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I have found very few long wearing products that I can put up with. However, I love MAC Lustre Twins and Dior makes some standard lipsticks that last incredibly well.

For a deeper look at some long wearing products, also take a look at my review of Revlon, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Milani long wearing products on Beauty on Fashion Tech.

Below is an article syndicated from Total Beauty on the matter that looks at some of the products that I have previously reviewed and more.

9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Do they really stay on? Read this real-woman road test

9 Supposedly Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Slicking on a coat of lip color every five minutes lost its allure after junior high. Nowadays, we want color that lasts hours and a product that doesn’t suck moisture from our lips. The Total Beauty Squad tested nine contenders to find ones with real staying power — enough to withstand cocktails and kisses. Find out which products delivered and which disappointed.

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lipgloss Duo

Rimmel kiss and stay lasting finish lipgloss Rimmel cosmetics has released a new line of long wearing lip duos—Rimmel Kiss and Stay. One side is a thick, long wearing stain, and the other is a gloss. I picked one up, and while I love the shade and lasting power of the stain, I was not at all happy with the gloss side of the duo.

The stain in the Rimmel Kiss and Stay duo is the typical high pigmented and fairly thick stain that you will see in long wearing products. Thus, in order to use it properly, you must apply it and let it completely dry before applying the gloss over it. Failure to let it dry will result in it chipping off or being over sticky. That is true of just about any long wearing product.  I found that the stain had nice color and it dried in the typical two minute time frame. It also lasted fairly well for me.

The gloss end of the duo was the disappointment. The gloss is very much on the sticky side. I found myself rubbing it off as quickly as I could and replacing it with a different non-sticky brand. So, while I liked the color that I got from the stain side of the product, I will not be using the gloss side of it.

Rimmel Cosmetics are available in Target stores and some drugstores. I think I picked up my Kiss and Stay  at Walgreens.

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MAC Cosmetics Lustre Twins

M.A.C. Cosmetics has managed to create a long wearing lip product that I actually like! I’m generally not a fan of long wear items because they tend to be very dry, get grainy easily, and really don’t last near as long as advertised. M.A.C. has managed to fix some of those issues with their Lustre Twins collection.

Lustre Twins consist of two interchangeable parts. One part is a heavy and long wearing lip stain, while the other is a gloss to top it. The pieces click together, kind of like the Meet Mark products do, so you can pair different glosses from the line with different stains. The shades are also quite pretty. I tried several of them, which are swatched below:

mac cosmetics lustre twins

I found that I got a good 4 hours of wear from the Lustre Twins, even when drinking a can of soda, if applied properly—something that is very important in order to have success with this product.  For proper application, start with clean and dry lips. Apply the stain and let it dry completely. This takes about 2 minutes. Failure to allow it to dry, or applying it over another lip product will generally turn it into a peeling mess. Once dry, apply and reapply gloss as needed.

When I tested the Lustre Twins, I found them to be quite comfortable as long as I reapplied gloss, and the shades were much better than some other long wear items that I have tried.   The Ripe and Ready shade paired with the Pink Virtue gloss has become a regular item in my purse (which also has about 10 other lip items in it at any given time).

BTW, the stain stayed on my arm for over 24 hours because scrubbing and rubbing alcohol would not remove it. So yes, this stuff can really stick around! However, it sticks less time to the lips than it does to an arm, which is probably a good thing!

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