MAC Too Supreme Swatches

The MAC Too Supreme Collection presents a slew of new sheen supreme shades and introduces MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass, a lipglass in a clickable pen tube. The collection is inspired by East Asian shades.

I have always loved Sheen Supreme lipsticks and the new MAC Sheen Supreme lipglass was a rather present surprise for me. Below are MAC Too Supreme swatches, photos, and my review of the collection.


MAC Too Supreme


Here is  photo of the full lineup, which has a number of great shades. The new Sheen Supreme Lipglass particularly impressed me. I have had issues in the past with MAC lipglass being sticky, but these were not sticky at all and had pretty decent pigment to them. I also tend to like click up lip gloss applicators, although you have to be careful to not overload the brush.


MAC TooSupreme Collection


MAC Too Supreme Swatches

Below are swatches from left to right of Sheen Supreme Lipstick in the shades Asian Flower, Korean Candy, and Royal Azalea.  Those are followed by swatches of Sheen Supreme Lipglass shades in Cherry Fest, Jasmine Honey, and Mango Sheen.


MAC Too Supreme Swatches

Here is a lip swatch of MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Cherry Fest. I didn’t do a lip swatch of Jasmine Honey because it was such a light shade.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Swatch

Here is a lip swatch of the Mango Sheen lipglass. I really, really like this one!

Sheen Supreme Mango Sheen Lip Swatch

The MAC Too Supreme Collection is available now through early April.

Disclosure: Products for this review were provided to me by a representative of MAC. For more information please see our disclosure policies and pages.


Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick

Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick is just what the name says, a high shine lipstick. I love the packaging on this one and it always feels luxurious to carry around Dior items.

The lipstick is on the sheer side. If you want a lot of color, take a look at some of the other Dior lipsticks instead (all Dior lip products are quite wonderful). It has a nice moisturizing feel to it and it gives off a good glossy shine. In many ways, Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick is really more like a glossy tinted balm.

The pink shades on this one are especially nice. I tend to wear mine as one of my spring lip colors.

Look for this at Dior counters in better department stores or at Sephora (which I linked to).

Comparison shop for Dior Cosmetics


Urban Decay Lipstick

Urban Decay Lipstick Urban Decay has a uniquely packaged lipstick. The tube stands on end with the hilt of a little sword sticking out of the top.

The lipstick itself has a nicely creamy texture with a glossy finish and moisturizing feel. The shade that I tried, Midnight Cowboy, was quite sheer. Urban Decay includes Vitamins A, C, and E in the lipstick.

I like this one, mostly for the interesting look of the container, but also for the nice feel of the product.

Comparison Shop for Urban Decay Cosmetics

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