Top 5 Adult Halloween Costumes for 2012

Halloween is fun — pure and simple. The great thing about this annual holiday is that children are not the only ones who can get in on the fun. More and more adults are embracing this time of the year by dressing up as different characters. Why should the children have all the fun when adults still have their inner child to pacify?


Many adults dress up for Halloween. Costume parties are a great way for adults to celebrate this entertaining holiday and costumes make the night special. Adults often accompany their children while Trick-or-Treating, and dressing up just adds to the fun. With so many options, adults are sure to find a great costume that fits in with their style and the event that they plan to attend.   The top five adult Halloween costumes include:

  1. Superheroes – With so many different superhero movies out this year, this type of costume choice is sure to be well-represented. Adults can dress up as Batman, Catwoman, Spider-Man, or The Avengers characters. There is something for everyone.
  2. Family Guy – These crazy characters continue to be a popular choice for adults who like a little irreverent fun with their Halloween. Adults love the humor involved with these characters, which makes for interesting topics of conversation.
  3. Sexy costumes – Sexy adult Halloween costumes continue to be all the rage, especially for the women. Who doesn’t love to dress up as a sexy vampire or goddess? Playboy Bunny costumes are also a great way to create a sexy look on that special night.
  4. Vampires and other monsters – Vampires have been wildly popular ever since the Twilight movies and TV shows came out. Vampire costumes can be made sexy or they can lean more towards a frightening look. This is a popular choice for adults who want to take a bite out of Halloween this year.
  5. Presidential candidates - The election is just around the corner. It is expected that we will see many Obama and Romney costumes out stalking the streets for candy.

No matter what costumes are chosen for that special night, the key is to have fun. Halloween should be a night to let loose and enjoy the fun. These exciting Halloween ideas should help people to get started on planning their costume before the mad rush of the holiday begins.   Whether people choose to be a sexy vamp or a whimsical cartoon character, great adult costumes can be found for any costume desire. Good costume shops should have a variety of suitable costumes for that special night, and a search on the Internet can reveal some really great costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing.   Halloween is quickly approaching and it’s time to begin planning that special costume and make the costume purchases to ensure that people get that costume they really want. The more popular costumes will go quickly this year; that is why planning ahead just makes sense.   Dressing up alongside the children for Trick-or-Treating or with a group of friends makes this night worth waiting for. Halloween was meant to be enjoyed by both the young and the old.

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How To Get A Fun St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Look

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are one of many women that want to have the perfect makeup for the festive holiday, here are a few suggestions:

Beauty green make-up

Simple Steps For Fun St. Patrick’s Day Makeup


Begin with a foundation base for a smooth look that will make your makeup last longer.  Make sure that you also apply concealer over  imperfections so that your skin will become flawless. Next, apply press powder for a finished look.


First, apply a light green glittery eye shadow all over your eyelids, with a darker shade of green on the outer half end of your lids.  Afterwards, green eye shadow as a smudge liner under your eye, and use a medium green or brown shadow on your crease. This will create an interesting green eye with a pop of intense green color.  For extra pop, line your eyes and waterline with plum or black eyeliner, and then apply a decent amount of mascara for an extra dramatic look. You could also apply a bit of shimmer on your brow bone and tear ducts so that your eyes will pop even more.


Since your eyes are already pretty strong, apply a nude lipstick on your lips. If you are not used to wearing nude lipstick, then you should just apply a slightly brown/pink lipstick just to add a bit of color to your lips.


For the cheeks, all you need to do is contour the bones with bronzer or a slightly pink blush if you want to have rosy cheeks for the holiday. Don’t try to make your cheeks over extravagant, since you do want your eyes to be the star.

Basically, with this very simple and easy to follow St. Patrick’s Day Makeup, you will then look your best on this very festive holiday.

Shop for Makeup at Sephora

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Infographic How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year when everyone’s mind is on one thing: Valentine’s Day, February 14th. If you’re in a relationship, you may be thinking how to gage the situation and what to do to make your loved one feel special, and if you are set to spend it alone you may be thinking of how to cheer yourself up or make the most of single life.

The flowchart below can help eradicate the stress of deciding just how to while away that wonderful, or terrible day. Perhaps you’d like to treat your partner to a meal out and a movie, or for a more serious thing a short break might be preferable.

Alternatively, if you are single on this day then you might consider drowning your sorrows inside a bargain bucket with your best lonely buds.

Whatever the flowchart decides, there’s an answer for any dilemma and should see you having the best day appropriate without the accompanying headaches.

Valentines Day Infographic

Infographic produced by Basekit

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