My Bobbi Brown Wishlist

When it comes to iconic cosmetic companies Bobbi Brown stands out. With a focus on natural and feminine shades, I already own a number of Bobbi Brown products and, at any given time, I have more on my radar. Here is a wish list of items that I am currently coveting.  These items are from Harrods which, if you are looking for Bobbi Brown UK items, is a great place to shop.

(1)  Caviar and Oyster Palette

Bobbi Brown caviar and oyster palette

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost ordered this. With four matte shadow shades and four shimmer shades, it is perfect for creating smoky eye looks or sparkling highlight looks for an evening out on the town or for parties. It comes paired with a shimmering highlighter for your cheeks to create a sparkling glow. The entire compact will also fit nicely in your purse. The shades are all universally flattering and versatile.

(2) Bobbi Brown BB Cream


Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I love BB creams, and Bobbi Brown reportedly has one of the best outside of the Asian companies. I been wanting to try it for some time and simply have not gotten around to it yet. If you have good skin, you can wear a BB cream alone. I like to use BB creams as a primer and put a tinted powder over it since I have some hyperpigmentation to hide. A good BB cream will act as a multi-tasker by providing coverage, skin care, and SPF protection all in one. The Bobbi Brown version offers SPF 35 protection.

(3) Uber Nude Lip and Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown uber nude palette


This lip and eye palette is perfect for the neutral and nude shadow lover. That certainly includes me! It includes two lip shades, a shimmer gloss, and three matte shadows. It is great for everyday looks, while the shimmer lip items allow it to be dressed up a bit as well.

(4) Full Coverage Brush


Bobbi Brown full coverage brush

I would love to try the Bobbi Brown full coverage brush and see how it compares to other similar brushes such as Urban Decay’s good karma optical blending brush. This type of brush has become popular for creating perfect foundation looks by stippling on the makeup and then buffing it. I have had great results with the UD brush and suspect that Bobbi Brown would make an even better one. Hopefully I will try it out at some point!

Disclosure:  This is an advertorial.

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Which Color of Lipstick Do Men Prefer?

The eternal question comes up again over men’s most preferable lipstick color and it seems that most votes cast upon red. Red lipstick tends to attract men’s eyes most- or at least that is what is rumored!

red lips

A new research from the University of Kent in the U.S.A has come forward to break the common notion that men consider sexy lips the ones wearing red lipstick over other shades. That research’s results claim that men, who were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of each woman’s photo they have been shown, have a significant preference to more pinkish shades of lipsticks rather than the usual reddish ones.

On the other hand, many men claim that red is the ideal lipstick color for a woman’s mouth; and relate it to sexuality and an ultimate femme- fatale like look.

So, by no means should any woman get rid of that red dress or their favorite red high-heels. Do you wonder why Valentine’s Day is full of reddish ideas for present for your sweet-hearts? Answer: purely because red is still considered the color of love and strong emotions!

Needless to say, though, that a lipstick alone can’t make you look sexy, but sexy lips intonated with a rich red lipstick or a pink girly that make your lips look soft and moisturized can sure make a difference in a rather neat and simple make-up.

Every brand that respects itself has a big range of red timeless lipsticks. Among the best and most beloved ones are:

  • Chanel Rouge, Allure Luminous Satin Lipcolour
  • Clinique, High Impact Lip Color SPF15
  • Revlon, Super lustrous Lipstick
  • Christian Dior, Serum de rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment
  • Estee Lauder, Signature Hydra Lust lipstick

Cheryl Miller is the author of

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MAC Satin Lipstick Pink Nouveau Review

This is a guest review of MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau.

Love at first sight is the best way to describe how I feel about my favorite lipstick, MAC Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau. Pink Nouveau is a richly pigmented shade of pink that reminds me of a tropical orchid growing on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. It is not a pale shade of pink and definitely makes a statement. The color is so beautiful that strangers have stopped me on numerous occasions to tell me how much they like it!

MAC Pink Nouveau

MAC Satin in Pink Nouveau is an extremely versatile shade of lipstick. It is one of my go to shades for everyday wear. It works really well over lip primer and painted on with a lip brush. I also wear MAC Satin in Pink Nouveau for evenings out with a small bit of lip gloss in the center of my lips. I don’t have a lip liner for this shade of lipstick but have found that I like to line my lips with another favorite shade of MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Up the Amp which is sort of a shade of violet or pinkish purple not quite mauve. It is deep color that compliments the Pink Nouveau nicely. The combination is another go to choice for evenings out.

In addition to the richly pigmented colors, I love the wearability that I have found only in MAC lipsticks. MAC lipsticks stay on your lips for a long time and do not dry them out. They don’t gunk up and the flavor and scent is mild and pleasant. MAC lipsticks are also very affordable, usually in the $13 to $15 range. MAC lipsticks last a long time and the company has a recycle incentive program which gives you a free lipstick for every six empty MAC cosmetic containers that you bring in.

Lipstick is my favorite cosmetic and if I had to choose only one I would choose lipstick. Consequently, I have tried many, many brands of lipstick and when I stumbled upon MAC lipsticks, I found a keeper. I have been a loyal customer ever since.

Buy MAC Lipstick

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