Cat Cosmetics Lip Liner

I love this lip liner from Cat Cosmetics. Provided in a neutral shade, buck naked, it is very versatile. It is also just about the best liner I have used. The pencil is creamy, so there is no tugging, it and get this — it is waterproof! It lasts incredibly well.
Wear the Cat Cosmetics liner under your favorite lipsticks with a little gloss for a very comfortable and long wearing look.  This is by far my favorite lip liner. I also reviewed years back on Beauty and Fashion Tech (read Cat Cosmetics review).

The Best Long Wearing Lipstick

Total Beauty put out this interesting article on long wearing lipsticks. I tend to dislike most of the stain/gloss combos that claim to be long wearing (MAC’s version is the big exception—I love theirs). But I do like some of the more standard lipsticks that wear well, such as Dior. In reality, my best wear often comes from a combo of Cat Cosmetics lip liner and Dior or Laura Geller lipstick with a bit of gloss on top. It won’t last for hours, but it will wear fairly well, and it won’t look awful as it starts to wear off like the stain/gloss long wear combos do!
Find the Perfect Long-Lasting Lipstick

Real women put them to the test so you don’t have to

Find the Perfect Long-Lasting Lipstick

Looking for a lipstick that’ll last through your holiday party (not to mention a few trips under the mistletoe)? Well, we’ve found some for you. had readers try nine different lipsticks that claim to be long lasting in order to find out which ones will really stand the test of time. Check out the results here.

See lipsticks


Max Factor Lipfinity 3D MAX Wear Lipcolor

Max Factor is no longer selling in the United States, but it is still available in Europe.  It also appears to still be available at some online retailers. I gave Max Factor Lipfinity MAXwear Lipcolor a try and rather liked it.Max Factor Lipfinity Max Wear 3D

This is a dual sided long wearing stain and gloss combo. The stain is thick and full of pigment. For best results, apply it to completely clean and dry lips and let it dry entirely before applying the gloss. The gloss has a nice moisturizing feel to it with no stickiness at all. It was a bit on the frosted side for my tastes though.

Overall, I liked the color of the Max Factor products and I got a couple of hours wear out of this. It did come off quickly, however, with eating and drinking. The MAC Cosmetic Lustre Twins (read previous review) last longer and are still my favorite.

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