Dior Lip Gloss Charms

Put this one in the expensive gift ideas category. Hmmmm…. right after I typed that, I added a category with that name!

Dior Pretty Charms Secret Lip Gloss
The Dior Pretty Charms Secret Lip Gloss is one of those luxury items that nobody needs, but would love to be seen with.It’s $95, it’s Dior, enough said…..


Elf Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of those products that can be quite nice at a very affordable price. Yes, there are some wonderful expensive ones as well, but you don’t have to spend a fortune for a decent gloss.

At e.l.f. cosmetics, most products are only $1 each. That allows for a whole lot of makeup for very little money!

E.l.f. also offers some great lip product sets. One of my favorites is the ultra cute Hypershine Mini Cell Phone Lip Gloss Charms. The little lip gloss charms can be changed in and out, and at only $5, this is one heck of a deal! I have also seen this set at Target.

Another nice set is the Hypershine Gloss Box Set of 8. This give you 8 glosses at $1 each. The hypershine glosses remind me quite a bit of Bonne Belle glosses, but with a bit more color. Or take a look at the Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF Box Set of 5.
E.l.f. offers a wide range of other lip products and general cosmetics. Outside of a few of the lip glosses, I haven’t tried a large amount of them, but at the cheap prices, I plan to get more. I will report back when I do!

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