Luna Twilight DuWop Lip Venom

the Luna Twilight Makeup Collection icon has some interesting items with neat packaging. One that really intrigued me was the Luna Twilight Duwop Lip Venom, so I eagerly went out to Nordstrom to see it and fully planned to buy it if I liked it. I ended up coming home empty handed.

Luna Twilight Lip VenomThe idea of the Twilight Lip Venom is that there is lip stain at the bottom and clear plumper at the top. In theory, you dip the the applicator into the bottom for stain, only in the top for clear plumper, or shake it up to get both. That is it in theory. I had a hard time getting it to work well in practice. When I tried to just get stain, I still ended up with oily plumper as well that washed the stain away. When I shook it up, I had better results, but the stain still sat on top of the plumper, making it hard to get an even stained look. Here it is on my hand which, unfortunately, was as even as I could get it. This is taken outside in natural light after it dried.

Luna Twilight DuWop Lip Venom Swatch

I ended up disappointed, in part perhaps because I had such high hopes for this product. The overall shade of the stain is nice, but I don’t want to battle with a product to get an even color application. You can get a more even look with a standard lip stain. Then, if you want plumping, add regular Lip Venom or your other favorite plumper over it.


Luna Twilight Makeup Lip Products

Available October 22, 2009, and now available for preorder, the Luna Twilight Makeup Collection icon offers some great packaging for fans of the Twilight series of books and movies by Stephanie Meyers.

I definitely plan to get the staining lip balm. Who wouldn’t want color, conditioning, and natural sun protection all in one? And, of course, the package is nice.

Luna Twilight lip balm stain

I particularly like the art on the lip gloss.

Luna Twilight Lip gloss

This special edition of DuWop Lip Venom also is quite interesting and is something I am eager to try. The top layer is clear DuWop lip pluming oil and the bottom is a rich red lip stain. The products can be used separately depending on where you dip the applicator, or it can be shaken to use both at once for a plumping lip stain with shine—fascinating!

Twilight lip venom DuWop

Nordstrom also has their exclusive New Moon clothing and accessory collections available for pre-order. Click the image below to see the collection or for more information.

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. - Exclusive 'New Moon' Collection


Max Factor Lipfinity 3D MAX Wear Lipcolor

Max Factor is no longer selling in the United States, but it is still available in Europe.  It also appears to still be available at some online retailers. I gave Max Factor Lipfinity MAXwear Lipcolor a try and rather liked it.Max Factor Lipfinity Max Wear 3D

This is a dual sided long wearing stain and gloss combo. The stain is thick and full of pigment. For best results, apply it to completely clean and dry lips and let it dry entirely before applying the gloss. The gloss has a nice moisturizing feel to it with no stickiness at all. It was a bit on the frosted side for my tastes though.

Overall, I liked the color of the Max Factor products and I got a couple of hours wear out of this. It did come off quickly, however, with eating and drinking. The MAC Cosmetic Lustre Twins (read previous review) last longer and are still my favorite.

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