Don’t Let Your Hair and Makeup Age You

As we age, our hair and skin changes and I’m not just talking about gray strands and wrinkles. Avoiding some common mistakes can help take years off your appearance.
Hair Color

Because our complexions lose some color as we mature, we should make sure our hair color is richer.Choosing a color that is too dark will make your wrinkles stand out even more by casting dark shadows on your skin. Dark hair also causes scalp to show through more prominently if you have thinning hair.Minimize this by going a little lighter than your natural color. The other extreme, a color that is too light will also age you because it causes your complexion to look too washed out. Red hair is hard to pull off on women with mature skin because it highlights age spots, blotchiness and sallow complexions.  Look for colors with golden tones, like a honey blond.

Bangs Before Botox

Just because you are over 40, doesn’t mean you have to cut off all your hair. 40 is the new 30 after all. Consider whether your long hair is healthy and shiny looking. If your hair looks dry and frazzled, you should be doing some serious deep conditioning, or give up and cut some of it off. Bangs are one thing that can quickly take years off your face. Long, side swept bangs look great on just about everyone and do a lot to cover the lines on your forehead.

Cake is for Birthdays

Don’t make the mistake of pancaking on makeup to cover wrinkles and sun spots. In fact, as you age, you risk looking even older by using makeup that will settle into lines, in colors that make you look pasty and pale. Visit a makeup counter where an expert can find you a slightly warmer or deeper color than you have always used. Always make sure your skin is moisturized before applying makeup and if you don’t use one, consider trying a primer. Primers are usually a silicone based product that makes your skin smooth, fills tiny lines and provides a perfect surface for your makeup.

Avoid traditional concealer and use a highlighter, which contains minerals that diffuse light. Go easier on the blush, poorly placed it can make your face look gaunt.

Lip Service

If you must wear lipstick, use a lip pencil in the same color to help avoid lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. Buy a lipstick brush to apply lipstick rather than applying it straight from the tube. A more youthful look will always be a light colored gloss. Dark colors on lips will look harsh and make you appear older so if you refuse to give up red, find a sheer one.

Windows To Your Soul

The delicate skin around your eyes ends up looking crepey with too much makeup. Use a small amount of primer and then choose colors that cancel red and yellow tones, like sage. Avoid cream eyeshadows, which build up in the creases.

Gloria Marquez is a mother and writer who works for Eco-Tools Makeup so she considers herself an expert on cosmetics. She often blogs about makeup and how to get the most out of your look.

Photo Credit: Lord_Henry

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Stay Cool Yet Look Great At Outdoor Summer Events

While summer means fun in the sun, you may already be glaring at the outdoors. For many of us, its far easier to look cool and collected in the winter, when layers and lovely textiles are the order of the day. In summer, it’s far too easy to look like a lank mess, so consider these important tips for keeping your cool even when it is sweltering out.

cool summer fashion

Wear Natural Fibers

To understand why you want to wear natural fibers, consider the science. When you sweat in a cotton shirt, the natural fibers pick up the moisture and pull it away from your skin, allowing it to evaporate. Polyester fibers do not pick up the moisture and instead you end up sitting in your own sweat all day. Keep cool in cotton and linen, the standard summer fabrics.

Up with Up-Dos

Summer is no time to have your hair down on your neck or hanging around your face. Not only does this allow your hair to get dirtier and faster, you’ll find that it can also conspire to make you look more tired and hot. Instead, put up your hair in a but, tie it up in a ponytail or braid it close to your head. This keeps you wonderfully cool when the breeze hits the back of your neck.

Keep the Makeup Minimal.

Here’s a horrible summer fact for you: in temperatures that are hot enough, makeup melts off of you. As you sweat, the powders on your face can turn into a muddy sludge, and that is the last thing you want. When you want to get made up for a summer event, stick with waterproof mascara and tinted lip gloss. That is a wonderfully fresh look for you in the summer sun.

Consider Sandals

One of the great pleasures of the summer is wearing sandals and having a great time outside. However, if you are tired of your old sandals, take advantage of some of the new styles that are available to you. This summer is seeing a lot of strappy sandals, ones with very narrow straps and just a little bit of metal detailing. Choose sandals that are stylish and remember that it is hard for one kind of shoe to do anything. If you have to get sandals for both the beach and the mall, so be it!

Sun Block and Lots of It

Nothing puts a damper on a fun summer day as much as sunburn or the specter of skin cancer. The sun’s rays are very harsh, especially on those beautiful bright days, so wherever you go, put on some sun block. The higher the SPF, the more protective it will be for your skin. If you have very pale skin, always slather this stuff on before you leave the house. Even darker skin won’t protect you, so be safe rather than sorry!


The sun and the warmth are great, but remember that they can dry your skin out very quickly. No one likes the itchy, uncomfortable feel of dry skin, so take the time to slather on some of your favorite lotion. Do this right after you come out from the shower and use a fresh, summer-scented lotion. Citrus and freesia are both great summer scents.

Consider what you want to look like this summer, and leave the lank hair and dull skin behind!

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How Short Dare You Go?

angie vintage

Deciding to go for a short or cropped hairstyle is a great choice; not only will your new hairstyle be easily managed and maintained but will give you plenty of freedom for different styles and appearances.

However, you shouldn’t make the decision lightly as once the hair is cut, there’s no going back. Consider the following points before you give your hairdresser the nod to chop:

Tip 1 – Your Face Shape

Although it’s often said that the majority of face shapes can cope with and work a short hair style, there’s also a lot to be said for getting the right shape for your face. Whilst round faces tend to work a style which is longer than the chin and therefore elongates the face rather than a style which sits around the ears and looks like a helmet, a longer face can really pull a longer style down and you may feel that your face is unnecessarily long as a result. In either event, it’s always wise to consider your face shape before choosing a style, although none should prevent you from having a short style.

Tip 2 – Your Neck

If you’ve only ever had long hair before then you might not have had to consider your shoulders, jawline and neck when deciding on a hairstyle. The best way of seeing if the style suits you and the shape of your neck and shoulders is to try a strapless top with your hair tied up. If you like the way the style makes your neck and shoulders look, then the chances are that you’ll like the way short hairstyles will look.

Tip 3 – Your Hair Type

Although hair which has a natural wave to it often suits short hair as it sits nicely, if you have tight curls and struggle to tame these under normal circumstances then a short style could leave you with an unfortunate mushroom shape. Some stylists (especially one who doesn’t know you) may refuse or try to persuade you out of having a short cut if you have particularly curly hair but it’s always worth being careful yourself as stylists might not take into account how you’re going to style your hair yourself.

Furthermore, if your hair is overly thick then you might want to reconsider any prospects of a short choppy do as eve thinning scissors can do so much and thick, short hair may look clumpy and bulky rather than choppy and fresh.

Tip 4 – Maintenance

Consider the amount of time you have to maintain the style. Contrary to popular belief, short cuts aren’t always the easiest to look after and you may need a lot of styling, masses of products and regular cuts to maintain the shape, length and effect of the cut. If you’re a get out of bed, pull hair into ponytail and leave home kind of person then you may find that the daily routine of daily washing and styling are too much for you to cope with.

Barry Wells enjoys rock climbing and blogs on fashion, celebrities and short hairstyles.

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