either be spiked up with gel for maximum rockabilly style, or slicked down for a sleeker appearance. This versatility makes the Rock Crop the perfect day-to-night style.

The Mod Bob

The Sixties Revival is still going strong in 2012, with several designers releasing collections that look like wardrobes from the set of Across the Universe. This wavy, mussy bob with the characteristic peak at the crown could be lifted straight from the head of Sixties goddesses Twiggy or Brigitte Bardot. Part hair at the side and fasten with a bobby pin for a maximum Sixties vibe.

The ‘Softfro’

Alongside its earlier counterpart, the Seventies comeback is making waves across the West. Based on the traditional afro, the re-branded is softer and dreamier than its edgy predecessor. Think fuzzy halo rather than bouncing curls – this is a look that can be paired with delicate lace and chiffon, in addition to bold patterns and animal print.

Hair Extensions

The great thing about having short hair is that it’s easily transformed into long hair with very popular extensions for hair – a transition which our longer haired sisters are unable to do without a pair of scissors! Hair extensions can be professionally woven in at a hair salon, although this can be eye-wateringly expensive (sometimes up to $300 for 50 extensions). Clip-in extensions are usually cheaper, can be applied at home, and can be removed and re-used. The more expensive hair extensions are made from authentic human hair and can be curled and straightened.

Styling Essentials For Short Hair

A good quality set of combs is vital for maintaining short hair. Use a variety of fine and wide tooth combs to create your style. Styling wax is usually better for creating texture in short hair. Finish off the style with a firm-hold hairspray to maintain the volume.

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High Tech Hair Straightening Techniques

Throughout the years, many curly-headed women have tried countless methods and techniques for straightening their hair, with many ending in pain and horror stories. For a long time, the desire to have long, sleek, and shiny hair had been nothing more than a pipe dream for these women and they have had to settle for finding curly styles that better fit their natural hair texture. At the same time, women in different parts of the world have had no problem switching from a curly head of hair to straightened locks without any issues. What is the difference? The latter women were using specific methods to accomplish the task in the best way possible. The top two techniques have since become global and now use modern equipment to straighten even the curliest locks.

straight dark hair


The newest of the two main straightening techniques comes from Japan and is called Japanese Thermal Straightening or Reconditioning, or the Japanese Straight Perm. Whatever name is used, the process involves a number of high tech chemicals being applied to the hair to get the dramatic texture change. Most salons will have one or two brands of Japanese Straightening Systems. The best of these are either Liscio or Yuko, both of which have had great success with very curly hair. A person who has decided on this procedure should ask their stylist which products they will choose and be cautious if neither of these brands are mentioned. All told, a Japanese Thermal Reconditioning session can take quite a long time, with reports of up to six hours being common. However, the straightening technique will keep the hair looking good for half a year to a full year, depending on the person’s individual level of wear and tear as well as the humidity in the air.

Yuko thermal straight hair


The other high tech straightening technique is also foreign, this time coming from the South American nation of Brazil. Called a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, this process uses a different set of chemicals to achieve the straightened effect. The main chemical is keratin, a protein that occurs naturally in hair, which is probably why the method is so successful. Combing keratin, other chemicals, and conditioners, the hair is straightened to a desired texture and will stand up to blow drying and even moisture for several months. While the technique has evolved greatly in modern years, a woman thinking about getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment will need to know what chemicals are going into her hair. Specifically, she should ask the stylist if they use formaldehyde and choose a different salon if they say yes.

Keratin straight hair


With these two different techniques both being effective, many women wonder which one they should choose for the best combination of appearance, longevity, and cost. The main difference between the two is in the amount of time that they last. While the Japanese treatment lasts up to a year, the Brazilian version usually only lasts for a few months before another trip to the salon is needed. At the same time, the Brazilian straightening process does leave the hair more shiny and wavy, so a woman may desire that texture. For most women, the correct choice will come down to personal preference and how she wants her hair to look and feel.

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Hairstyles for a Busy Life Style

Leading a busy lifestyle can be tiring and stressful and maintaining beautiful hair is just one more stressor that busy people don’t have the time to deal with. However, most people who live a hectic lifestyle work in professional environments that expect a high level of grooming and appropriate attire. How can someone with little to no extra time achieve a sleek, sophisticated hairstyle? The answer to this is simple, you just need to find a hairstyle that works for you. Although, short hairstyles are super trendy there is no need to go chopping off long hair to create an easier to maintain style. Here are a few hairstyles that are perfect for busy people:

Wavy Ponytail

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves can be one of the easiest hairstyles to create. People with straight hair can use curling irons, straightening irons, or blowdryers to create this style, but the great thing about a beachy look is that if you have a slight wavy or curly texture to your hair you can easily create this style with little to no hassle. After washing your hair at night, apply a sea salt spray or texturizing product to towel dried hair, scrunch it, and let it air dry. When you wake up in the morning you will have beachy waves that look carefully crafted without having to do much prep work.


A sleek ponytail can also be a great style for a professional environment. There is no need to straighten or blowdry your hair, simply let your hair air dry over night and work with your natural texture. You can pull the hair up high, leave it low, or even pull it to the side and tie it with an elastic. To make this style look more pulled together, simply take a section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic and then pin it into place. This style is great because it looks put together, takes very little time to create, and keeps your hair out of your face during the day.

Side Buns

Messy side buns are super chic and they are very easy to create, as well. If you want a wavier texture you can apply a texturizing product while hair is still damp, scrunch it, and let it air dry overnight. Otherwise, you can just let your hair dry with its natural texture. In the morning, pull your hair to the side and use an elastic to secure it into a ponytail. Use bobby pins to quickly pin sections up into a loose bun at the base of the ponytail. Make sure you use enough bobby pins to hold it into place.

If you are open to the idea of having short hair razored bobs are very popular. This style can be done in a variety of lengths and it helps texturize the hair for a trendier look. Once you have had your hairstylist cut your razored bob, you will simply need to wash your hair at night, apply a texturizing product and let it air dry. In the morning you will have a great style that is ready to go. All of these styles are super easy to create and maintain so they are ideal for a busy person.

Friendly haircare tips from the friendly hairstylists of Allure Hair Salon in Miami – the Miami hair extensions professionals.

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