Valentines Day Makeup Tips

It’s February, which means that holiday of pinks, reds, hearts, and cupids is almost upon us. For those of us with a hot date to look forward to that night, choosing the outfit, the hair-do, and, perhaps most importantly, the makeup for your big night out is always a fun challenge. With that in mind, let me make life a little simpler for you. Here are a few fantastic makeup ideas for that special evening, from the minimal to the hot pink.

Valentine's Day Makeup


1. Keep It Simple

Let’s be honest: most men want to see their beautiful date rather than the pound of makeup on her face. This look is special without veering into the territory of circus clown. The most important step to me is always making your skin look as glowy and flawless as possible. This means using a fantastic moisturizer followed by your foundation of choice. Personally, I prefer just a bit of Fresh’s Supernova Radiance Pen under the eyes and Face Luster on my skin. Finding a blush for that natural glow is just as important. Crème blushes like Tarte’s cheek stains give you a very natural look and when they’re paired with a great highlighter. My favorites are from Benefit. All of their highlighters are great, but at the moment I’m loving Watt’s Up in a “C” from the brow-bone down over your cheeks or just a light dusting of One Hot Minute over the cheeks.

Some soft eye shadow in a color that makes your eyes pop goes a long way. I’d recommend a shimmery base color with a darker contouring color in the crease of the eye and a highlighter just under the eyebrow. To define the eye, a small wingtip with black liquid liner always looks classic. Finally, since it’s Valentine’s Day: a red lip is absolutely appropriate. Of course, you also want a look that won’t smudge all over the place when your date kisses you! A great lip tint like Tarte’s Lipsurgence is the perfect solution: it will give you great color, keep your lips soft and moisturized, and it will stay in place when you’re eating dinner or getting that goodnight kiss.

2. The Smoky Eye

If you’d like a little more oomph in your look, a classic smoky eye is a perfect way to do it. One great thing about the smoky eye look is that you don’t have to stick with just black or brown shadows. A smoky eye in any color can look fantastic, especially if the color you choose makes your eyes pop.

The easiest way to a great smoky eye is to apply your primer over your entire lid. This will give your look staying power. Then take a pencil liner and line all around the eye, connecting the upper and lower lash lines. Then take a brush and carefully smudge the lines you’ve just created. For shadow, you’ll want a medium shade, a dark contouring shade, and a highlighting shade all in complimentary colors. Your medium shade should go on the outer portion of your upper eyelid, essentially going in the crease. Then take your lightest shade and apply it to the inner portion of your upper eyelid.. Finally, apply your darkest shade to the areas where you’ve applied eyeliner, intensifying until you are satisfied with your smoky eye. Then you can apply your highlighting shade to the brow bone and inner corners of your eyes, put on a couple coats of your favorite mascara, and you’re good to go! With a strong smoky eye, it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple: a bit of blush and a neutral lip is all you need.

3. Hot Pink

I know when I think of color for Valentine’s Day, the first one I think of is pink. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate pink into your Valentine’s makeup, from a subtle shadow or lip gloss to in-your-face hot pink eyes or lips. The above look is obviously a strong pink, but it still works! The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your look. If your Valentine’s Day date happens to be a night out with the girls, all the more reason to choose a bright color and play around with it.

Hopefully you found some inspiration here for your Valentine’s Day look. The most important thing to remember is that your date thinks you’re beautiful for your own lovely face, not the makeup you’re wearing. So just have fun with it and remember that your smile will be your most important accessory.

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The 5 Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

Jewelry is often a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. While jewelry can be a very nice gift, it can also be trite if given with little thought. Jewelry mishaps on Valentine’s Day can be avoided by choosing from these five terrific jewelry gifts.

Valentines Romance

Best Jewelry Gifts For Valentines Day

1) Lockets
A locket is a thoughtful and timeless piece of jewelry. Lockets can be engraved with special sayings and have photographs placed inside. Photos of loved ones or of special memories can be treasured and kept close when inserted in a locket. A heart-shaped locket is a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, however lockets are available in a variety of shapes, materials, and designs. Choose a design suited to your loved one’s taste. A locket is generally a more personal, intimate gift, so you may want to avoid giving one to someone with whom you have a more casual relationship.

