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Autumn Nails

It’s difficult to describe to men the craze women have with their nails. This craze, which has existed for a long time, was brought to most men’s attention with the introduction of instagram and the millions of photographs that women have posted of their manicured talons which have ensued.

What they don’t understand is that nice nails are an inexpensive and usually quick way of making you feel and look a million dollars. No matter how worn down or unkempt you may feel you are (you could be having one of those weeks), manicured nails instantly make you feel and look 50% better. Add a shower and a slick of lipstick and maybe run a comb through your hair and voila! You are ready to go out on the town.

Fall nail polish

The great thing about autumn nails is that you can easily incorporate either summer or winter looks and get away with it. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to wear coral red or pinks, which were big this summer like Bourjois Rouge Fashionista or to the complete contrary, navy blue which will be very big in Autumn/Winter 2012/13. Along with navy, this autumn, deep reds and oxblood like Essie Berry Naughty are very much in. MAC’s nail lacquers in Nightfall and Spirit of Truth are perfect for those who are fond of very dark nails but want a change from the classic black or Bordeaux.

Essie Polish

The more unusual mousy greys and matte blues and greens which were big last year are still in huge demand with shinier, more glittery versions of these making an appearance whilst taupe beige, like Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants, has replaced the classic nude nail varnish.

If you feel that you can’t have nice nails all the time due to financial restraints, fear not. The easiest trick in the book and to avoid needing regular manicures (and presuming that you know how to apply your own nail varnish – it’s rare to find a woman that can’t nowadays), keep an orange wood stick and cuticle oil (which can both be found at your local pharmacy) by your bed and before going to sleep each night, do a mini manicure which will only take you three minutes, tops.

Apply a drop of cuticle oil onto each nail and gently push back the cuticle with the orange wood stick. Done. This way (and with maybe a good filing once a week) you can avoid needing a full-blown manicure for up to six weeks. Pushing the cuticles back regularly makes your nails grow faster and also makes your nail varnish stay on longer as you are pushing away all the dead skin cells which stick to the nail and can cause the nail varnish to flake off. Avoid cutting your own cuticles though; leave this to a professional as they tend to grow back faster and thicker if overcut. Use the orange wood stick trick instead and wake up everyday with beautiful, healthy nails.


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5 Things Every Woman Should Keep in Her Manicure Kit

Being a woman takes a lot of upkeep. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts women can take to stay on top of it all, without putting themselves completely out. At the top of that list is being prepared. For women who prefer to keep their nails primped and polished, having a well-stocked manicure kit on hand (no pun intended) at all times in a must. That way, she is always prepared in the event of those unexpected snags and tears that can turn a good manicure into an eyesore.

Here are five things every woman should keep in her manicure kit:

Cuticle remover. Nothing can ruin a perfectly good set of nails like raggedy cuticles. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep cuticles looking their best without regular attention. Buy a small bottle of cuticle remover cream and rub it into your cuticles every day. Let it sit for a few minutes and then use an orange stick to push the cuticle off the nail. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make with your manicure.

Nail clippers. Sure, you never leave the house thinking you’re going to have to clip your nails, but accidents happen. There is no better fix for a torn or hanging nail than a basic pair of fingernail clippers.

A nail file. Any time you have a slight snag in your nail that catches on things (like your hair – ouch!), then the best solution is to file it down with a nail file. This works on those occasions where using a nail clipper is too much. Also, nail files are invaluable when it comes to shaping your nails just the way you want them.

Nail glue. If you happen to tear your nail and can’t get to the manicurist right away to fix it – and you don’t want to just cut it off – then you can repair your nail using nail glue. Just remember that nail glue is like superglue, and be careful not to overuse it, or let it get into the wrong hands.

Clear nail lacquer. Clear nail lacquer is like lip gloss: it is an easy way to look polished even when you’re in too big of a hurry to do much else. If you are in between manicures, trying to grow your nails out, or even just allowing your nails some time off the color, it is a good idea to keep them looking healthy and shiny with just one coat of a clear gloss nail lacquer.

There are certain things that women should have in their arsenal, and manicured nails are just the thing to top any look off. Make sure you have these five items in your manicure kit at all times.

Kai Harshfield owns her own nail salon and one of her trademarks is the individual manicure kits she keeps for each client, ensuring cleanliness and safety in tool choice. Every client who purchases a manicure kit gets to choose a signature nail color to keep inside, ensuring they at least have access to their favorite shades at all times!

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