Dimitri James Skinn Cosmetics Lipstick and Gloss

Skinn cosmetics makes a couple of really nice lip items. The High Brilliance Lipstick is great stuff, especially considering the $14 price tag. The lipstick is creamy, long lasting and generally moisturizing. It also has anti-aging ingredients for a bit of double duty action.

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The Wet Shine Lip Gloss is also lovely. This tube gloss has a pretty good color payoff—more than the standard tube type usually has. Yet despite the extra pigment, it is low on the stickiness factor. It has Vitamin E, Soy, and aloe for conditioning agents. This one is another good value at $12.50.

Skinn also offers some nifty 3 piece and 6 peice sets.

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Callas Cosmetics, Lipstick and Gloss From Korea, France and Japan

Callas is a a cosmetics brand sold developed in Japan and France, but made in Korea. I love Japanese and Korean Cosmetics (e.g I’m trying to get my hands on some Etude House), which tend to always be great quality. Callas makes some good products and the lip items are especially nice.

Callas Cosmetics Lip Gloss France Korea Japan

Callas Brilliant Stars Lip Gloss is a high shine, glimmery gloss that is low on stickiness, but still high on color. That is a good achievement, since usually to get good color some tackiness is expected as a matter of course.  At around $12-15, the price isn’t too bad–not budget range, but not high end either.

Callas Moist Petal Lipstick is a good moisturizing lipstick. The color pay off is high and it feels lovely. this one also runs in the $12-15 range.

Callas Lipstick Japan Korea France

Callas Perfect ColorStay Lipstick (pictured above) was my favorite. This slimline lipstick has nice staying power without feeling dry. The packaging is attractive and it pairs well with the gloss. I had a few positive comments on it from friends who saw it. They had not heard of the brand before and liked the look of the tube.  Callas ColorStay runs at around $15.

I linked to order pages from Amazon.com, simply because they are most likley to be in stock there, but I actually ordered mine from Yesstyle, which is an incredible Japanese and Korean fashion, beauty, and accessories site. It is a neat place for some unique items, and well worth looking at for non-beauty items. For example, they have some incredible handbags and shoes!   You can also view Callas items at Callas.com.


Senna Cosmetics Lip Sync Duo: Lipstick and Gloss Together

lipsync01I am in loooooove with lipstick/gloss combos! Awhile back I raved about the Sonia Kashuk combo (read review). Now I am adoring the Senna Lip Sync in Paris Pink, which combines a sheer rose lipstick with a pink gloss. Senna describes their Lip Sync duos as follows:

The user-friendly lipstick-lipgloss duo is available in three shades that look stunning no matter how you mix and match them.  A La Mode is a soft rose peach lipstick paired with a sparkling peach gloss, Stunning pairs earthy coral glowing lipstick with a golden-hued gloss and Paris Pink combines a true rose lipstick with a soft warm pink gloss.

Lip Sync formulas are flavored to taste like almond biscotti and include natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, green tea extract and Maxi Lip®. These conditioning and soothing elements ensure that lips stay super moist and that the color they provide won’t fade.

The Paris Pink duo is indeed quite nice. The lipstick is creamy and smooth with a great shade. It is sheer but not too sheer. Instead of matching the shade, the gloss is done in a compatible shade of pink. So either could be worn alone, or they work well together. The gloss is not at all sticky and the light flavor is pleasant.

Below are swatches from the Paris Pink set:


On the left is the lipstick, the middle is the lipstick combined with gloss, and on the right is the gloss alone.

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