2) Watches
A watch is a jewelry gift suitable for men and women alike. Both practical and stylish, a watch can be used year round. Tastes in watches can vary greatly, so if you plan on buying a watch as a gift, you may wish to take your loved one out to shop for one rather than having it be a surprise gift. A gift card to go toward the purchase of a watch is another option.

3) Charm Bracelets
A versatile gift option is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets can be given to a significant other, but at the same time, they are casual enough that it would not be inappropriate to give one to a close friend. For long-term relationships, consider giving a bracelet with a special charm for the first year of your relationship and add on a charm for every Valentine’s Day after. Choose charms that are meaningful and that match the look of the bracelet. Charms and bracelets come in a wide range of prices, so be sure to select a bracelet in an appropriate range for your budget and relationship.

4) Rings
Rings are often given a sign of promise and commitment. They tend to be a gift of romance rather than one of friendship, so consider your relationship carefully before giving a ring as a gift. A ring can rage from a simple band with an inscription, or something more elaborate with diamonds or other stones.  Gemvara is a particularly good source for custom rings.

5) Stones for Rings
For marriages and committed relationships, consider adding a stone to your loved one’s ring. A stone can be added to a wedding band in commemoration of all the years you have spent together. The addition of a stone should be discussed with your loved one, as they might not want their ring altered in any way. However, if this is something he or she would be interested in, the addition of a stone can be very meaningful.

The bottom line to shopping for a jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day is to follow your instincts and think about what you know about the person you care for. Take their tastes into consideration, and you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

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5 Valentines Day Nail Polish Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up and no matter if you have a special date or if you just want to have some fun with your style, a good place to begin is at your fingertips. Get inspired by the colors and themes of Valentine’s Day for your next manicure. There are thousands of looks out there, but here are a few ideas.


1. Reds
One of the first colors to come to mind when you think Valentines Day is Red, of course. It’s the color of roses, hearts, a symbol of passion and a stunning color that anybody can pull off. There’s an array of reds to choose from, from ones with blue undertones to fiery orange-reds. Certain shades will look best depending on if you have cool or warm undertones. Cool or blue-reds look best on people with cool undertones and red-oranges look best on those with warm undertones. When you find the right red that’s right for you, it’ll pop against your skin.

2. Pinks
Sweet, girly pinks are another fun color for Valentine’s Day. They’re always flirty and can range from a darling ballet slipper shade to a punchy fuchsia. Light pink would be great for a romantic date in the park whereas its bolder cousin would look amazing for a fun night out on the town. Keep nails filed short when wearing hot pink since the color is so bold already. Coral-pinks can be another fun way to decorate your fingers for Valentine’s Day.

3. White
White nails are striking, modern and unusual. They’re great for Valentine’s Day and the winter season in general. You can go for a brilliant snow white or white mixed with a nice silver or gold shimmer. A French manicure is a classy look to consider that always looks good with white. Since a solid white nail is so striking, keep the length short. Anybody can pull this color off.

4. Glitter
Whether it’s tiny, big and chunky or even shaped like hearts for Valentine’s, glitter is a fun way to punch up your nails. You’ll want to go for something in the pink or red family to stay in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Try festive heart shaped glitter for a cute holiday look. You might even want to try applying one heart and leaving the rest of the nail a pale color or even clear. Get even more creative with glittery polish by doing a shimmery French manicure or maybe even stripes.

5. Nail Art
One trend that’s very popular right now is kiwai nail art. This trend comes from Japan and uses acrylic nails as well as clay and various materials to get a unique look. Nail artists can sculpt hearts for Valentine’s Day out of the gel or Fimo clay they’re using as well as an array of other shapes. If you don’t have the time or money to get a professional manicure you can always paint your own designs with fine brushes that can easily be found in craft and beauty supply stores. For example, paint the base of the nail pink then paint on a deep red heart, Cupid’s arrow or some angel wings. Get creative and have fun. Lack time? Look for nail stickers and press on art at your local drugstore.

Overall, be imaginative with your Valentine’s Day manicure. It’s a great holiday to get playful and try designs that you might not normally wear. Have fun with the colors and let everybody know that your fingertips are holiday themed by sporting pinks, reds, or some of the other colors that have been suggested.

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